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FIRST! I have nothing new to say since I already said it’s day 29 in the last thread -_- but I couldn’t help myself.


Day 1026. Nothing big to report. Looking forward to 2 weeks off. Tomorrow last day at work.

All shit days are better without thinking about how to manage to get up tomorrow morning hungover, diarrhea, bloated, feeling and looking like shit, headaches, bad breath. Not having to put this into the equation makes it already easier.


@icebear congrats on 19 years smoke-free :tada:
@Irisees919 thank you for your input and yes, you’re right, and that’s how I will see things after I’ve what I’m about to do, I won’t say too much about it as it could be triggering for others with ED, but the one I am doing is the most restrictive of them all, I’m giving it one final shot to try to lose as much weight as possible as quickly as possible, so I can get back to my recovery eating plan asap. It contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep me healthy while I do it, and I take plenty of extras. I have made a strict rule with myself that if I start to binge again, I will write it off completely and revert straight back to my eating plan, either way, I do intend to get back on my eating plan, and it will be a case of the sooner the better, I already can’t wait :sweat_smile:
@MagicILY congrats on 9 months :tada:
@MolotovMoxie congrats on your week :tada:

381 days no alcohol.
349 days no cocaine.
3 days no binge-eating.

I can feel the early signs of the summer morphing into autumn here in the UK, I even had to shut my window a while ago because I was worried the cats would be cold. I am also noticing spider season has came to a swift start, some have moved in without my consent, I have a phobia of them, and by the time I’d gotten a glass and some card to capture them and re-home them outside, I couldn’t find them! Gaaaah! Prince will eat them if he finds them, Wolfie just likes to sit and watch them closely but he’s too good natured to harm them in any way bless him.

Still want to binge. I hate how much I am compelled to do it, despite eating enough! But as the therapist said, I’ve sussed taking care of any physiological need to binge, but the deeper stuff, the emotional needs, are going to be there until I’ve progressed through therapy, so part of me does think I need to keep bingeing but I wonder if that’s just an addict voice so I’m trying to ignore it.

Managed to sleep last night which was a relief. Woke at 4am but that’s on par with going to bed earlier now that the program I was watching at 9pm every night has ended.


Checking in on day 138


You said “mijn liefje” so damn sweet that it made the day


Still in medical limbo … Gotta get my head wrapped up


Checking in on day 42


Day 12.65! Crappy work day but had an awesome aerial hoop session so in a great mood now :smiley:


Just landed in VA for my aunt inurnment ceremony tomorrow at Arlington- heavy day today and tomorrow but staying strong and checking in🥰


End of 144 days…need to come back to sanity again :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


Oh God… do I ever get you. It’s almost like because we know there are deep-rooted issues we haven’t faced yet that gives us the OK to treat our bodies like this in the meanwhile. I believe it is our addict…

I am 100% walking beside you through this Ty you are not alone. :heart:


Day 19.

Work was chill and this evening was a rest day from the gym. That “rest day” turned into a 8 mile evening sunset ride with a mate!! Glorious.

I love the energy levels sobriety gives me!! That said, I feel the fatigue will be real tomorrow and will be welcoming a weekend of beach laying and beach laying only!! :grin:



Checking in
606 days substance free
21 days sugar free
I have not self injured for 4 months

Life is progressing for me. I think that my recovery is moving at the right pace I just need to remember to stay out of my own way. There have been lots of opportunities offered to me lately that will aid in my growth. I am super grateful to be given them and to be aware when they are presented.
One of the most important things I have noticed lately is the deepening of my spirituality, and the most beautiful part is that it is coming naturally. An opening of the heart and an ability to challenge my old ways of thinking, even ways I think about myself. I am starting to let go of my ideas of self and see my body, mind and spirit as a vessel to spread hope, strength and love. In order to be able to do that I need absolute freedom and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get there. My journey is just begining, substances were my poison… now the real work begins.



Checking in on another beautiful sunny sober Friday and looking forward to a great weekend of doing whatever I feel like doing :tractor::sun_with_face::call_me_hand:


Day 23 alcohol free. I’m going to a live theater event tonight that normally started with cocktails and food before hand then wine at the theater. I will be around others that are drinking for the first time since becoming sober. I will be strong. The event has been moved outdoors because the Covid Delta variant is raging here. That should be interesting. :performing_arts:




I hope you enjoy the show Scott. It’s been suggested to always have your own non alcoholic drink in hand so no one is trying to offer you or get you a drink. I love the theatre.
Have fun.
Check in if you need to buddy.


Congratulations on your 1 week of freedom Kimberly you’re so worth it.
Keep checking in. This place works if you work it.
And I want to hear you screaming all the way over here in Arizona :joy::joy::joy: when you’re running through those streets. I was so angry I couldn’t drink like a normie. I was all pissed off my first few weeks. But no hangovers and a clear head made it all worth it.


This warms my heart.