Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #2

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Im grateful to be awake and sitting in an in person AA meeting waitinf for it to start.
Im grateful for this thread.
Im grateful for my family and their support.
Im grateful to be getting to know my true self and accepting myself for who i am but also accepting where i want and need changes.
Im grateful for my higher power directing those changes.
Im grateful for the 3rd and 7th step prayer.
Im grateful my mind is a mess this morning, i know it will calm down.


Dude i love this. Will integrate into my routine. Thank you


Today I am grateful for the rain and its relaxing, cooling effect. Im grateful it prevented my race from happening as my knee was hurting yesterday and I likely would have tried to run the race anyway and glad it did not. Time for more strength training, which leads to my next gratitude which is for the September push up challenge which I sure hope I can join 5 days late. I am grateful for this day off to regroup, clean up amd plan for a healthy week ahead. Our health is our wealth and i am gratefyl for the chance to improve mine, starting with sobriety.

I am grateful for Eric’s health and wellness and any decision you make to care for yourself is valued and incredibly important. We are all rooting for you!


This morning I am grateful for reconnecting to Recovery Dharma. I have missed that part of my recovery work and I have missed meditation.

I am grateful for cooler mornings.

I am grateful that my kiddo came up this weekend to visit.


I’m grateful for mornings like today where God gives me EXACTLY what I need, in my 2 readings this morning. I’m grateful it’s been a hard uncomfortable 3 days and I’m unfortunately learning a lot about myself. The unfortunate part is the parts I don’t like about myself. But I’ve gotten so many aha! Moments! And wonderful realizations, that if I’m willing, and I am, I can change some of those things. Now if I could just change my feelings :thinking: or maybe what we do is learn to deal with our feelings. I’m grateful I can learn to deal with my feelings. And do it sober.

I’m grateful I’m learning that I’m in the “I’m not good enough,” :cry: category :grimacing: move over y’all. :disappointed:Because I know I’m not alone. I’ve read and listened to so many people about this. Been kind of avoiding it. Maybe that’s why I always try so fucking hard. I’m grateful maybe I can learn to give myself a break. I’m grateful I read this morning, maybe if I get to know myself :thinking: I’d like me. Or some shit like that. Frankly it’s exhausting working on myself.

I’m grateful I’m chairing my Al-Anon meeting tomorrow night. I’ve been trying so hard all week to pick a good topic. Which I got. But I want to nail it and be the best! It’s been driving me crazy all week. I’m grateful this morning I thought of last weeks meeting and the person who chaired it said she forgot. :scream: And I remembered thinking :thinking: YOU FORGOT? YOU FUCKIN FORGOT! And you know what? She looked in the Courage To Change book. Picked a reading. It was a great meeting! I’m grateful to learn I got to give myself a break. I really do. It’s again, exhausting being me. :sleepy: I’m grateful I’m gonna learn I’m good enough.

It’s a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to loose sight of the things that you lack.
Germany Kent


Hi Everyone :relaxed:
I’m grateful I’ve been sober for 23 days! :partying_face:
I’m grateful I’ve made it through this 3 day weekend with only a few thoughts of drinking.

I’m grateful I’ve finished my 2nd diamond painting, but fought with cutting it to fit the frame, trying to get it even in the frame, almost smashed the frame and said Fuck It. It’s now on my wall. :grin:

I’m anxiously waiting for my vetinarian to call with Riley’s blood work. She said she would call today. :grimacing: I’m grateful Riley was an angel in the crate driving 30 minutes each way. After the trial run of the crate in the front room where she peed in it twice, I was expecting trapping a hysterical Tasmanian devil who would scream and pee the entire trip. She quietly meowed, accepted treats and kept her crate dry to & from the vet.

She wasn’t thrilled when we got home, hand to God, she walked up to me, stuck out her back leg where the blood work was taken, and shot me a death stare for about 10 seconds. I’m grateful the vet also thinks it’s hyperthyroidism, I don’t want to think of the other: Lymphoma (cancer).

I’m grateful Riley is still eating and drinking like an athlete. Even though her little body is down to 4.5 lbs. She should be around 7lb, the Dr. said she’d be happy with 6. I’m so grateful I saw the vet that I’ve been going to for years, she saw my son grow up, she took incredible care of Jake (my Lab/Newfie mix). I’m rambling because I’m worried about my little orange girl. :pray: :smiley_cat::pray::orange_heart:

I’m grateful she’s asleep in her kitty hut after a big breakfast.

I’m grateful for this app, everyone out here, and I hope you all have a joyful AF day today. :hugs:

*Eric, I agree, you do need to give yourself a break. I’ve struggled with that as well, I’m working on it and think I’m doing better. :blue_heart: Myself and many others think you’re pretty incredible.


Day #588 today I am grateful that sobriety led me to quit my toxic employer of 10 years, and find a job that I truly enjoy.


I am grateful for humility.


I’m grateful I didn’t drink today, while under a lot of peer pressure.


Grateful to be home and safe. Grateful that trying to post a pic here yesterday led me to discover that my phone is paralyzingly full! Grateful for this tolerant community bc while in between classes I posted things which as they say “if I had more time this would be shorter”. Grateful for a wonderful weekend and a safe haul home with my stop to visit my friend as planned. Grateful to be unloaded and the horses ready to turn out as soon as it’s dusk (and the botflies are gone). Grateful to be sticking with only morning coffee, it was tempting to grab one yesterday in Spokane for the drive. Grateful that as I walked today at home, I realized that it isn’t so much FOMO that I worry about, living up here; it’s that I want to share this place and all of the wildlife I see here and all the amazing plant diversity. That’s a good enough place to be, bc I can work with that and find a way forward. Walk and pray.
Grateful to be able back to in person meetings this week. And of course the home group here. Let’s goo Grati-dudes! Every day counts :heart::v::pray:
@EarnIt Nice to see you, Jene!

Here’s the moose jump that gave my horse pause


I was expecting a jumping moose :man_facepalming:
I’m so let down :blush:


I’m grateful for my first pumpkin spice latte of the year
I’m grateful for new adventures
I’m grateful for tired muscles, laying in bed with my dollar target Halloween socks watching tv with E
I’m grateful for yummy food
I’m grateful for the birds chirping outside the window
I’m grateful for candles
I’m grateful for meaningful conversations
I’m grateful I have someone who loves and cares to try to listen and understand me even if he doesn’t think the same way
I’m grateful I didn’t get burned in the sun today
I’m grateful for cold water springs to swim in
I’m grateful I’m not too hungover or tired from drinking and working to go on road trips on the weekends
I’m grateful for chocolate kisses and peppermint tea
I’m grateful for love
I’m grateful for my heart
I’m grateful that although I have a good head on my shoulders, my ability to love is what makes my world feel big now
I’m grateful for 344 days ( and counting :yellow_heart:) of sobriety

I’m grateful it’s never too early or too late to be in your body and live your life
I’m grateful nothing replaces the beauty of days like today, especially not drinking.


I’m grateful for new guided meditation I stumbled onto
I’m grateful for the infinite,or so it seems,amount of accessible meditations and knowledge on YouTube. I’m grateful for my son Evan recommending The Sandman on Netflix. I am hooked,and that’s cool. Very very grateful for the sound of a child’s laughter. I was able to soak that up at the cement pond today. Lot’s of children having fun,loved it. In that same vein grateful I am going to Disney on Ice Saturday with my daughter,son-in-law and my Madison and Blake. And my ex-wife"s sister,her husband and their son and his family. Only seen pics of his two little girls. They’ve all been so supportive ,talk about being grateful so unexpected so beautiful. I am grateful that I will get to see many of my old friends that I worked with for twenty-four years. They too have been very supportive. I am truly blessed. I am ever grateful for this thread and community. But one event stands out my young friend Bethany was released from the hospital yesterday. My heart is doing backflips. Have a blessed evening all :pray:t2::sparkler:

God Guru and self are One


This! :point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down: i am so grateful for the few hours with my grandson today! They lived with me his first 2.5 years. Now he is 7 and seeing him once a year is tough! Im so grateful he still loves and doesnt forget his mammaw. Im also grateful he wasnt exposed to my drinking the last 4 years.
My heart is full of gratitude for the visit and the sober mind for the visit.


It’s very early here and I’m struggling to get back to sleep, I’m grateful for the hot chocolate I’ve just had that I hope will help.
A big branch has fallen down in the wind, right across our driveway, can’t get past in a car. I’m grateful my partner said he’ll get up early and chop it up so we can get to work.
There was a bad car crash on the road outside our house today. One of the cars flipped, luckily no one was badly hurt, I’m grateful for that. It just makes you think, you don’t know what is around the next corner.
I’m grateful for not drinking yesterday or wanting to. :sparkling_heart:


I’m grateful tp have had a sober Labor Day weekend feeling refreshed and well rested. I’m grateful for morning walks and audiobooks to start the day on the right foot. I am grateful for my side biz as even though today will be exhausting, the hard work will pay off and of course help with all of the bills. I am grateful my son is feeling ok amd we’ve been able to spend a lot of time together while he’s been resting. I’m also grategul he’s ready to go back out into the world and go to school, work and coach. I am grateful to be getting ready for my first therapy session tomorrow. It helps when i am feeling badly or confused about why I do something that I will have someone to at least talk to about it other than friendz that don’t really understand…(I dont blame them).

On another note, Eric, I can so relate to your story about preparing for the meeting. I’ve always been so surprised /impressed? / blown away when someone hasn’t prepared (or in my case over -thought and obsessed) about something coming up and they non-chalantly, off the cuff do very well and I’m like… How’d they do that?

Wishing all a safe and sober day/night.


Good morning sober fam,

Im so very greatful for my sobriety, 128 days free from weed and alcohol
Enjoying a long weekend, camping sober
My hubby
My folks watching Boscoe while we were away
Ammenities of living in a city
A job that keeps me paid
Morning coffee
A step meeting to look forward to tonight

Let us go out and slay the day soberly.


Grateful for

My job
My kids
Being able to keep growing


Good morning all,
I’m grateful for a long weekend. I’m grateful I got to hike with my mom. I’m grateful I got a lot of boring tasks done yesterday and I feel lighter not having to think about them. I’m grateful today will be a food prep day, making meals to fill my freezer for days when I work long hours. I’m grateful my mom is coming to help me because I am not a great cook. I’m grateful for my family and our home. I’m grateful for love and forgiveness.
Everyone have a wonderful day :heart:

P.S. @Dazercat , you always amaze me with the way you process and work through hard things. Don’t disappear completely because I’d miss you, but ya gotta do what’s best for you.