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I’m learning to crochet, because I thought it would be a great hobby for an addict. So far that has proven to be true. It keeps me focused on something creative and constructive, keeps me of my phone, and is very portable and inexpensive.

I don’t see any thread dedicated to this kind of thing. I’d like to share ideas and learn from others in this area. Is anyone interested?


I knit and have made many scarves during AA meetings. Haven’t quite gotten the knack for crocheting, but wishin working on it. It’s a great new hobby - very relaxing.


I am always thinking I should take up knitting. I had knitting classes in home economics (yes, that is how old I am, home economics and typing (on a typewriter) classes). Can you recommend any YouTube or other beginner tutorials?


I just started a week ago, making swatches to practice the stitches before trying something big. There are a lot of good YouTube tutorials for beginners. Try to do a search for crochet for beginners. I can give you a link if you need the one I used. Really there are so many.


I just did this in that last 45 minutes.

It’s a perfect square but I had several miss stitches. This is the first one I tried with 2 colors.


So many women in my meetings knit beautifully, and I just bite my fingernails and drink all the coffee. In November I set out to learn how so that I could make a Christmas gift for my best friend. My first (and only) scarf was an exercise in letting go of perfection, accepting that I’m not good at something, and finding patience and more patience. I’ll say this though - knitting is great for anxiety and surviving family gatherings! Got me through Thanksgiving this year. And when it was finally done? I had a really imperfect gift that was made with a lot of love…

Going to keep it up, I think. Thanks to this thread, I’m inspired to start something new…


I might try knitting, too. But right now I’m seeing endless possibilities with crochet. I look forward to seeing your projects!


I wanted to see if I could use 3 colors at once. Using three strands at once makes it so thick. I love the feel of this one.


I haven’t knit in over a year. I used to make beautiful blankets, hats, and gloves, but I haven’t done so in a while. I should pick it back up.


Every meeting needs the “knitting lady” haha. My mum used to do alot of that stuff. I like watching the one woman in the meetings I go to, watching her fingers move so fast and watching the yarn is kinda therapeutic for some reason


I have thought of teaching myself crochet but sewing takes up all my time :confounded:. I love anything that keeps my hands busy and mind focused.


My mother crochets beautifully, so I end up with potholders, hats, fingerless gloves, etc. I love watching people make huge throws, I’ll get there eventually.


Meetings are almost the only time I knit, and it is a great thing to keep my hands and mind occupied during a meeting. And if I find a meeting isn’t for me, I am still grateful as I will have gotten in an hour of good knitting. :rofl:


I’ve only been at it for a week, and I learned from YouTube. But you’ve got your Mom to teach you. So that’s even better.


We had a manual typewriter at home growing up. I remember when I used an electric one; I was in awe! :joy: we had typing class too.


I’ve seen some of the “arm knitting” too. Maybe I’ll try that as a starter lol. Mum used to knit and crochet. And macrame!! Miss the old macrame hanging plant holders with wooden beads


I tried macrame when I was about 15. That was before the internet, so I was on my own, and I never got anywhere with it. You can learn anything now from YouTube. :smile:


I purchased these on Amazon and they are very helpful. I only know how to make huge blankets.

Crochet (Idiot’s Guides)

The Big Book of Crochet Stitches: Fabulous Fans, Pretty Picots, Clever Clusters and a Whole Lot More


I will look up a good tutorial or maybe ask on Next Door forum for my neighborhood if someone can teach me. I always thought it would be good for my anxiety.


I’m sure it will be!