Cocaine addiction help

I’m new to this but I come here to please get advice and support on kicking this awful drug.


Welcome to the forum! My DOC was crack cocaine so i completely understand how hard it can be to quit. Take a look around the forum and read some of the threads :slight_smile: there is alot of good support here and great suggestions. This forum has helped me to get to where i am today, free of all mind altering substances.


Welcome to the community. I am not familiar with cocaine addiction but do know that we are unable to kick any addiction on our own.

Try to go to a NA meeting. This community offers a lot of support and advice. Take some time to read through the threads and jump in when you feel comfortable.

Use the magnifying tool up top to search for threads that may be helpful to you.

I do find that daily check in’s are super helpful in keeping us accountable.
Checking in daily to maintain focus #58


Welcome @Ajn230! :blush:
I had an addiction to cocaine too. Tried too many times to quit on my own and always failed, but they were all half assed attempts. I honestly wasn’t ready. The day finally came when I had enough. Then entered into an intensive outpatient program which gave me a good foundation and then I moved onto AA (NA isn’t easily accessible in my area). I found I had to put just as much time and effort into my recovery as I did into getting and using coke.


Thank everyone so much for the responses. Just hearing from people that went through the same makes me feel not so alone. I was at 9 days sober this past Saturday which is the longest I’ve been sober in many months. I slipped up on Sunday so now the clock started over. I’m on day 2 again


I was also addicted to cocaine. And I kept wanting to quit for so long. Then one day I decided this is it! I’m either going to stop or I’m going to die getting high. The first couple days was hard! But I took it minute by minute and read here almost constantly! Every time I felt a craving I logged in. It really helped me. And if you are struggling, you can go to the checking in thread and simply say “help” someone will be online to talk with you.
Congratulations on day 2!

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Thank you! This forum has already helped me so much and I just started yesterday. The hardest part for me is gonna be avoiding my ultimate trigger which is drinking. I didn’t know there was a check in section that will be great for me.

This is the most current one :blush:

Hey Buddy!

I got to Cocaine Anonymous and we have online meetings too. I find them relatable And very energetic/entertaining!! The CA book Hope Faith and Courage volume 2 has stories I related to.

To be honest I think taking Naltexone - an anti craving med for alcohol - has aced my butt. I relapsed 54 days ago but there was no high - no euphoria - just the annoying aspects of the drug and alcohol. So it keeps me from wanting to use.

I found a huge nugget of cocaine while cleaning my room this weekend and I was able to flush it. That’s huge for me. And I am a nice lady who ended up doing an 8 ball a day of pure stuff at the end. But then my guy got a new driver who switched out the stash - I overdosed cuz it was meth and fentynal. Not safe out there anymore!!

You can do this. That first week is the hardest. Sleep if you can and drink a lot of water.

I have found that rehab helped and also MEDS - meditation, exercise, diet, sleep. But I had to be forced into all that in rehab.

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Ran out of :heart: for a few hours, but I wanted to say I love this response. Good for you going to CA! It must have been able to help a LOT of you had the willpower to flush it down! So proud of you!
Here’s your well deserved heart :heart::heart::heart:

Thank you so much for your support! And congratulations on flushing that down the toilet where it belongs, that had to take some real will power. The first days are definitely hard but I’m still holding strong. I just can’t wait to get to a week. After a week I finally start somewhat feeling like myself again and I’m looking forward to that.