Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #3

Good evening.

I am grateful that healing between two people goes both ways. I am grateful for the shares I heard tonight at the correction facility and I am grateful that I didnt seem to give a shit tonight and totally cross talked. I was not in control of my actions and I didnt stop myself because everything was coming from my heart. I am grateful that 98% of the time I share I dont remember what I said afterwards, and I am grateful for that because I would probably overthink what I had said. I am grateful that I can feel the shift between when I share from my heart to my head and when that shift happens is when i end my share. I am grateful for the vulnerability of the members who sat in a healing circle with me tonight, I am grateful for their clean time, 30 days, 7 days… I am grateful to be an addict and to have opportunities to share recovery with other addicts who seek it.


Morning gratitude. I’m grateful for your post Em @M-be-free49 It is beautiful :orange_heart:

I woke up early and was deeply grateful for HALT. Yesterday evening a friend called to say thank you for my birthday wishes to her. Another friend called, we talked about the call he had with my ex on his birthday last week. I’m grateful I listened, proceeded the information and let go after taking some notes. I’m grateful I was just stunned, not angry, that my ex doesn’t know anything about how much money his lawyer claimed for settling the finances when we divorced. He seated right next to his lawyer :thinking: He doesn’t remember …

I’m grateful I ended both calls when I became tired of talking. I’m grateful I listen to my needs and I can set healthy, kind boundaries with dear people.
I’m grateful I ate when I became nervous. I was hungry.

I’m grateful this :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: helped me to stay sober and go to bed. Slept bad, feel tired and worn out. Too many thoughts spinning around in my head. This too shall pass after a hot shower and a pot of delicious tea :blush:


I’m grateful for my Recovery / Discovery. Grateful that I have the opportunity this morning to do some more work on becoming a better version of myself. Tending to some of my hurts and confusions instead of trying to pretend -and failing at that- they don’t exist. X


Oh so glad you shared @Pandita’s photos. I couldn’t find them. They are gorgeous. Thanks for your love and support Emm! :heart:


Today I am grateful for the peace before dawn and for records that play unfiltered, raw emotions of people going through the same battles of inner conflict, praying the “bottle [doesn’t] win again.” I am so grateful for a sunny day ahead and the ability to progress a little further in training and try to get a little faster and go a little further. I’m grateful for the opportunity to design my own schedule today and do what’s most important to me, one step at a time. I’m grateful for the little things like coffee and kitty cuddles, as well as the big ones like my son’s love and the inner peace and contentment I feel sometimes during each day. I am most grateful that each day I am sober, I believe that inner peace will grow.


Good morning all,
I’m grateful for sleep, and how much better it’s gotten since being sober. I’m grateful for hot coffee and a good Audible book for my morning commute. I’m grateful I have a job that pays the bills, and grateful to recognize that it might be time to start looking for something else. I’m grateful for my family and our home. I’m grateful we have enough.
Everyone have a wonderful day :heart:


Good morning sober fam,

Im so very greatful for…

My sobriety, 270 days free
My wonderful husband
Boscoe, of course
A productive day yesterday
Looking forward to another productive day today
An easy dinner last night, after getting home later than usual
Keeping to my healthier eating
Looking forward to a few walks friday
Trying new recipes
Long johns
Great coworkers
AA fellowship
Being inspired here to look at a Recovery Dharma meeting here in town
All of you!

Peace light and love


I’m grateful that even though I may still wake up with aches and pains of unknown provenance, I don’t have to worry that it’s because my drunk a** did some dumb sh** that I have to get all Sherlock Holmes on.


I’m grateful I didn’t have any nightmares last night.
Grateful my headache is starting to get better.
Grateful for hot showers.
For coffee.
Spending time with my boyfriend last night.
My cats.
The IOP program I’m in.
The therapists and doctors.


grateful for …
family coming to visit this weekend.
happy they’re not interested in alcohol as it will be easier on me.
them being active so we can get in some outdoor fun.
a grocery list all planned and a side trip to the farmers market today. hairdresser that gets my huge head of hair and a sassy cut and gloss treatment.
being able to afford eye care and hoping good exam and finding cute new frames.
being a creative.
rollin’ into day 26 sober!
stepping away for a cell break, be back to celebrate THIRTY!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am grateful to be sober.
I try to be kind to myself today. Not feeling it. Shut up nasty voice. The weather is adding to feeling low. I am grateful I don’t have to go anywhere today.
I am grateful my stomach is feeling better now and I am not freezing atm.
I am grateful January is over soon especially with this extended version of November weather.


Good morning I am grateful for an early start to my day. I am grateful for insight timer and the meditations I chose at 4 am. I am grateful for the live event I got to attened at 6:30 because I was up so early. I am grateful I had time to log into my 8 am yoga class online because I would not have had time to go in person before my dentist appointment.

I am grateful I go to the dentist today. When I was in active addiction at one point it had been 10 years since I had seen a dentist and had a professional cleaning. I just kept putting it off and putting it off and then of course ny mind got the better of me and fear took over. I am very hard to freeze and have super sensitive teeth. I ended up with such bad dentist anxiety I just wouldnt go. I am grateful I at least knew enough to take obsessively good care of my teeth myself even through my meth addiction. I am grateful that for the last 7 years I have been getting my teeth cleaned professionally every 4 months. I am grateful I have all my teeth.

I am grateful that my Dr is convinced this latest “flu” I had was food poisoning. I am grateful for that because I was starting to really question my immune system. I have basically been unwell since September with 5-10 days of “health” between illnesses. I am grateful that I know that there is something I can do to correct my immune system and it starts with eating better. I am grateful I am open to the idea.



”Opening your eyes to more of the world around you can deeply enhance your gratitude practice.”
Derrick Carpenter

:pray:t2: :older_man: :ocean: :desert_island: :heart:


Today I’m grateful for my brain. I like my brain, it’s gorgious. It works. I’m grateful I did a huge part of my homework on finances for my lawyer today. I’m grateful it pays that I’ve been doing all the finances and business stuff for more than 30 years. I’m grateful I know what I do and get the results that I need. I’m grateful for a very productive day.

I’m grateful for leftovers, for cats on the desk, for a long lunch break.
It’s evening, I’m tired, one hour left on the online seminar I booked yesterday spontaneously. It’s free and it’s obligatory for organic farmers here. I’m grateful for no costs and interesting speakers and content :pray: I’m very grateful I don’t have to leave the house for education. I love being at home, slouching in my office chair, legs on the desk, sipping tea, muting the current speaker because his content is non-relevant for me.

Grateful for my cozy house, the comfy bed, for living alone and nobody stressing me.


Of course! And I feel grateful you have the wherewithal to check out RD. It’s worth a try. I’m grateful I found out about Recovery Dharma here from @Thirdmonkey . It changed my trajectory. I’m grateful my daughter is feeling a bit better :two_hearts: culture results are pending but likely streptococcus. She was sick af. Grateful for Hungry Ghosts United. Grateful for Refuge Recovery. Grateful for TS. Grateful for you. Yup,you know the rest. Hope y’all have a peaceful day. Namaste :pray: God guru and Self are One


Laughing :smiley: my a** off


Struggling with my anxiety and mental health today so I figured I should find some gratitude even if Simple. Also have 6 days of catching up to do on here!!

Grateful for a full stomach. Grateful for my room and shelter . This is my safe place even when it doesn’t feel like that. Grateful for being able to spend time with the family dog tucker yesterday. Grateful I was able to move my Therapy appointment sooner. Grateful for lemonheads and airheads candy. Grateful for chamomile tea. Grateful I’m realizing coffee does not help me anymore. Coffee makes me feel like I’m being Chased by the police or something. Grateful for the weather being nice. A little cold for me but not to bad. Grateful Even though I’m struggling alcohol and pills do not seem like a solution. Alcohol and pills will make things worse. Grateful for the endless music on YouTube. Grateful for Netflix and the endless shows. Not grateful I finished all 18 seasons of Greys Anatomy… but grateful for the lessons I learned from the show. Grateful I will find something new to watch. Grateful for the rain sounds that constantly play on my laptop to help me stay calm. Grateful for long walks. Grateful I’m alive and physically healthy. Very grateful for this community. Makes me feel less alone


Today I’m grateful for:

My comfortable relationship to sobriety.
I honestly love being sober.

The opportunity to now share my life with another sober person.

Yesterday 4 people that I love walked away from a car accident.

Today I get to do something I love for a living.

I feel happy in my body and am proud of it for sleeping when it’s time to sleep and getting up when it’s time to get up.

My mom is happy and falling a little bit more in love with her partner everyday.

I get to attend an AA meeting this weekend with my love.

Today all of my needs are met.


I am grateful to feel love
I am grateful for the yoga class today
I am grateful to go to bed now
I am grateful for relative safety
I am grateful for water, electricity and
internet connection

Love :heart:
Peace :white_flower:


I’m grateful for 486 days of sobriety :yellow_heart:
I’m grateful I am making a home inside myself
I’m grateful I can be still and listen to my body
I’m grateful my heart is full and has no capacity
I’m grateful I feel appreciated at work
I’m grateful I beat off my cold before it hooked itself into me
I’m grateful for my routines
I’m grateful I never stop learning to let go and trust
I’m grateful fears can be overcome
I’m grateful detachment does not mean a lack of love
I’m grateful I can feel old habits finally falling away and new cycles being born
I’m grateful that hope has always had a place in my life, even in the darkest of times, I’ve never lost sight of it.
I’m grateful for life, just as it is :yellow_heart::hatched_chick: