Conglomerated List of "Things that can F*ck right off* (Part 2)

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This new thread being empty can FRO!


The man sitting next to me during the meeting. That runs his mouth, and I don’t even think he is paying attention to what he is saying. If that can actually happen?:woman_facepalming:t3::woozy_face: Literally his eyeballs were bouncing around like a super ball. Finally after a good while, it just started to sound like the teacher in the Charlie Brown shows. whah, whah, whah……:woman_facepalming:t3:


Sorry this made me giggle :laughing: whah whah whaah…lol i remember that!


Recruiting staff.

It is simple, you want the job then apply for it, turn up for the interview, bring your identification and start on the agreed date.

If you dont want the job then dont apply for it.

People that willingly waste my time by not turning up for an interview, or turning up then not arriving to start the job can all fuck right off.

At an estimate this week (its only Wednesday) i have wasted six hours on people either not coming to the interview or accepting the job and not coming to work. Im too busy to waste time on this.

Im really quite angry tonight.


People who leave their dogs in the car without proper climate control on warm/hot days, when the sun is out, can FRO!!! Cracking the windows doesn’t do it people :rage:


@WilliamBloke I’m not too surprised that you haven’t heard the term before. I think the term “toxic positivity” is fairly newish within the last ten years or so. I wouldn’t doubt it was born from the proliferation of the current iteration of the “new age” movement that has become ‘main stream popular’ (though this kind of thing can be found in some very religious circles as well). It kind of refers to people who insist on a “positive mindset” with everything, to the point that it involves denying or burying issues under the guise of being “positive”. As we know, you have to admit there is a problem before it can be fixed, but this kind of behavior doesn’t allow for this kind of important soul searching.

I realized I went on a little too long, so put the rest of this comment under an expandable tab...

I used to teach a girl, who was eight at the time, and her parents were like this. They would say that if you bring up negative things that it would “draw more negativity to you”; which, yes… if all you do is focus on the negative than this is the case, but it was applied to everything, to the extent that this girl could not admit to any emotions that seemed remotely “negative”. There were days that I could tell she was sad or something was going on, but I would get things like “Oh… I’m fine… there are other people worse off than me…”. I worry about her denying the existence of her feelings because her parents tell their kids to just “be happy and then you will be happy” or “don’t focus on what’s making you sad but just be happy for other things you have.”

I think I’m starting to rant just a bit, but it does really bother me. I think this is how many people slide down the path of addiction. We have emotions that we’ve denied, for whatever reason, and instead we used other things to feel better, or feel good, or forget about the bad emotions. What happens when this girl grows up and she has no realistic framework to deal with the intensity of her negative emotions? How will she be able to “just be happy” then?

I’m not asking you (I’m sure you knew that but just to be sure!), they’re just open ended questions to the universe, born out of my frustration for this kind of behavior. I think it’s a great thing to try and have a more positive mindset overall, but I think it needs to be married with a dose of logic and realism. I get frustrated with people who are constantly negative to the point where they can’t/won’t look at the situation realistically, just as much as I do with individuals who are so “positive” that the issue gets stuffed away in the basement of our psyches only to become a monster that whispers in our ear.

Sorry to have begun ranting about the topic again! :laughing: It’s clearly a topic that gets me riled up.

@Olivia :rofl: you are absolutely correct! I always ask myself if someone only knows how to read print if they could read the address as my ‘print’ has some elements taken from cursive, though I remember 20+ years ago it wasn’t uncommon to see envelopes addressed in full out cursive and I swear you could always tell when it was addressed by some little 80 year old lady. :laughing:


@Pattycake just my two cents here but if you can, hire someone to do a few of those jobs that are stressing you out.
If your hubs won’t get to it someone else will.

The patient transport tech who was walking by me and commented on the amount of food I was carrying for lunch. Yes it is a lot of food. Your unnecessary opinion can FRO while I enjoy my salad, sandwich, banana and chips, sir. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes. Every time I suggest hiring out one of the jobs, he gets ballistic. So it is my fear of his anger that keeps me so stuck. I hate I’m such a wimp about it, but if I just hire someone behind his back and they show up to do the job, he’ll be really mad. I can’t handle it. And that can FRO!!!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ah sorry. I would have just hired to show my husband that I would get stuff done if he didn’t but angry men are a different animal. You know what’s best for you here. Keep yourself sane and safe and that scenario can FRO.

Edited to say you absolutely aren’t a wimp. You are someone who is surviving someone else’s anger. I wish I could give him a swift kick in the rear for scaring you. 🩷


Can you possibly discuss a deadline for him to do it by - or arrange it himself- and if it’s not then agree that outside help might be needed? That way he’s part of the decision.

By the way, that’s not cool that you don’t feel you get to make these decisions…I would definitely try to test the waters with explaining how this affects you. If you can do this safely of course. :heart: Be safe.


I’m sorry about that. Don’t know how your system works,but here the government owned unemployment agency force you to apply for whatever job available. Regardless of education preference or other. If you don’t apply you won’t get any money during the time you’re looking for a job. If you get called to an interview you have to go. And they will Check with the job you’re applying for if you got there or not. They will also check what jobs you have applied for because to get any money at all you need to send in reports every month.


Hi, in the Uk job seekers have to show they have applied for a certain amount of jobs, but there is no follow up by the benefits agency to see if the recruiter offered interview or even a position.

Nor can the recruiter go to the benefit agency and let them know that people didnt attend an interview or declined a job. The system is massively open to exploitation.


I can totally relate to that!:face_holding_back_tears:


Here’s the deal, I am a codependent. That’s what can FRO. That and my husbands addiction to alcohol,and weed. I vented here about him not doing shit around here rather than have yet another argument with him about it, @Tragicfarinelli , and @Doreen1 and @TrustyBird , you have all been so kind about this.! I really appreciate you!
Maybe I will post later in more detail on the thread about loved ones who are addicted. This thread is really helpful though, for just venting!
So I’ll say it again, codependency can FRO!
Love you guys!


I am a codependent too. I think we would be surprised by how many addicts are. Thanks for your honesty here and I hope you didn’t feel called out. I’m married to a man who drinks every day. No comparison here only space to share. 🩷


Heartache. We’re back here. Yup. Come on, give it to me. You don’t even need to FRO. Just swallow me up again, I’ll come out like Jonah. Maybe this is my super power. Loving despite.


Negativity can FRO. Backstory, my mom is still an alcoholic in her 70’s and it’s brutal to deal with, wears on ya after a while, she lives close by so it’s hard to avoid when she stops by everyday. Most negative bitter person I know, that’s the truth.


People who compare their divorce or breakup with your spouse dying… :unamused:


Thanks, didn’t feel called out at all! Truly appreciate the feedback. :heart::+1:t3: