Checking in daily to maintain focus #58

You got a lot accomplished today - 1 hour work out – so grateful it treated you well.

WTF – i am so fed up with this scheduler – does this person not have empathy in their heart? Cause no humane human being would keep being this absentminded and leave people in such a lurch! This is ridiculous.
I wish I could help you out my friend - 3 nights straight with work in the days is a heavy load to take on. I do pray that they are able to find some coverage and more than that - i pray that someone talks to this scheduler.
Much love Dana - please vent anytime my friend. I would not have been so polite with the head honcho.


Omg! Wow!!! Congratulations not only on ur 1 year of no take a aways, but i also see u have 600 days of no cocaine!! Fabulous work friend! :smiley: its always nice to see u checking in!


Day 135. Here I am fellow sober peeps. Checking in, checking out.


I completely agree!!! Like idk how she missed our nurses vacation dates. Apparently it was bcuz she was away and then wasnt made aware. But i call BS on that. Bcuz this vacation time was put in months ago. And now all of a sudden they realized last minute and now cant find coverage for it. I am fed up. Im calling tmrw to see if they have any leads on coverage. There was only 1 other person that is trained with my son that could potentially be free. Im praying she accepts at least doing 1 shift. Thank u for ur support Jasmine! I appreciate it :pray:


Oh no…im always here if u want to pm anytime for a chat until you get back to your thread Renee, love you lady :kissing_heart:


Great news on hitting your year sober, here’s to the next one :sparkling_heart:


OH Man - i’m crossing all my fingers and toes and praying intensely for this!
You are most welcome my friend - this is what friends are for.

PS - totally call BS on this - in one months time this has happened now 3 times. Unacceptable. Hope they get this week sorted out and then this scheduler get their act together or finds a job they can do.


day 566 of no self harm.

very very low today. feels like I’m better off dead. I’m not going to do anything. but I found my passion for teaching about a year ago, I did it for a while, had to quit my job because of unprofessinalism. now I’m working on getting a degree for teaching but I can’t work at all with my health. let alone teaching. i don’t know if I ever can. I’ve struggled with mental health as long as I can remember, and having a passion made life feel worth living. now I’m back to waking up everyday and wishing I hadn’t. if I can’t teach i don’t want anything else

I’m fine now very dissociated but fine. when things get too much I just end up dissociating. probably not good but it’s better than feeling like that


I’ve been in teaching too for a few years. Many of my friends and colleagues have now left schools and have gone into tutoring online from home. You can set your own lessons and decide if its one on one you’d prefer. It’s really well paid, well in the UK it is, not sure about the us. I know so many people who have made the move. It might be worth checking out the possibilities for you if that’s your passion.


I don’t have my degree yet so I’m not sure if I am able to do this but I will definitely look into it thank you


Checking in on day 43.Hope everyone is doing well :v:


Checking in on day 3

Good day today. Was able to work a full shift, getting the word out to hold meetings at my home (even though no one showed) found a Wednesday evening Bible study (look forward to that) told my adult child I quit and have been clean for 3 days. Still have money in my pocket and tomorrow is payday. I’ve had a craving or two, but was able to work past it.
All in all it was a good day, much better than yesterday.
I’m very grateful for this platform and all the people who post, comment about :heart: my posts. I think you’re all awesome and am glad I found this site. Still would like some personal connections, though. Hopefully someone will message me.
Thank you all. Have a positive day on purpose. Btw… still clean :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::tada:


Checking in the evening of day 224 sober. It’s been a long and stressful day but I am thankful that I can end it here in the forum while checking in alcohol free.


65 days sober, hanging on.


94 days alcohol free
The strangeness with my creepy neighbor continues. It never ceases to amaze me how people try to inflict pain and their toxic behavior on you when you establish a boundary. I was going to return the Ring doorbell but creeper put a note on my door. Looks like I will have to install it now.

Drinking Dana would have engaged the moron. As an intuitive I can clearly read her weaknesses and deepest darkest secrets and I could annihilate her verbally. However, sober Dana chooses not to engage with crazy. Lol. I’m hoping by taking the high road she will crawl back under her rock. Sad really that two weeks later she’s still trying to find ways to hurt me. Moron. Lol. I don’t think she’s smart enough to understand that entering my home or attempting to do so and admitting is a crime here in AZ.

Another stressful day at work. I really need to focus on finding another position. The good news it’s Wednesday tomorrow. Between the stress of the job and the creepy neighbor, I for a minute craved a glass of wine or a margarita. Instead I’ll opt for sparkling water with lemon.

Turning in early. Sleep well sober family.


Celebrating 18 Months substance free (Weed, Alcohol & Tobacco) this September.

Contentment & Gratefulness = Happiness

And I’m finally Happy folks!


Wow!!! Life sweeps me away and look what I come back to!!!

Woooohooooo, I am so happy for you. I know how hard you have worked for that milestone. Amazing.



Congrats on that!!!


Congrats on your 18 months of sobriety! That is fantastic :tada:


@just_laura new fire extinguisher and evicted dealers! Love this for you.
@sabrina80 man that train ride sounds awful! Good lord I would not have been able to handle this at all. I do hope tomorrow is a brighter day for you

I do love it that we do not know the future but we are facing it sober. You are doing fantastic Julia – about to hit double digits and dealing with life on life’s terms.
@saturn81 I do hope your back pain has subsided and you are feeling much better and able to face work tomorrow without any anxiety. Great work on another sober weekend

Ah yes – this could be also cause some anxiety. You are a wonderful mom Delia! Love Hello Fresh – grateful that you have this for next week :pray: Hope you have a wonderful time having a cuppa with your yoga teacher
@Juli1 You are really working your commitments and utilizing your tools. Way to work on your positivity when you were feeling so negative today. I do hope tomorrow is a brighter day for you.
@catmancam congrats on your 600 days of no cocaine and 1 year of no takeaways. You are killing it! Sending you a big hug my friend. Sadness can be numbing and definitely put you off track. Are you still doing your coloring? Grateful that you do have a psychologist appt in a few weeks. We are here for you as well – you can reach out to us whenever you need.
@sadmemequeen I’m sorry you are feeling so low today. Do not give up on your dreams – you are so young love and you don’t know what the future holds for you.
@hopedealer2 you are doing amazingly well on 3 days! Glad today was better than yesterday. Don’t give up on your meetings. I’m sure you are not alone in wanting meetings in your area and making some like minded human connections.
@danam56 man this neighbor may need some professional help. Glad you are keeping the ring doorbell – hope you install it soon. Well done on choosing a sparkling water with lemon – doing so well with 94 days AF!!

Checking in on Tuesday evening
272 days free of alcohol and weed
687 days free of cigarettes
Made it through the day with positive thoughts in mind. Grateful for laughter - my brother was a saint today (yes - a lot of the laughing was at my expense LOL but it was laughter and that lightened my heart). Another day sober - another day won. Wishing everyone had / is having a wonderful addiction free day! Sending you all so much love :heart: :heart: