No More Added Sugar

I have been wanting to cut out added sugar from my diet and record the health benefits so I thought I’d start my own topic here. I have been binging a lot on sugary treats desserts, chocolate, gelato and pastries. And I’ve been having more headaches lately in the morning and more back pain. Probably from inflammation.

I want to count the days and give up extra added sugar. I’m already freaking out a bit about a future without sugar. Holidays, special occasions, fancy restaurants, no more gelato :scream:.

I quit drinking ODAAT, and I reckon if I just do this ODAAT, I can do this too. All are welcome to engage support give advice and share facts and what has worked or not worked for you. I definitely welcome the help.


Day 1 Let’s Do This!

Since I knew I was going to stop any extra added sugar today, like an addict, I have been binging all week on chocolate, peanut butter M & M’s and Stracciatella Gelato. Ive been waking up headachey and my back pain has been worse too. I don’t know if it’s all from sugar but the last few weeks with the stress of flying sober and heart procedures I’ve been doing way to much sweets.

I weighed in over my goal weight again at 204.2 pounds.

If anything cutting out extra added sugar will help me get back to my goal weight range.

I’m not having any extra added sugar today. And I’m probably not having any extra added sugar tomorrow.


Happy and excited for you Eric to be making this healthy life choice! I wish you all success and all the improved health! Good luck!


You are going to miss all those desserts but you can do it. Surround yourself with nice fruits. I have not had a “ sugar bowl ” in my house for five years. In those five years I have not once thought that I needed to add sugar to anything. And in general I don’t eat added sugar Except for power bars here and there.
As far as the sweets go I am unable to eat a little bit. Just makes me want more. As you know here in there I do get into the sweets. I have organic dark chocolate around But I guess it is too healthy for me to want to crave it.
I don’t feel like I’m missing anything by not eating the sweets. I’m missing a lot of calories and fat. Which is a good thing. I have a friend who doesn’t even eat birthday cake. Because he knows that he will just want to eat more and more and more sugar. I admire you for doing this especially when you have had lots of good sweets. It will be interesting to see how you feel without them. I wish you great success. You can do it.


Sounds great!!! I did something similar back in March (and April). I didn’t try to cut out eeeeeverything, but things like chocolate, sweets, sodas, pastries, juice and ice cream. I did eat fruit, berries and yoghurt without added sugar. My sleeping improved a lot. I allowed myself to indulge on special occasions like someone’s birthday (and MY birthday).

It’s obviously up to you how you want to go ahead with this. Do you want to give up sugar completely or still have some occasionally? All the best!!!


What works for me is not having them around. I wanted some of that ice cream that you had. But when I looked at the label and saw the number of calories and the fat I thought there’s lots of other good stuff I could eat besides that.


Hey Eric! Great thread. When I quit alcohol, again, 5 months ago I ate ice cream, and a lot of it, every night. I stopped that about a month ago. Two ice cream nights a week. The rest of my foods are no added sugars. I’ve dropped 20 pounds since May. Another 20 to go. Sugar is a hard habit to break. Let’s do this together ODAAT.


Oh forgot about those. @Alisa
I have some in the house. I guess I’ll curtail them for a little while. They are Quest Bars with only 1 gram of sugar. I don’t eat them too often. Maybe a half a one before a workout or walk every once and awhile. So maybe once and awhile that will be ok.

There’s just so much sugar in so many things. I definitely welcome info like that.

I don’t usually add sugar to anything like coffee or tea or my cooking. So that shouldn’t be an issue. But I am a big dessert hound. :joy:

Thanks for checking in. I was hoping you would.


I keep my power bars in the car. They serve a good purpose a lot. They’re clif bars. Last time I was going to eat lunch in a hurry I put an avocado and some quinoa in a dish and ate that real quick in the car. If I had the power bars in the house I would eat them all up. As far as the dark chocolate I don’t eat any of it.
Make sure that the yogurt that I get is the lowest sugar.
There’s lots of wonderful things you can do with fruit. I have a friend who is a vegan chef who makes beautiful sorbets. He actually adds a little sugar but if I made it I wouldn’t.

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I am so excited to follow your no more added sugar journey!! I hope you will have great success. Keep it simple…lots of fizzy water, lots of natural fruit sugars, and add in some crunch for good measure. Bananas are your friend!! :banana::banana:You may also benefit from adding in some extra healthy fats…hello avocado :avocado:!! Very satisfying.

I took a similar journey and eliminated added sugars just about 3 years ago…after getting sober and way over indulging my sweet tooth. I have always had a wicked sugar craving, tho I did give up soda back in 90s, hallelujah!! Chocolate is my favorite treat. These days I use monkfruit and erythritol to bake with and don’t get the sugar high / low thing.

You should feel less inflammation as time goes on. And fewer spikes in glucose too…a huge win IMHO.




Watch out for condiments… nothing but sugar in most of them. Tho mayo is your friend. Eat real food, not from a box, bag or wrapper and you should be fine.


Definitely want my Peanut Butter M&M’s after lunch. :grimacing::grimacing: But I never use to do that. Made a nice cup of Ginger Turmeric tea instead. How exciting. Good for inflammation anyway.

Regular sugar intake so far and probably daily by this time of day.
Daily Harvest fruit smoothie 16-20 grams of sugar. But No Added sugar it says on the label.
8 oz Knudsen Just Black Cherry Juice 33 grams of sugar :scream:. But the label says all natural from ripe black cherries. NO ADDED sugar. And it is also good for inflammation and helps with gout.
Looks like I got 50 grams of sugar in me but not extra added sugar. So far so good.


Good point Sassy. On the condiments. Love my mayonnaise :yum:
So many things to look at with added sugar.


Love this idea :heart: I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time.

Brilliant idea. You will feel amazing in no time :pray:


Aww thank you.
I do think keeping it simple will be the key. Unfortunately I’ve never been much of a fruit eater. But I’m doing my Daily Harvest Smoothies for fruit intake. And I’ll probably go back to my fave honey crisp apples. Unfortunately I throw away more bananas than I eat. So I’m kinda staying away from those. Can’t wait to feel the less inflammation.

And I see the “wicked” New England gal is still in ya :joy::joy::joy:

I like avocado now so definitely be adding that into my diet sometimes. If I can just get the wife to eat lunch at home.

Because of intermittent fasting I only do 2 meals a day. Been doing that a real long time now. Just started adding the smoothie within the last year before my first meal of the day.
Thanks for the tips.
Appreciate it.


I’m not cutting out eeeeverything. Just the extra added stuff like you mentioned. And I’ve already listed some stuff I eat or drink on the regular.

I was already talking to Kelly about how much fun we had on our “Cheesecake Tour” of Beverly Hills :joy: We tried cheesecake in every fancy restaurant we went to. Looking for the perfect one. We found a few :scream:. So for now I’ll do it ODAAT. Same with my birthday or holidays. One Day At A Time. Not going to worry about that now. That’s how I quit drinking and that WILL work for this too. Besides I also love appetizers. I actually prefer to have an appetizer at dinner than a dessert. Well I use to. So on special occasions I could always get myself a special appetizer and skip dessert.

Presently I want to give up the xtra added sugar completely. Let’s see how I feel. And then I’ll go from there.
Thanks for weighing in. Oops :sweat_smile: no pun intended :joy:


Thanks Lee,
Ice cream is the hardest. If it’s in the house I’m eating it. Luckily my wife isn’t in to ice cream these days. She’s got her wine. So if there’s no ice cream in the house I feel safe. Let’s definitely do this together in some form or fashion. As I just told Olivia. ODAAT. It worked for drinking and it WILL work for sugar. I’ve come too far not drinking to be feeling like crap again. I hope it’s the sugar that’s giving me the headaches and the extra back pain. It’s not like I been doing anything since my procedure. I can’t wait to be able to exercise next week. That will help a lot too.

So I guess, I’m not having any extra added sugar today!! And I’m probably not having any extra added sugar tomorrow.


I’m thinking about my salad dressing and protein powder that I use. Any good recommendations for salad dressing? I could probably make my own. If anyone knows a good protein powder please let me know. Thanks all and Sassy!


I use a lemon flavored olive oil for salad dressing and it is delicious. You could definitely make your own as well.

Protein powder can be a tough one. I am using a collagen powder as opposed to protein. It has zero sugars and 18g of protein per serving. Vital Proteins brand. Mixes easily, no taste.

@dazercat, I am doing IF as well…keeping it simple with usually an 8 hour eating window. Sounds like you have it down!

And yes, chocolate is wicked good!!! Ayuh!