Checking in daily to maintain focus #50

Bro, be excited. A year is a big deal. Looking back on mine I wish I would have been more excited than I was. Because eventually they years do turn into just another day. Go to a meeting (if that’s your thing) and proudly announce it’s your one year. People in the rooms love that shit


I didn’t go anywhere :sweat_smile: I could’ve but I was lazy. I had enough food here and I still can pick up my stuff from the postal office tomorrow.
The only thing I did today was cleaning the apartment in ultra slow speed.
For dinner I had chicken breast, potatoes and salad. I wanted it to be extra yummy so I put dried cranberries into the gravy.
I wasn’t really hungry (because of the meds) but as soon as I started eating I totally lost it, it was so good :heart_eyes::drooling_face: I ate 2 plates and 2 tiny bowls of salad. I’m so full I hope I don’t explode haha!
Now medicine again and some episodes of Castle :star_struck:
@CATMANCAM I hope so too, I’m optimistic. Years ago I had the same problems and after 2 weeks I was as good as new :blush:


Checking in day 82! Limited myself to one work call today. We just decorated for Christmas already :grimacing: have a dinner with friends later- so nice to have a few days in a row with hardly any work!


Day 265

Still sober.

Just tidied for 30 min before watching La Reina Del Sud. Offset a few days this week where I havent done it. Last night I did deal with dishes and my bathroom. But I can feel myself slipping.

Need to send emails and delete apps. Need to write but shit isnt coming out fast enough. I hope to have a break and then really make my room nice for the weekend/next week.

Its all too much.


241 days :sparkles:
Hey everyone. My Saturday is starting really early today. I couldn’t sleep, going into a bit of a disturbed sleep pattern again but trying not to freak out about it. I’m going to try back at the gym for the first time since I got covid just about two weeks ago. Will take it easy and ease into my weights.
I’ve also cut caffeine out, as the covid headaches were crazy and I’ve been enjoying the break from the excessive caffeine I was consuming. It’s been just over a week. I got a stimulant free pre workout I’m going to try. Then a half day at work finishing up some duties, I have a few days left of training new staff at the old job and I’m done. Getting exciting now.
Take care friends :heart:


Day 853 drugs and alcohol
Day 1 sugar

Had a great day yesterday! After spending last thanksgiving super alone it felt soooo good to spend it with family (even though I did eat at the kids table lol) anyway…
I’ve been battling my sugar addiction! I started trying the week before Halloween and even then on a good day was consuming 35 grams of added sugar! I got stressed out and relapsed 4 days after Halloween. I felt such a high from stuffing my face with candy that I was instantly hooked again. Then I gave up and my goal was after thanksgiving yada yada so here I am, except I already reset twice today!! I am pretty sure I ODed on sugar last night I feel awful today. Couldn’t sleep and so I’m super tired today. But just drank coffee, it’s 3 pm but my kid has a bday party to go to so….sugar is a beast but it’s killin me so to be continued.
@Pallbearer right there with ya on the sugar!! Congrats on your 30 days!


Day 3

A quick check in today. I’m keeping to my routines:

Less coffee
Less screen time
More exercise
More evening activities that I find calming (painting / reading)

It has helped a bit. The frustration remains. I get the keys to my new place in 6 days and it can’t come soon enough. The place I am in has been fine for what it is but I want to get on with my life. I have my boy this weekend and he picked out a rug for his new room. Tomorrow we go mattress shopping for him as at the minute he has a camp bed when he stays with me. It all changes in 6 days. It’s what I have been waiting for for months and I think my patience has run out. Still, time to focus on the positives. Be present for my boy and enjoy the time with him this weekend.

Time to wind down now. I hope you all have a great sober day.


Im a candy fiend. Its pretty difficult, but we can do it.

Im gonna order some sugar free hard candies soon. But they are still filled with carbs, so i gotta find the right kind.

Thanks for the congrats :smile:


I’m checking in. Day 49


Hang in there…sounds like once youve made it through dinner things can only get better. Push through :muscle: :pray:

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Day 18 :heavy_check_mark:

Nailed the interview. So happy about that. Sounds like an epic job, with really great pay, company car and ill be flying around the country quite a bit which im super keen for :grinning:

I also feel like a general concern for my own health and wellbeing is also starting to have a positive effect on my life already

Motivated to keep pushing! :100:

Stay strong everyone, things do get better!


How are you doing today?

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better thanks. I only slept a few hours but I got home and spent the rest of the day on the phone with my best friend and actually was able to talk about things


That’s good, you’re doing awesome.:hugs:

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thank you :heart:

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Evening of day 1. Not going to drink tonight. My anxiety is fairly bad. Trying not to full out panic. Made myself eat dinner and treated myself to a little dark chocolate. I’ll probably be in bed by 7pm.

@CATMANCAM Thanks for asking about that. I’m actually being treated for depression and anxiety with medication and therapy. My doctor prescribed Naltrexone to help with cravings but a few weeks in I haven’t noticed any help. We talked about options for the headaches. I need to get back with her about those.


:first_quarter_moon_with_face: Evening Check In :first_quarter_moon_with_face:
Day 285
Busy day as usual. Workout at 530am, paid bills, and also paid more $$ to the person I owe money to. Ordered some xmas presents for family back home and attended our lunch invite to the Korean BBQ place. I was super excited to try their food and they did not disappoint. I stuck to my Intermittent fasting yesterday and have eaten well lately. Really proud of myself for how i have been with food and with exercise lately. Especially yesterday when i wanted to emotionally eat and didnt. After lunch i ran 5 errands. Walked more than i like to lol im beyond sore. But grateful for this day! God is sooo good :pray: Work this weekend and then prep work next week for my custom unicorn cake i need to bake for Icing Smiles
Hope everyones day has been great!


Whoa buddy my addictive voice is loud today. Its like i just want to keep buying and buying. I want want want. I know its not rational and just my addict voice but DAMN. I dont like having to keep telling myself no plus i dont want credit card debt soooo i better get my distraction on


Good evening friends, day 741. Busy with work and home stuff but sober and staying that way. Off all next week. Linda and I have rented a beach condo in Amelia Island (about 45 minutes north of here) for a few days and then we’re hitting WDW for a couple of days. No grandchildren or their parents. Woohoo! :rofl: We love them but every now and then, it’s nice to just have some quiet and reconnect.
Have an awesome evening! I am going to continue mine sober!


Someone said I’ve been sober for a long time so when do I think I’ll be able to have a drink again.

Not today.