Checking in daily to maintain focus #39

5 months :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom::boom:
Congratulations Callie.
I live it :pray:t2::heart:


Thank you, Cam. :blush: I’m not having to deal with any creeps. That happened early in my time here and I’ll nip it in the bud if it happens again. :wink: I’m speaking of the community as a whole. I know of two people who have left because this happened to them. I don’t want to see anyone else get hurt. Our sobriety is important and this isn’t a dating site.




You got this too!!

Thanks! Being here helps, knowing I’m not alone helps! Let’s get one more day!!


That’s a shame. I know that Sassy recently bumped the Reminder on inappropriate posts, personal boundaries and flagging to educate new members and remind old members how to handle this kind of stuff.

If anyone is uncomfortable in DMs all they need to do is add the @moderators tag then block said person.


I can relate to this alot man. I thought I was working my recovery pretty well when I had the 456 days. I still attended meetings and meditation all that but I still would have those thoughts of relapse and when I went to my uncles idk why but I just didn’t even really try to stop myself. When I got home I carried the relapse on for a little bit and I remember when I went to my first meeting after the relapse I spoke and got my feelings out. And I remember one of the ppl looking at me after and saying yeah well relapse isn’t a part of recovery and it just rubbed me wrong, like the person was better then me or something it felt like he was saying because he hasn’t relapsed and idk that’s just how it felt my ego was probably big at the time. Who knows. Either way, even when we work are recovery I still feel there is a chance of relapsing you just never can say never or know what’s gonna happen idk how to describe this, even after the relapse i still catch myself thinking about relapsing.


I have a had few here n there that pop up and once I realize that the conversation is not recovery related I just shut it down. But it can be very intimidating and could potentially drive people away. I know of 1 lady who I used to chat with that told me she left bcuz of that reason :frowning: That’s quite sad bcuz she loved it here.


Mhm, putting my profile on private took care of that if you want help to do that shoot me a DM


Checking in, day 161.

Nightmares, nightmares everywhere!
I try my hardest not to let them effect my day but sometimes it’s just too much.
My occasional nightmares of my old life are a constant(where the real nightmare seems to be waking up)
But I’ve had alot of nightmares of relapsing and none of them are pretty. I don’t want to even attempt to dwell what an actual relapse would look like, I know that I am no longer drowning in thoughts of suicide but whos to say those thoughts won’t come rushing back the moment i start feeling sauced up? Its terrifying and has quickly become my biggest and only fear in my new life of living fearless after having dealt with the biggest fear in my entire life.

Some days are easier than others. Today is just okay and im fine with that.


Checking in day 62… I was well aware of my 60 day milestone just passing but been busy keeping the rain out of the house with this flood happening. Also internet is down and mobile data is slow atm so took me awhile to catch up on this thread which I like to do before I post. Nice to read about some of you all doing well :blush:
I’m the aftermath of the Brisbane floods… seeing the devastation here and elsewhere (Lismore!) has given me something to be grateful for amid pretty severe depression.
Gonna have to do something about that! At least I’m not drinking.


@Callie99 that’s amazing!! Congrats :smile_cat::heartpulse:


You are welcome and thank you, @ShesGotMoxie , we are comrades, we are sisters, and as it is said, “we are all in this together!”
Hugs, to you, and to all the others out there, too!


Yay, 5 months, congrats :sparkling_heart::bouquet:


Day 161 checking in :pray:t2:


Good luck at the doctors appointment tomorrow! :crossed_fingers:

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#Day 1259 :seedling:
Mentally unstable because of the war and my failed new tattoo. So using my toolbox to keep myself sober and as stable as possible.
So I’m downsizing the amound of news I’m reading about the Ukrain war. I may only check in on the news 3 times a day. I try to avoid seeing the tattoo. I have to take care for it because it’s fresh but I do it without looking.
And like I said earlier: I use the serenity prayer and focus on today.
I manage, I know I’m an very emotional person and tend to exaggerate. The argue with the special person about the wedding isn’t helping as well. We talked about it, but it takes time to heal.
He’s sad and angry about our desision to get married without inviting guests.
Life is difficult sometimes. It makes me crave the wine thing again :frowning: But I know that won’t help either. So let’s focus on what I know that helps: a walk in nature. Have to work, but time enough for a walk!

Picture frome our love lock we put on the love lock bridge in the town I’m living in after our wedding.
The lock with the red heart is ours :heart:

  1. Coffee. My day off. Gym time, general me time. I’m OK but damned do I feel the feelings these days. Tears keep coming. Can’t play some music I like or there I go. Some tough decisions to make at work, there I go. Watching the news. Thinking about myself, my past, my upcoming milestone. It’s good I’m feeling 'm though. Great even. It’s part of recovery. At least I feel.
    Had a crave for a drink last night coming home from a long late shift. Made me remember the bit of red wine I have in my kitchen cupboard I have there for cooking. I took it out. The view of the fluid made me sick. Literally. Crave gone. Not advising this route for anyone, I know many folks don’t want any alcohol in the house or cook with it. I didn’t for about two years. But for me it worked out like this, this time.
    Have as good a day as you can friends. Make it sober and clean or nothing will come of it. Love from Amsterdam. It’s still winter. But…
    :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:

@HoofHearted You’d know. Your body your mind your soul would know. Have a good sober trip Dan.
@SadMemeQueen Hope you’re OK Megan. Hugs.
@Tragicfarinelli Morning Emma. x
@SoberWalker Unstable here too. We’ll make it through. Together.
@Callie99 5 Months lady! Awesome stuff. Big congrats.


Morning Menno :blush::+1:


Sending hugs to you Menno! On Sunday my emotions totally let go, like you I cried over everything and anything. By night time I felt utterly exhausted and heavy but lighter at the same time… I think being emotional, allowing ourselves to feel the feels and shed those tears can be very therapeutic, still something I’m getting used to doing now in sobriety.


Beautiful image, my colleague did a lot of research on love locks, fascinating.

Sorry to hear you are struggling, I hope you have a good day :blush: