Daily Gratitude List. Gratitude is the air of recovery

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I’m grateful I can start this Daily Gratitude Thread with a reminder for all about gratitude.


In recovery, we either learn to be grateful, or we don’t last. Gratitude is the air of recovery. Gratitude is what makes the lungs of recovery fill, the heart beat, and the life flow. The attitude of gratitude focuses on what we have rather than what we don’t. With gratitude, there is such a thing as enough. People filled with gratitude aren’t good consumers because they don’t heed the message “You need more stuff. Stuff will make you whole.” Gratitude makes us whole, not stuff. It allows us to make the abundant blessings we already have in our life not only count, but be enough. And not just enough, but more than we could have imagined. Gratitude allows us to understand that there is enough for everyone so we don’t have to hoard whatever it is we think we need. There is plenty. In a culture addicted to the belief that “I need more,” people with an attitude of gratitude stand out. They are like roses growing out of cracks in a ghetto neighborhood. People watch. They see. And in being seen, we give some small measure of the bread of life to the world.


We’re grateful you’re here with us Brian. Glad you’re alive. Sounds like you got a message of sobriety to share. He is not done with you yet.
God Bless. :pray:t2::heart:
Congratulations on day 3 :boom::boom::boom:


Thank you Eric I appreciate you very much. I’m glad to be here still. God‘s will


I’m grateful to be working on “Let Go and Let God,”
Right now!

I’ve been doing this a lot the past couple of weeks.
And I’m grateful it’s working.


On my last drunk, I damn near killed myself. I fell 15 feet off my patio when I felt it would be a good idea to climb over the patio. I was too drunk and I forgot my keys But I remembered that my patio door was unlocked. As I was climbing up, the planks busted off and I went down. Smashed back my head, broke both my wrists, and I have nasty road rash all over my body from the brick building. I spent the next 30 hours in a hospital bed after they reset my bones. I thought that alcohol was trying to save me to help me deal with my emotions; however, I realize now it’s trying to kill me. So what I’m grateful for is staying alive and god for breaking my wrists so I couldn’t open any more shooters. It’s a new day and I have three days being sober today by the grace of God. I am grateful for life.

What are you grateful for?



“I had a dream which rattled me last night, a using dream, which felt like it lasted all night, and woke with a sense of dread of fear of spiralling out of control. Also that and the fact that so many people in the meetings have recently relapsed…”

When I was reading your post I can understand why you feel rattled, but from my position both those are gifts to you. Both are very powerful reminders about why picking up again is no good.

Thank you for sharing this, it has reminded me how lucky I am in this moment to be alive and substance free. Grateful for that thank you. :pray:


Today I’m grateful for family, friends, cats, a nice home, good food, tea, vacuum cleaners, fresh laundry, community online services, homeoffice and a good book to read in the evening :pray:


Grateful being sober.
Grateful for this thread.
Grateful I have no fear to go outside, a roof over my head, living I a country with peace and freedom. Most boundaries are in my head. They are huge and it is my to tear them down.
Grateful I have positive energy around me despite me.
Grateful the girls are healthy and seem to be okay.


A little one from me tonight. Tonight I am grateful for:

  • my home
  • food (although I eat too much)
  • my family who love me regardless
  • my furry buddy
  • tomorrow being a Friday
  • for the chance I will feel better tomorrow
    So tired. Nite troops!

Yes agreed, seeing people come back to the group after relapse, is a good reminder as to why I don’t want that shit in my life anymore.

I heard a lot of reasons for relapse which resonate with me, and also the same conclusion seeing sad faces (just like mine has been many a time) saying that it was not worth it.

Working on the positive mindset has changed my day around and it has got brighter throughout the day, and ended up being pretty decent :slight_smile:


Those dreams are absolutely the worst. I’m glad that it was just a dream for you; however, it does kind of remind us of just how fragile sobriety can be. I have also noticed that sobriety isnt a some. of the time thing, sobriety isn’t a most of the time thing, sobriety has to be a 100% time I thing. I also noticed that we are both capricorns which is cool. I have three days today and I feel good kind of because I’m on bedrest since I screwed myself up. I think I am done relapsing because this last time damn near took me out. Don’t be a Brian, be a sober person. I wish you the best and let’s get this recovery thing figured out. Cheers to one day at a time. I’m here for you sober friend.


I’m grateful to be back here after another screw up. I’m also grateful for the words and inspiration that I’m reading here this morning.Just what I needed. :pray:


I am sooooooo grateful to be sober and hangover free.

I am grateful for the 5.5 hours of sleep I was able to get which will carry me through tonight’s shift.

I am grateful for my cute little cat that is sitting next to me looking so peaceful and content. :two_hearts:

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, and a stranger into a friend.”


Thanks, here for you too fellow Cap!!!
Grateful you are here.


I’m grateful to God thank you for loving me and know I love you. I’m grateful that my parents confirmed they are coming for our bi-monthly visit Monday. I’m grateful for all my family, friends TS and the gratidudes. I’m grateful that I attended a really good NA meeting tonight. I’m grateful to hear today that playing a game of cribbage with me apparently has become a rite of passage at the treatment center. I’m grateful that I have money to order some late night take out, I cook enough.
God bless you all. :v: & :heart:

p.s. You are amazing and a star so shine bright. Ya you!!


Good evening all, grateful that my sons birthday present came and he is happily assembling his Dragon BallZ ( or whatever it is :joy:) figurine. I’m grateful to be watching a movie with my daughter. I’m grateful for nice weather, before it gets to hot this weekend. I’m grateful again, for hot tea tonite. Grateful for you guys, and new people too!
Everyone have a wonderful evening :heart:


Today I am grateful that it is not hot as hell outside again
Today I am grateful that I’ve completed the instrumental of one of my songs I’ve been writing since February
Today I am grateful for the relaxation I am having
Today I am grateful that I am physically healthy
Today I am grateful that I am working through my mental health and not giving up
Today I am grateful that I have somewhere to tell people this shit so no one will judge me
Today I am grateful to know I am heading into the right direction
Today I am grateful that I will sleep in my bed tonight
Today I am grateful that I can stay strong even during difficulties


Grateful for sobriety in day 3 of lockdown here in New Zealand. Grateful for access to Zoom meetings. Grateful I did some exercise, it’s something if not much else. Grateful mid sem break is coming up yay one week with no uni stress :heart_eyes:


I’m grateful this week will be over soon! The days are blurring into one another with my work deadline and curtailed sleep. It reminds me of the before time, when my nightly routine was often cast away as i refilled my glass. I do not miss those days.

I’m grateful I had the courage to take a stand on an issue at work. I know for a fact that i would not have the confidence to do this if I were drinking. I’m grateful i feel worthy of protecting my boundaries and those of others.

I’m grateful for the support of friends, here and IRL. For the gratidudes. For the dog girl.

I’m grateful for sleeeeeeep. :relieved:
oh! and for another day.:orange_heart: