Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #2

I wanted to wuickly jump on here as I really just need to be reminded of what im grateful for today. So today I am grateful for:

  • Grateful for being uniquely me. That even though i at times compare myself to others (particulary a friend of mine), i am grateful that I am the person I am today
  • Grateful for the lunch invite that we have tmrw. Im excited to see her and i cant wait to see her expression when she sees the gift I made her
  • Grateful for my motivation to get up early for the gym
  • Obviously grateful for my recovery and being able to work thru emotion instead of feeling like I need to use over it
  • Grateful for our health… this has been a huge source of anxiety for me lately. Im grateful that im aware of the negative effects this thinking/anxiety has on me and just need to now do something about it lol
  • Grateful for my HP

I am grateful to have made it this far, so many of my precious family members have not made the journey for one reason or the other the last few years. I seem to reflect more on their loss when we loose another.
I am grateful to know i dont have to get lost in self pity but rather i can experience the loss for what it is, let it pass through me, feel it and let it go.
Im grateful that in my infancy in sobriety this is getting easier to acknowledge and accept.
Im grateful our family gathering today was a sober one.
Im grateful that today i am able to ( at some point ) step back and see what it is in ME that needs adjusting and not always look for someone else to change to suit what i want.
Im grateful to be going to bed sober tonight.


I’m grateful for my friends and how lucky I am to have surrounded myself with good humans.
I’ m grateful for strangers, long talks, and constant reminders of people who do so much good in the world.
I’m grateful I’ve been able to swim so late into the year. That I slowly acclimated myself to the cold water. That it wakes me up and helps me feel calm & peaceful.
I’m grateful for a job I love. Tired legs. A full belly.
I’m really grateful for the little things today. A pretty sunset. Christmas lights starting to go up. Lots of hugs. A warm home. Phone calls with family. Peace with family :yellow_heart: That I can allow myself to cry missing my gramps. He passed away about two weeks ago at 96.
I’m grateful for hot tea, happy faces, fuzzy socks.
I’m grateful for gravy :upside_down_face:
I’m grateful that I have so many new, wonderful people that are suddenly entering my life.
I’m grateful for my life, all the blessings I’ve been given in it, and that I get to wake up every day and keep creating it.
I’m grateful for so much more I could go on but I will leave it at that for now.


Checking in Grateful. Grateful for another sober holiday. It never gets old. Grateful for drama free sober life. Attended a meeting in Bend and found out that people around here are relapsing, too. It’s sad, and it makes me even more grateful for my old school sponsor and our group of women who stay in the middle of recovery. Grateful for a stunning sunny day and a beautiful starry night sky. New moon. Grateful that I looked at the ski report and found out that they’re not opening until next Wednesday. Not enough snow. So I will be going home after tomorrow. Grateful. I love to be home, even though it’s too lonely. Oh, well :person_shrugging:
Grateful for all you can eat pumpkin pie. Grateful for refreshing fresh cold air and a long run along the Deschutes river. Grateful for another sober holiday season starting, and my sponsees excited about all their firsts. First Thanksgiving. First Christmas. First holiday work party. All Sober! Because that’s the best. Grateful :heart::v::pray:


Im grateful i learned how to keep my mouth shut when its none of my business.


Grateful for the reminder. I sometimes forget how wise that is, and how much of a resentment preventative all the way around! :raised_hands:


I am grateful I slept well.
I am grateful to be sober.
I am grateful I live in this house. I failed stupidly to format my new external drive yesterday and found help almost immediately. So fingers crossed I can safe some data from my laptop.
I am grateful today is off.
I am grateful I have enough.


What a lovely picture, your mum looks amazing for 92.
Sounds like you had a great day with your family. You truly are blessed :sparkling_heart:


I’m grateful for leftovers scalloped with cheese. I’m grateful I slept in the last two days. I’m grateful for a long talk with an elderly neighbour yesterday, he often feels lonely and it’s nice talking to him. I’m grateful I did all the chores on my list. It feels good to complete chores.
I’m grateful for sunshine and a chill morning. I aired out the house for half an hour and enjoyed the chill and fresh air. I’m grateful for my playful cats, they are so much laughter and love. I’m grateful for good talks with friends. I’m grateful I distance myself from issues I don’t want to bothered with. Healthy boundaries.
I’m grateful for a warm shower, my cosy house, the comfy bed I sleep in, purring cats and helping a friend.


Today I’m grateful for a later start, I can get a few jobs done before I leave.
I’m grateful the weekend is almost here, I’ve not had a free weekend at home for weeks and weeks. I’m going to do a few jobs and take it easy.
I’m grateful I’ve got time to put something in my slow cooker, beef and veg. Might have it with warm crusty bread.
I’m grateful my kids are all ok, doing their own things. I’m grateful they’re good kids.
I’m grateful for what I have :sparkling_heart:


I’m grateful for this community.
I’m grateful a friend came over yesterday so I didn’t spend the whole holiday alone.
Grateful for fresh baked cookies
Grateful for a job I like
Grateful work will be slow today
Grateful I work from home
Grateful for my cats, especially Tessie who sleeps curled up next to me
Grateful I’m going to volunteer tomorrow
Grateful for the memes thread here to make me laugh
Grateful I’ll get to see my family over Christmas


I’m GRATEFUL for my 7 month unbirthday!!


Good morning all,
I’m grateful for a really nice family gathering yesterday for Thanksgiving. I’m grateful for loud and rowdy games of Uno with the kids. I’m grateful we are able to welcome everyone in our home. I’m grateful this was a totally sober gathering! I’m not sure, but I think that might have been a first. I’m grateful we are planning to do a hike this morning, and the weather will be beautiful.
Everyone have a wonderful day :heart:


I’m grateful the 2 of us had a nice Thanksgiving.
I’m grateful I realize I hate cooking Thanksgiving dinner.
I’m grateful I didn’t have to do it all myself.
I’m grateful we don’t have to cook Thanksgiving dinner next year if we don’t want to.
I’m grateful I can feel envious for others that put out a beautiful spread without feeling jealous.
I’m grateful for the simplicity of our dinner and it’s still a lot of work I just don’t want to do anymore.
I’m grateful I find it a chore.

I’m grateful I mentioned to my wife a resentment I have had from 2013. What! The! Actual! Fuck!! :scream:
I’m grateful, no, it hasn’t bothered me since then but every once and awhile it does pop up and I threw it out there.
I’m grateful I was able to take 50% responsibility for this issue which in my mind I’ve never done before.
I’m grateful maybe this is a way to let go of a resentment :thinking:
I’m grateful my wife ask me how I can live like that? She’s never once thought of it.
I’m grateful she said again. Not for the first time. You’ve got to stop living in the past.
I’m grateful it was a nice conversation.

So what I’m getting to is this. I’m grateful I read about this 40 day gratitude challenge to help live in the now.
I’m grateful it scared me because I don’t like to fail and since I’m not sure I can do it I was going to blow it off.
I’m grateful I want to get well so bad I figured out a way to mention it here and I’m going to try. And if I try and fail. What’s the worst that can happen?
I’m grateful I’m not going to start a new thread about it.

So I’m throwing down a gratitude challenge for me. I’ve got to stop living in the past. I’m grateful I don’t obsess about living in the past but there are some things I just got to let go of. FOREVER!

So this person and their sponsor emailed 10 things they were grateful for every day for 40 days.
NO REPEATS :scream:
It changed this persons life!

I’m grateful for the rest of the year, that’s close enough to 40 days, I’m going to try and do a gratitude list that is different each day no repeats.
Just 10 things. :pray:t2:

I’m grateful today I’m not going to worry about failure.

Living in a state of gratitude is a gateway to grace.
Arianna Huffington.


I am grateful to feel inner healing,
physical and emotional.

I am grateful to feel love.



Good morning sober fam,

Im so very greatful for…

My sobriety 205+ days
A sober thanksgiving
Finishing my amends!!
Boscoes after bath zoomies
Coffee with my sister
My mother and all she does for our family
A nice quiet night with christmas lights and a fire with hubby
The relief and humbleness that comes with making amends
Soon gonna take photos with my brothers and sisters family for a gift for my folks.
Greatful they included me and boscoe because we dont have kids…theyre doing grand kids and grandpups.
My hubby
This forum and everyone sharing their stuggles and trimphs

I wish everyone a sober beautiful day. Light and love to my brothers and sisters in recovery


I am grateful for caring and sharing, for community and a sense of belonging. I am soooooo hooked into learning right now, I just want to learn so much, theres so much to learn!!! I have never been a person to say “Im bored” and Im grateful for that.

I am grateful for throbbing fingers and a feeling of contentment after finishing a piece I have been working on. I am happy with it, practice makes progress thats for sure. I am grateful I am letting go of perfection and that I could see that going down the road of being a gem setter would only feed into my perfectionism, so I have let that one go real fast. Organic, industrial jewelry art for me. I am grateful that I know instinctively how to make healthy choices before I get too far in. I am grateful for recovery.

I am grateful for the new yoga studio I have joined and for the two amazing classes I have already attended. I think it will be an amazing addition to my journey.



Checking in Grateful. Today was my Mom’s memorial with her friends here in Central Oregon. Grateful that they are doing so well, one older and one quite a bit younger. Grateful that we could meet outside, then have hot tea in the open air park pavilion. There’s still a lot of Covid going around. Grateful that people mellow with age. Grateful that I went to a meeting, it was an old timer giving a holiday pep talk. He said to consider using the word “excuse” rather than the word “trigger”, and quoted the BB about causes and conditions. He looked like a hard living man. Grateful that I didn’t need to shop today. Grateful for a vegan split pea soup and bread at a downtown restaurant that was my Mom’s favorite when she lived here in the early 1990’s. Grateful that the same folks are still working there. Bend is a good restaurant town. Grateful that even though I feel really sad and depressed tonight, I don’t have to “fix” it. I especially don’t have to drink about it. Sometimes when I don’t get to run or walk enough in a day, I get really down, in addition to the renewed grieving. It would be easy to live here, friendly outdoor people. Not so hardscrabble as where I live. But yikes expensive, too! Grateful that I have a secure place to live. Grateful for the dogs who are good little travelers. Grateful :heart::v::pray:
@Soberbilly a very merry unbirthday to you! Seven months! :tada::tada::tada:


I’m grateful to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. I’m grateful to be able to Potter around doing much needed jobs around the house today.
I’m grateful for contentment.
I’m grateful I’m fairly easy going and things don’t get to me too often :sparkling_heart:


I’m waking up feeling grateful, thankful, blessed this morning.

This will be a long one. This has been a very meaningful milestone for me. More meaningful than days and months.

Grateful I hosted a beautiful, cozy, welcoming Thanksgiving dinner for about 30 friends and their kids…it was a lovely evening. Lots of work doing the decorations, prepping the food, setting the music, and I could not have been happier with how it turned out.

I’ve hosted big Thanksgiving dinners for the past 10 years… For a long time, it was fine. For the last hm…5 years? I overdid it after the party. Sort of a reward after putting my feet up. For the last 2 years it brought a 3-day binge after a streak of sobriety. To say I was anxious about this date is an understatement.

This is the first time I didn’t drink before, during or after.

I’m grateful for my first sober Thanksgiving.

Grateful I enjoyed my friend’s company, taking the time to talk to everyone. Grateful my kids’ friends saw in me a mom who was welcoming and funny, and thanked me for everything at the end. My boys too. I loved that :heart:

I’m grateful that every time I saw bottles being passed and glasses being clinked I reminded myself of why that wasn’t for me. Not this time. Not today.

I’m grateful I asked my husband to put everything away as soon as everyone was gone and that I brewed a cup of tea to enjoy with a last piece of pecan pie. My favorite. I’m grateful I enjoyed the taste of the food.

I’m so grateful to be reflecting on last evening over a cup of coffee. I remember everything. I don’t have to make up excuses for anything. I looked well and felt well. Healthy. I don’t have a headache.

My best friend who used to organize those with me many years ago called me to check how it went. First thing she asked was “How are you feeling today?” Expecting I’d be hungover. I was so happy to tell her I was feeling great! I think she was surprised, but happy for me too :heart:

I’m grateful for so much. But today I’m grateful I recognize that I can change my behaviour in any situation. I have that choice. I have that power.

It’s a very delicate thing, sobriety. It can go away with a few seconds of carelesness. But it didn’t yesterday. And it won’t today either.

Sending loads of love to you all! Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!

PS: Also grateful the US didn’t lose to England yesterday…and the US deserved to win :blush: Watching soccer instead of football was really cool!