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Good morning everyone, checking in after another lie in. I am sleeping SOO much it’s ridiculous. And still tired when I’m awake. Feeling really frustrated about it tbh. After a few years of shitty mental health, finding some medication that seems to help then hello iron deficiency! Maybe it’s related to the meds. I don’t know. The iron tablets I’m on are definitely helping, I can walk for more than 15 mins. So that’s something. Blood test booked so will see what happens next. Fortunately I have a super flexible job and not too many hours to get through, and a mainly supportive partner at home.

And lots to be excited about too. Looks like our move to the farm (it’s a smallholding/ homestead really, but feels like a huge farm to us!) should be happening in the next month or so. Lots to sort out with the move and then when we get there, negotiating living arrangements with my parents who have chipped in and will be using part of the place as a holiday home. And then we will have to learn how to run a farm! Bit nervous about my current energy levels but hopefully will find a way to make it work.

Grateful to be sober to feel my way through the ups and downs, give my health the best chance I can and make the most of the opportunities coming up.


Nice one!
You’re going to love it. It’s hard(er) work but oh so worth it.
My advice is to slower than you think to start with, and leave animals out of the equation initially until you get the basics down and properly prepare yourself and the land for them.
Take on animals slowly and you should find them more of a joy than a burdon.
Other advice is that’s it’s worth investing in the right tools for the job. Not only makes things quicker and easier, it makes them more enjoyable.


Our plan is to take a year to just keep things ticking over, work out what’s what etc. There is a veg patch there so get on top of that. And we will take our two chickens, may get a few more of them as they are pretty straightforward.

We have a tractor lined up :nerd_face: just a compact one but we’re pretty excited about that. Good shout on tools though. The area we are moving to has quite a lot of small scale land owners and there are courses and co-ops and all that kind of thing. So hoping we will be able to get some decent support and advice.

The current owners have an arrangement with a farmer who keeps cows on the main field to keep the grass down. And they get another field hay baled. They are going to give us those contacts.

But yea we are going in pretty blind tbh so expecting it to be a steep learning curve and lots of hard work but hopefully one that will pay off!


Today isn’t a very good day, wake up sad and down. I must not forget when I wake up I have alcohol ready to kill me. I have to restart my day and ask help to my friends. That days I have to return to the origins, the first step. That days I remember my 30 years of chaos, I even know how I’m alive today, something higher to me that allowed to be alive today.

Must important, if I have time to thinking crappy things, that means I have free time, so let’s go back to action, self pity can’t last more than 5 minutes.

:muscle::muscle::muscle: Let’s go


Sounds awesome.
You’re going to love it


Some information about the future of the Amsterdam Red Light District, as asked for by some Aussies. Personally I’m glad with this development, as it is the oldest most beautiful part of my home town and I’d like it to be accessible to all including myself, without having to make my way through a throng of drunken stoned rowdy tourists, drug dealers, pimps, hustlers and johns.


Day 177 today. Very sore, woke up at about 0400 and couldn’t move. Back was completley Locked up. Despite having a king size bed I was pinned between my wife and Great Dane. Had to yell to wake up my wife to get the dog to move so I could roll my feet to the floor. :rofl:. Wish I could of seen it third person. MRI and meeting with a spinal surgeon next week!


Thanks for the info Menno! I’ll take a look and also pass the links onto my parents - they are super curious to know more about it all also!


Sounds awful! But yeah, maybe funny to see (sorry!). You have a Great Dane! We had one when I was a kid.


It had to be hilarious to see. I won’t describe my sleeping attire which makes it even funnier!:rofl:. But yes I have Freyja, she is 11 months old, 130lbs and thinks she weighs 13. Mins of a 2 year old through and through but very smart and very easy to train. I have some pictures posted in the let’s thread if you’d like to see her and my her siblings.


Will take a look!

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Hey all, checking in on day 609. I hope everybody has a good one!


102 days today :sunglasses:


Day 88

Feeling good. Superbowl Sunday. Go rams. Everyone have a great day.


43 days without weighing self
5 days without purging
Yesterday I had to work to listen to my body at lunch and for the rest of the day. It went well despite what my eating disorder says. Going to hold strong today and move forward with my meals today like nothing ever happened yesterday!


Hey guys. Checking in day 20.
Gonna watch ice age 2. Wanted to re watch the franchise.
Hope you have a relaxed sunday


Oh, animals on bed… I wake up almost every night. My husband and I on one side of our king size bed and the cat on the other. Thankfully, dog sleeps in my study :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Good luck with the docs.


Happy belated 100 days Megan!! :partying_face::tada:


20 months clean and sober today! Thank you for always being here I love you guys!!! :sunglasses::metal:t2: