Checking in daily to maintain focus #42

#Day 1335 :seedling:
Day before surgery.
Happy to work today so I can set my mind to something different then tomorrow. If I think about it my stomach starts to dance :wink:
Hope I can sleep tonight.

Picture of the little Steenuil/Little owl I spotted yesterday. Happy to be in a good physically condition because of my walking. That will help with my recovery after the surgery. And my 3,5 year sober will definitely help!
Glad I changed my life years ago :pray:


Congratulations with your :five::zero::zero: days milestone Adrienne!! :tada::tada::tada:
Life is better this way isn’t it! :sweat_smile:


@Butterflymoonwoman CONGRATS!!! 90 days is a huge deal! Way to go, proud of you and looking forward to helping you celebrate many many more milestones! :partying_face:

@SadMemeQueen I hope you were able to eat some of that pizza hon, I feel like your doggo might be worried about you, they sense things we wish humans that are supposed to care about us would sense. I’m happy that you have that companionship :green_heart:

Congrats on the rest of the milestones achieved this weekend! This group gives me more inspiration than I could ever use words to express. I love seeing others accomplishing goals!!!

And oh MAN what a weekend! I hosted a kick off the summer party yesterday at my house. Before I got sober, I used to spend those evenings leading up to the party just drinking and thinking about all the things I need to do, maybe doing 20% of any of it, saving everything I needed to do (cleaning, shopping, organizing, cooking) for the very last minute (mostly cooking), accepting help for none of it, bc I’m superhuman right!? Then I attack it all like a wrecking ball, trying to get 5 hours of work done in an hour, and I’ve over committed myself of course bc why would I want to burden anyone with bringing a side dish… And when I do that, no one wants to be around me because I’ve stressed myself out to the point that all I want to do is get everyone out of my way, and drink, but still can’t truly attend the party for another 2 hours bc I still have so much cooking to do, I always overcommitted and saved it for last, never timing anything right. Then get drunk for the rest of the time my friends are here, leaving behind the mess and then complaining about all of it when it’s all said and done. Again, not accepting help bc I hosted, I don’t want to burden my guests with chores. The difference this time was that I attacked it all sober, I spaced out what needed to be done and managed my time like a capital G!!! I also accepted every little bit of help that was offered, and even delegated some of the other tasks. I have never been more relaxed as a host in my life. I set up, got through and cleaned up the party all in the same day, and I stayed sober, and still had a GREAT time, that I will REMEMBER!!! Most of my friends are drinkers, and that’s fine. Their choice. This party confirmed for me that being around booze isn’t the trigger for me, the routine of it all was. And I feel like I’ve broken up that routine finally. I am about to hit 30 days at midnight, tonight there is a blood moon eclipse, and I’m just sitting in my nice new backyard with my husky, a cup of coffee and a rice crispy treat, catching up with my sober peeps, and checking in. Its been a really good weekend and Im very very happy that I decided to admit my problem with drinking AND actually do something about it. Things are going very well right now, and that party was a test to see if I could be at a party and not be tempted to drink. I have my cousins wedding coming up this weekend in Northern California… Im VERY excited about that, and for the beauty of non desert landscaping lolol. Would be nice to see some real green and big trees… not off green and SOME trees haha.

Pic of my doggo enjoying the lights by the pool.


Coffee. Truly the first day of the rest of my life. It wasn’t super emotional finishing my job last night. I treated everybody to some snacks, had a talk with everyone, annoyed myself with the OCD’s of certain residents one last time. And left into the eclipse night. I just read here that a lunar eclipse is the perfect moment for change. It felt and feels good for sure.

Two weeks of vacay now. Than start my new job nursing in a detox facility. Back with the company where I started doing office work 21 years ago. In that respect the circle is round. I’ve come a pretty long way though. Sober and clean or nothing would have happened and I would have still been turning around in ever decreasing circles in my head. Or be dead by now.

I made it happen myself but nothing would’ve come of it if I tried to do it alone. You all made it possible. We do it together and that makes all the difference. Forever in your debt. Have as good a week as you all can friends! Make it clean and sober or nothing will come of it. Love from the balcony of my former workplace last night.


Day seven!.first sober week I’ve had in about two years. V humbled and determined to keep going


@Nordique 700 Friend! Huge numbers! Congrats!
@adeygaga49 Huge congrats Adrienne! 500!
@Butterflymoonwoman 90 Days Dana! So happy for you. Just keep going ODAAT and nothing will ever stop you lady. Congrats & hugs.
@SoberWalker You’ll be fine Claudia. Thanks for the pic of the little owl. So cute.
@Girlinterrupted Great to see you JoeBeth!!!
@Timetochange A full week! That’s going places. Great work, congrats!
@maxwell @felipeandrews You can use the link icon to get a link to the thread you want to link to Maxine. And I hope you’re hanging in there Felipe. Every crave will pass and none of 'm is worth to give in to.


Just starting Day 12, feeling the lure of a drink. One thing I know for certain is that I will not give in. I’m going to take that feeling and own it, it doesn’t own me anymore!

Enjoy your sobriety peeps we got this :+1:


Sending you best surgery and healing wishes now for tomorrow @SoberWalker so I don’t miss you tomorrow before you go. You’ve ( also we ) have waited for this for awhile. Glad for you it’s happening and great that’ you’re sober and healthy. You’ll be recovered quickly. Updates when you can. Know you’ll be thought of. :hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus::hugs::pray::purple_heart:


It’s 1;30 am here and I can’t sleep. But I’m 58 days sober and thankful for each day. :grin::muscle::+1:


Congrats Dana @Butterflymoonwoman on your 90 days. You are an inspiration to many.
Congrats Adrienne @adeygaga49 on a magical milestone 500 days


Day 22. I weighed myself for the first time in 3 weeks since quitting. Not losing weight but not gaining. That sounds right. No booze but eating way more chocolate due to the sugar crash. But I’m aware of that.

I’m 6 foot 2 and need to lose the 14-20 pounds I’ve gained over the last year as anxiety and booze strengthened its grip.

Some friends say I look well. But I get caught up on the details and my BMI is too high. The Dr says I should lose a little.

Whatever I do- lose weight of not- I need to learn to like myself and be happy. I swear the anxiety that often drove me in the anxiety booze cycle is more likely to kill me than the extra pounds!

Just continuing to be sober may give me that chance. Right. Done. Where’s the chocolate? :joy:


I am checking back into the community on day 1. It has been a while and I am not feeling too good so here we go again…


Well done on Day 22, and not putting on weight.

I expected the weight to fall off but that certainly didn’t happen. Like you I didn’t gain but developed a very sweet tooth. After a while it does start to fall off though. Think we have/had similar amounts to lose and had gained for the same reasons. I am now plodding away and going in the right direction.

Also good that your friends notice. I am sure I looked slimmer before it started showing on the scales.


Everyone doing great 13,027 for this old guy


Hey all, checking in on day 701. I hope everybody has a good one!


Hello all,

Checking in on Day 1,389 Sober.



Good morning friends, day 548. Still going through the blahs… I’ll be OK.

Have an awesome day!


Hang in there Charlie!


A really beautiful picture! :star_struck:


Day 19 is kicking my ass! I’m thankful to be sober but all the sugar, gluten etc., has made my RA (rheumatoid arthritis) flair up BIG time, I’m having difficulty walking. All the work around the house is probably catching up to me as well, since I went from sitting on couch to cleaning everything. These flair ups used to give me an excuse to drink, but not today. I want to stay sober. I have faith that this will get better. Sending :heart: and support to all, stay strong and enjoy your day!