Cocaine... After many tries I'm losing faith

Here I go again… Day 1…

Advice on cravings welcomed…

I’m new here, will update with my story when I feel a little more confident being here :slight_smile:


I was once addicted to cocaine and some how over the years moved to meth. Its not easy no matter what the chemical is. I took me finally cutting out all my so called friends and reconnecting with who I really am to finally get to where I’m almost 20 days clean. Its not much but it’s the longest I’ve been clean in a very long time. Just stay with it. Find a good support system that has your back through the good the bad and the ugly. And most of all be honest with yourself above all. If you relapse face it and figure out why and also think what you may have done right and grow from it even a bump is a relapse. Hit me up if you need to.


Man i was writing here something, delete than write , was trying somehow just to tell you,been there inumerable times ,bloody hell never wanna go back, relapsed quite a lot of times cause one drink ,or just for a coffee thing… Found a lot of good advice here and a lot of support from great people… Just day by day try to fight it and keep clear of people who want you with them on a sinking ship…

P.S 32 days clean and sober , feels awesome…


I quit heroin everyday for months until I made BIG changes in my life and put an honest effort into getting clean. You have to be willing to change EVERYTHING in your life.

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Ah cocaine my friend , the all consuming power of this until it is all you can think about every waking moment leaving you with nothing , no money no emotion , nothing but the seemingly endless thought that you can’t do without it , as you can tell this is why I am here I was a heavy daily user , I hated using but couldn’t stop , finally enough was enough I had stopped 2 months , great then I made an exception , back on it , now I’m 33 days , at the start I found it hard to control cravings I actually just went to bed an slept every free moment I had , they do go away , trust me it can be done but it is not easy , as they say one day at a time is truly the only way …


Very great reply and ohhhhh so relatable! Thank you!

People here are very supportive so being apart of this community will help you get over that hump. We are here for u every step. Just don’t give up you are worth the fight. :blush:


U r not alone. I’m struggling with this also. I’m afraid I will have to reset tomorrow because. I caved and messaged my guy… he hasn’t come through yet… I’m trying to tell him to forget it but my cravings r too strong… and it’s like I don’t remember why I wanted to quit now I just want a line so fucking bad… Tomorrow I will hate myself actually a couple lines in and I’m sure the tears will start flowing it’s a constant battle that I wish I had never started.


You can be strong! Shut your phone off so you don’t hear back. You have the power to say no still!


. We all start on zero days but we can do it , Iv got further than I ever thought , keep fighting


:laughing:Ahhh cocaine I only liked how it smelled.:thinking:
Good Heavens how I don’t miss missing cocaine.

I swear the dealer should state “side effects may include but not limited to: one day not missing missing cocaine.” :rofl::joy::rofl::grin:

Suggestions on cravings?
Be honest with yourself. What is it that cocaine, after all is said and done, doing?
F the pros and cons, they’re irrelevant when it comes to Death. Physical, emotional or mental death. These vices of ours are hazardous to LIFE. I don’t think you are intentionally tryna kill yoself. And cocaine isn’t directly dragging the knife across the vein but it will have you thinking irrationally broke and hungry in the company of someone who watches wrist slitting tutorials then steals and gifts you a straight edge razor and a penis to suck to get your next line. Be encouraged. Remember your not broken just bent. That line is not the plug, you havent made it to your final destination yet, theres no plug to pull, for Gods sake. No need to summon your inner Dr. Kevorkian. No need to lose faith either. Just dig deep within yourself. I promise YOU’ll find the bandaid, to heal. Whatever ailments cocaine is numbing. :hugs:


I’m an early bird. It’s 5:32am here in Chicago. Whatcha still doing up?
The next 3 days are important.
if your guy showed , presumably late in true dealer fashion of course. You high as giraffe vjayjay.

Don’t allow you’re actions to result in relapse. Pay attention to your body for 3 consecutive days after coming down/restorative rest. Very Close attention to how your mental, physical emotional alladat is affected . And if you’re serious about abstaining from cocaine use. You’ll be able to take your research and use it as an assistant learning curve for future situations. Be well Be better.

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Yup he showed up and not untill 3am and they’d why I won’t be resetting till Sunday… .

It’s 6:45am here…

Bro just no, love you much, I feel, this way every fucking day. I feel like I have no right too feel, like I work hard enough yet this house u live in belongs to someone else exploiting you, here for you Bro xx

How did u finally stop

After many failed attempts I’d had enough, I had no money left , I was at my lowest point an couldn’t go on , for 2 weeks I left work an went straight to bed I was exhausted , blanked tempting phone calls , cut everyone out that I knew , all my friends are gone but I had to save myself , I’m on day 122 an I feel I’m still only recovering now , I won’t touch drink even now for fear of going back were I was , all it would take is once an I’d end up back there , it took me a long term to realise there is much more to life , although some times I think just once will be ok , but I now know that it isn’t…


Cocaine is a hell of a drug ~ Rick James

I’m in the same situation as you. I have relaped so many times from cocaine. I have never hit the 30 day mark. You are not alone! It digs its claws into you. I dont even like doing it after the first line, but somehow cant stop. I pray for you. Lets beat this addiction together! Message me anytime.


Coke was fun while it lasted until it was no longer fun. I had heart problems and bad depression. Lost tons of money. Any advice I can say is that you will have to get rid of any person associated with drugs. It’ll be hard at first but stay busy. You got this!!!