Crocheters, Knitters, Crafters, and the like 2020 to present

Really needed to get back into crafting and making things to keep my hands busy and to stay off my phone/reduce screen time. Listening to music and making things with my hands is one of my favorite therapies. I crocheted this little basket tonight to fill with springtime goodies for my niece when we visit next weekend. (We don’t celebrate Easter, per se)


Hey guys.
I wanted to start a crafty thread. Kinda.
What projects are you guys working on? Are you making anything, creating art, building something? Crafting?
I want to see what you guys are making. Hoping we can inspire each other, also if I share progress of what I’m making I might be more inclined to finish the projects I’m constantly working on because I can’t sit still for more than five minutes without doing something with my hands, haha.
Currently making a blanket to use up the million balls of yarn living in my room left over from previous projects. I also purchased a paint by numbers to do with my daughter which I’ve realised I’m super into, so I think I will look into getting more of these :slight_smile:

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That is awesome! I love the colours - it’s such a rich and beautiful collection :star_struck:

It Was a pink Prenatal chair. Now it is brown with his own granny square blanket :yellow_heart:Tony



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I had to take some knitting time off as I was feeling the old tendonitis acting up again. Soon it will be the perfect time to start up again, once it gets chillier.

Love everyone’s projects!!

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This is 10/10. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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I don’t knit very often. I’m almost always hooking. But this is my most recent finish and I’m pretty proud of how this turned out. It’s a shawl.

Edited to take out extra pix I accidentally included :joy::joy:


I crochet blankets for all my friends. Just a couple:


And a recent wool scarf:


I’ve been on this blanket forever, and I’ve finally arrived at the yellow/brown border I had in mind for it… and I can’t tell if i love it or hate it. Thoughts? Lol


I personally am a sucker for a pop of color especially if it is a beautiful mustard yellow. I’m getting back into a long abandoned knitting habit with some easy baby booties for a co-worker.

Knitting in my house is hard because my kitties think we are playing. :heart_eyes_cat:


I like the yellow but it might get overwhelming with the brown aswell…can you lay the yarn out against the edge in the order you had imagined to get a feel how how it’ll look?

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I like the yellow for contrast. Adding brown after might be too much? It looks great!

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I think yellow OR brown. But honestly it’s all just personal preference. Whatever you do will look baller.


I like the yellow color, tho not necessarily with those soothing and luscious greens. Can you share / post the brown color?

The blanket is gorgeous…very calming. You are very talented.

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Same here re: the kitties. I love a soft chunky yarn and that pink is feisty!!!

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Thanks for the input guys, I did run the yellow around. I think I like it, and you guys are right it was either brown or yellow. I think both would look good. I’ve committed to the yellow now though, haha.


You are fast! Looks lovely!!!

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