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@Planipennia :see_no_evil: British Sign Language :grinning:

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Day 29 no booze no drugs.

I just got a call back from a job that i would really like. Cooking in a nursing home. From scratch kitchen cooking for only 40 residents.
Chef sounds like a cool person too.

I got a interview friday, hope it goes well.

I can finally put my 130 dollar chef knife to use.
(Wasnt the best investment at the time)

My day went from absolute shit to awesome.


@Juli1 :grinning: Huge congratulations to you on your 4 months :purple_heart::hugs:
Super proud of you for all your milestones.

@Pallbearer Good luck with the job interview :slightly_smiling_face:
And Congratulations on your

Edit: 29 days :wink:


day 64

Another day, another dollar. Morena sober fam!
Been a litte while since I have checked in, I think?

Still going super well with staying sober had some fleeting thoughts of drinking here and there. Nothing I cant handle these days.

Work has been super good, weather is getting hotter
Trying my best to get 3 litres of water in a day.

Everything else is pretty good.

Hope everyone has an awesome day/night where ever you are in the world.


Day 29, not 28.

Dont dick me out of a whole day :rofl:


That sounds great :+1:
I always loved volunteering at nursing homes. Getting to know the old folks was such a hoot and a blessing. They are such wonderful group of people to have fun with.


@ReeBee28 nice to see you posting, and thanks for sharing some more of your story :blue_heart: congrats on your better state of health :tada: it’s great that you’re getting your children into therapy too :blush:
@Luke16 welcome :blush: congrats on 2 weeks :tada:
@Bomdhil congrats on double digits :tada:
@Pallbearer sending strength :blue_heart: remember why you got sober and hamg tight to that :pray:t2: congrats on getting an interview :tada: good luck for Friday :pray:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::four_leaf_clover:
@Hollieberry sending strength :blue_heart:
@icebear feel better soon :pray:t2::blue_heart:
@GOKU2019 congrats on 400+ days AF and your days without soda :tada::tada:
@Kiks2 welcome back :blush:
@LimaSierra welcome :blush: congrats on your week :tada:
@Juli1 congrats on 4 months :tada: and well done for listening to your body :blue_heart:

834 days no alcohol.
299 days no cocaine.

Was wide awake til 4am battling the nicotine demon, who eventually won and had me driving into town to get more cigarillos. Must. Try. Harder!

No swim today, was very tired after not much sleep, so I napped instead. Still feel tired now but it’s 2.5hrs til I’m a celeb starts so will find something to do to stay awake.

A few months ago I implemented a morning routine, where I do my eye treatment (heated eye mask followed my eye lid massage), brush my teeth, wash my face, put eye drops in, and apply minoxidil treatment for beard growth. I have stuck to it and I’m really quite proud of it. I need to repeat it before bed, and last night I managed to do it without falling asleep with the mask still on, hoping to stick to it.



Ooh shiny new check in thread a new chance for me to try and stay caught up! (Yah right lol but it’s a nice dream)

Day 846
Surprise day off because centurylink is the worst and I have no internet. Haven’t checked in for a long time so here’s a brief update.

My ex is being weird af. My mum is manipulative and mean (sent angry passive aggressive email to me and my sister but my sister pretends it didn’t happen). Mum hangs out with my ex a lot - they have been hunting together the past few weekends I’ve heard from my sis.

Started attending online Recovery Dharma meetings the past few months and I love it. RD meditations have brought up lot of inner child stuff for me and realizing how restricted & conditional my mums love is (and the whole trickle down of my emotional needs because of it). Knee has been recovering slowly from summer surgery but this month I’m finally able to increase weight a bit with strength training and running is feeling okay again. Annnddddd my favorite time of year there is snow! :snowflake: :heart_eyes: :snowflake: :crazy_face: Fatbiking is still on hold but xc skiing is doable! It’s going to be a winter of pulksled ski camping trips!!


Day 89 here in norther British Columbia. Started the day out with zero energy. Wanted to stay in bed all day to get to day 90 tomorrow. But told myself to get the f*ck out of bed stat. At the gym now and kicking my own ass and doing a full body workout. Excited for tomorrow and gonna celebrate with my son who just told me he is on the honour roll again. So proud of the both of the both of us. Especially after the summer we endured with me having to put a stop to 3 addictions while finding my wife of 16 years old n someone else’s bed. Tough last 5 months but we are both now stronger than ever and will do this one day at a time.


Still here ! Day 2 of withdrawal. Last night was tough as i didnt sleep the whole night and kept hearing voices… weird vision stuff too but i am coming off two substances so thats what you get ! My partner has now joined me at being sober which was a huge problem for why I was relapsing before so things are looking up :slightly_smiling_face:


To my beautiful friend @Its_me_Stella!! Sugar is one hell of a beast! And you’re kicking it’s ass!! Proud is an understatement. You are amazing!


Checking in. Day went from good to awful. Tomorrow will be another try.

Edit: I am able to modulate my mood by jumping wildly through my apartment and dancing. :grimacing:


Today started off rather well. To celebeate my 14th day I caught up on some sleep, went on a good 10km run and caught some sun.

The evening became a little tougher. Its the day I usually meet all my friends round the pub. Got quite a few messages asking where i am as its “our day”, which was tempting.

Managed to stick to my guns and avoid going out. Proud of that. We continue day by day.

On a side note, really enjoyed the world cup footy today. Some crazy results! Stay strong all :muscle:

Checking out, Day 14 :heavy_check_mark:


Checking in 11 millions second without a drop and counting. Stay blessed and blessing yall!


:see_no_evil::see_no_evil: il change it now !! A whole days is a big deal :grinning:


Haha i was just messing with ya.

You didnt have to do that :sweat_smile:


Checking in. Day 46


I know :rofl: but its only fair as a whole day is still a whole day !
You earned it