Daily Gratitude List. Gratitude is the air of recovery

Grateful for 50 days sober and for my early morning meeting. My shares are still very emotional with ugly crying and I’m grateful my little group asks that we wear masks and my tears and snot can’t drip onto my shirt. Grateful I’m not drinking this morning to cure a hangover. Grateful for this new day and all the opportunities I have to not drink. :sun_with_face::+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Good morning all,
I’m grateful I was the first one up this morning and so I got some quiet time. I’m grateful for a day off today. I’m grateful for time with my kids before school. I’m grateful to have some time alone today, time to try and journal, get the house organized, or just drink tea on the couch. I’m grateful for this thread, and for everyone who contributes. I’m sad to read all of the relapse and restart posts, but I’m grateful for the reminder of what would happen if I had “just one”. I won’t trade this life for that cycle.
I’m grateful it’s cool and cloudy this morning. Probably not for long, but it’s nice.
Everyone have a wonderful day :heart:


Good morning Sunflower. :sunflower:
I’m grateful to God I’m not drinking.
I’m grateful I didn’t fall after tripping over Minnie and stumbling in the middle of the night. It was close :grimacing:
Yes, Minnie is ok :ok_hand:
I’m grateful for the 2 deer right up close to the house this morning with their nice racks. Grateful, when I thought “go get the camera,” I thought. “Just stand here and admire them.”
I’m grateful when I remember to look at life. Not through the lens of a camera.
I’m grateful to remember this lesson that I learned a long time ago and have forgotten.
I’m grateful I can remember exactly when I learned that lesson. Want me to tell ya? My sons high school graduation. After my son graduated my mother asked me how it went. I couldn’t remember, :cry: because I spent the whole time trying to get pictures of it. Even though I have pictures of it. I don’t really remember it.
I’m grateful we, or I got a lot on the schedule today. It’s kind of nice for an old retired guy who struggles with not having “things to do.”
I’m grateful we still have rain in the forecast.
I’m grateful for cashmere and merino wool.
I’m grateful for the maple tree that’s popping out front. And I’m not going to take a picture of it.
We’ll see :grimacing:
Grateful for the G-Dudes :hugs:

“I think gratitude is a big thing. It puts you in a place where you’re humble.”
Andra Day


That’s a beautiful thing. :cry:
I’m crying here.
Hang out to that dearly.


I’m grateful for your 50 days too Jules. :hugs:
I wanted to get you a gif. But, I think I’ll just leave this here for ya.

Great job.
I’m glad you’re here :hugs:


@Dazercat thank you!!! I love it and yes! :heartpulse::+1:


Today I’m grateful for a rainy, calm, relaxed monday. For yummi leftovers from sunday, for cuddling cats, for a warm bath, for some time with my husband. For loud laughter after reading a newsletter, for a nice talk with a colleague who also laughed about it :grin: Greatful I go to bed sober, early, full up (no leftovers left!) and kind of just happy and relaxed :pray:


Grateful the elections are over. Now, we just have to wait the outcome. Grateful it went smoothly. (not grateful about the possible outcome, though, who will be the next Merkel?)

Grateful I am sober.
Grateful for a nice chat with my brother. In the end he got me thinking in saying that he is taking blood pressure medication, saying then, that he knows it is due to his psyche, stress related and that that he cannot do everything aka taking care of his stress. So, instead he is taking meds. Easy peasy. Not my business.

Grateful for the last good days of weather we have. I love September and May and maybe February and March. :joy: Many months have their charm.

Grateful I manage my life on my own and I can do most of the things without a car.


Good afternoon

I am grateful for my health; mental, physical and spiritual.
I am grateful for the psychotherapist I saw today and the plan we put together.
I am grateful that I can recognize when I have periods of dissasociation, I am understanding why this happens so instead of fumbling through my life blindly, I am fumbling through with my eyes wide open.
Last night was the first meeting of our ladies book study and I am very grateful to be a part of it. I have already recieved a beautiful sense of belonging and I know that a level of intimacy will be reached with these women I have never experienced before.
I am grateful for longish drives and amazing podcasts.
Grateful for wind, rain and soup that warms my bones.


I’m grateful to have paid off my Jeep last week! It’s seriously one of the best feelings!

I’m grateful for these beautiful mountains I live in. Grateful that I took a long drive today, stopping along the way to soak it all in.

I’m grateful for the conversations I have with nature. It’s absolute truth that a mountain or an ocean or a waterfall can teach you to speak a different language.


I’m grateful to God for helping me have a nice, clean and sober day. I’m grateful to God for guiding my recovery. I’m grateful for the really good visit with my parents today. I’m grateful my parents invited me to thanksgiving and are offering to drive me back and forth that day, that’s four hours of driving for them. I’m grateful that I have strung together a few healthy, happy and purposefull days lately. I’m grateful to read @beachmouse has 50 days woooo
I’m grateful to see @Its_me_Stella posting about the trifecta of body, mind and spirit, proud of you and I hope your woman’s big book study is all you deserve and more. I’m grateful for my brother and all his pets and posts about his kids and Jelly oops Kelly and how important it is to enjoy the moment without a camera, ya you! Eric. I’m grateful to notice a large amount of us that are enjoying our bicycles on the regular, I see you @anon74766472 @Sunflower1 @Mno @Irisees919 maybe even @erntedank not sure but some more I am missing for sure, maybe even my dear friend @M-be-free49 doing spin class in a touque? I’m grateful for humor and laughter and music.
God bless you all. :v: & :heart:

p.s. I’m soooo grateful for you. Ya you!!


Sounds like a great day!


@I.cant.We.can thank you! :blush:


I received this coin tonight at my home group’s birthday meeting. On this (09/27/17) day 4 years ago I made a decision to stop using and drinking and be willing to do whatever it takes to stay clean and sober. I am humbly grateful to Alcoholics Anonymous and Talking Sober, including the multitude of beautiful people here in this community that has played a big part in my sobriety. One day at a time my friends. Much love and respect to all.


Wow!!! :boom::boom::boom::boom:
Way to go Big Ed!
I’m grateful you shared that with us.
That’s very inspirational. Great job.


Way to go big Ed.


Happy Birthday Ed!!!


Oh man! So much to celebrate on here!

I’m grateful for all the people I looked up to when I first joined, and still look up to now, who just keep leading by example… for @Edmund and his 4 years! @Hotic’s 1000 days, and @ChicagoT’s 1033 i think? And @Mno’s kicking nicotine 6 years ago which got him to where he is today…
I’m grateful for all of your posts and words that made me realize (like what @Dolse71 was saying) that we aren’t that different, that you had a humble day one too. I’m grateful you shared your milestones today! Puts the wind in these sails :wink:

I’m grateful this Monday is done. Grateful I don’t crawl into bottles after long Mondays. I’m grateful for walks through the forest, that being sober heightens my senses - it truly feels like fall has never looked so spectacular!

I’m grateful for all of you gratidudes, and always grateful for another day. :orange_heart:


Wow, what a great achievement! I am so happy for you :tada::confetti_ball::pray:


I am grateful for sobriety today. Grateful to God for guiding me and my life :pray: Im grateful for my dog :paw_prints: my health and the life that i have that contains so many blessings. :tada: for a new day :sunrise_over_mountains: and for being part of this forum. :blush::heart: