Conglomerated List of "Things that can F*ck right off* (Part 2)

Running out of hearts so I can’t give them as I read. :sob:


The city grinding down pavement on streets to prepare for repaving them and then NOT PAVING THEM!!! There’s been numerous, naked streets around the city for weeks! Leaving seriously destructive speed bumps and exposed pipes if you’re not paying attention. My poor car :frowning: She’s been taking a beating :sob:


This fucking heat. I’m dizzy and get shakes when I’m outside more than a few minutes. The heat-induced headache is horrible. My poor nerves are wrecked. I fucking hate summer and heat.
And nightmares. I’m grateful I woke up with a soft cat next to me.


I feel you. 103 F/39.4 C today where I live. Yesterday was 107/41.7. Had to drive our vehicle without the AC. It was like driving in an oven. Friggin miserable.


@erntedank @DungeonMaster

111 here in Red Bluff California



Today I updated my team what to do tomorrow if I’m still positive with Covid, we have a very important appointment tomorrow. My sick note ends today bc I was hoping that I’m well enough tomorrow but rn it doesn’t feel like it.
So my coworker, who is managing the team, told me that I have to go to work when I’m positive. Only if I have symptoms I can stay at home. I explained that I know this and that I had symptoms the whole time. This one coworker that is at home rn with her baby and caused us extreme problems because she didn’t want any other to do her tasks bc she doesn’t want any other to make her job, now is telling me this. Our drama queen. In the main chat.
The main problems we now have, besides being understaffed, are the tasks we have to do that are her tasks.
God I am so angry :rage:


Cats just make our lives better, don’t they? :heart_eyes_cat::heart:

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My beef today is: BRUSHFIRES! Pretty much half the state of California is burning :fire: right now. On top of that we’ve had a record breaking heatwave. Heat and bad smoky air…there’s a volatile combination.


What do you mean by “pipes”? Gas or water pipes?:scream:

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Not sure, but I think the drain pipes in the middle of the roads. They are doing that to our roads too :sob: wish they would just put construction cones over them


There are those things that @Scorpn showed, we call them manholes(sewer drains), but there’s even smaller ones(8 inches across) that stick up further that idk what they are :woman_shrugging: Plus there’s 4 inch differences where the ground down road meets another road and half of them don’t have warning signs, so if you don’t expect it, your car will bottom out.