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Holy cow I did it. Today I have 4 years clean. Wow this feels amazing. I never thought I would be 30 days clean let alone 4 years.



Day 1273 AF and day 4 no caffeine. Slept like a baby. I found a sleeping aid yesterday when I was searching sth against the coughing. Feeling better today.


Yesss man that’s awesome!!! Day 5 for me!!! :slight_smile: cant remember the last time I went 5 days let alone seriously believing it could be any longer! I know I need to make more daily changes but without this place, wouldnt of got this far. Fact


19 days AF, happy I found this place, waking up sober and early is a really good feeling on a Saturday


Same! Started work at 6 had the best nights sleep. I was really struggling last night too, nearly broke. Woke up this morning though and so glad I didnt. Hold on to those positive feelings! :+1:


Huge congrats on 4 years… Inspiring :sparkling_heart:


Day 4 for me. I’m going for it again. After doing 5+ months and relapsing hard for about a month I’m ready to get serious about my sobriety again. No Drink, no bull shit. One day at a time. Have a great day/night everyone!


Thank you! I can already feel a lot of positive and amazing energy from your side!
Nights are also a bit difficult for me at the moment, I am trying to keep a routine of just reading or comment on this community so that I can distract those urges away.
Yesterday I also finally had some beautiful rest, and waking up to a nice cup of coffee and not feeling like I used to it’s a wonderful experience, it’s the small things that make the difference.


That’s the spirit! Kick this thing where it belongs! In the past! One step at a time, when it gets tough, come here. Has done me absolute wanders. On day 5 myself, keep goin the best decision wel ever make I’m sure of it. Sick of the regrets!


Good morning. My case: more than three months of sobriety, relapse, and now eighteen days free of alcohol.

This community helps. Biographies are interesting and your words are your biography.
In AA it is said that sometimes we met more than people, we met mirrors, and it that mirror is easy to see myself.

Your are mirrors for me.

We can do this, good luck!


Congratulations @Miranda Super star! :star:

I am glad you have a plan for Luna @Mno She is very lucky to have you and hopefully will have lots of time with you :heart:

Welcome @Ollie_333 and @BrianP Great to see you on this thread and your enthusiasm. I totally agree, the weekends without a hangover is a novelty that doesn’t get old.

Day 22. Not quite so exhausted as yesterday, busy day today. Coffee then away match for my daughter (exciting!) Then off to in-laws for a birthday party.

But first the coffee, and cuddles with daughter and cat :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Big congrats !


Congratulations on 4 years, that is amazing!! Thanks for sharing, such an inspiration


3 months is epic, even the 18 days seems a way off for me at the moment! Great job! This community has helped so many people I’m sure. The thing is here we all have 1 thing in common, I imagine theres a good chance that at the point we come here, sobriety is one of, if not THE most important thing in our lives. To be able to share that, and help each other through each others mirrors is a seriously awesome and special thing aye? Might be all that some of us have at times! I know that’s how I felt when I joined


Same comment from me on this one… 4 years wow!!!..cant imagine how that feels but it’s amazing


Ya damn right we are! :slight_smile:


Brilliant stuff! Congratulations!


Back to day one for me. I feel a bit silly actually. I was able to go to the bigger supermarket for a change yesterday and I went to look for some Guinness 0%. They had a whole shelf of alcohol free drinks so I bought a couple of things. Fast forward to early evening and I’m relaxing and feeling good. I decide to have one of the G&T’s I had bought. It turns out it was reduced sugar, but alcoholic. Thing is, I still drank it and then went on to drink the remaining three in the pack.
I was kind of minimising the effect it had on me but I found I was less patient with my daughter, and she was having a bit of a moan and I ended up laughing at her, purely because I was less inhibited, less present.
My sleep was worsened overnight and I have woken up feeling a bit fuzzy and of course guilty that I was not the caring parent that I strive to be.
On a positive note the sun is shining and we have tickets booked for a Harry Potter walking tour this afternoon. I also plan to make a chocolate cake.
Today will be alcohol free.
Have a good day everyone.


Day 627

Mixed day today, basically nice, but some things I just couldn’t understand and resented, and I got rather passive-aggressive, which isn’t very nice of me, and not effective either. Always AFAF tho :purple_heart: