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I’m grateful I can start this Daily Gratitude Thread with a reminder for all about gratitude.

I’ve always considered gratitude to be a pointless, touchy feely exercise, but as it turns out, it’s actually an incredibly effective tool against anxiety too.


In recovery, we either learn to be grateful, or we don’t last. Gratitude is the air of recovery. Gratitude is what makes the lungs of recovery fill, the heart beat, and the life flow. The attitude of gratitude focuses on what we have rather than what we don’t. With gratitude, there is such a thing as enough. People filled with gratitude aren’t good consumers because they don’t heed the message “You need more stuff. Stuff will make you whole.” Gratitude makes us whole, not stuff. It allows us to make the abundant blessings we already have in our life not only count, but be enough. And not just enough, but more than we could have imagined. Gratitude allows us to understand that there is enough for everyone so we don’t have to hoard whatever it is we think we need. There is plenty. In a culture addicted to the belief that “I need more,” people with an attitude of gratitude stand out. They are like roses growing out of cracks in a ghetto neighborhood. People watch. They see. And in being seen, we give some small measure of the bread of life to the world.
:pray: :heart:

I’ve posted this :point_up: before to start the Gratidude Thread. But now I am living proof that actively working a gratitude list for all 3 years of my sobriety has completely retrained my brain. I now look forward to Our, gratitude thread Every. Single. Day. Especially the days I don’t feel all that grateful.

You know what they say. It works if you work it and we are definitely worth it.


I am grateful for the friendships I have formed on here.


I am grateful for what I have. As an addict and a Buddhist I know that craving leads to suffering. I no longer have cravings of any kind. I am grateful.


Checking in Grateful. Tired and oddly out of sorts, so I’m grateful that I could rely on and relate to all the gratitude here. Grateful that I went to a Saturday night RD meeting which one of my sponsees really likes; I wouldn’t drive that far just for myself. Grateful that she can relate the RD meeting discussion, practices, and principles to AA and the BB in a way that just stuns me. Grateful that she is such a cheerful, engaging person. She’s already, at 7 months-ish, one of those people you’d see at a meeting and not believe that they ever drank. Grateful for her hard work and perseverance, and also that we laugh a lot at xa-speakers.org recordings. She is listening to all of the AA speakers in order! And tells me which ones are must hears. Anyway, worked a half day, show next weekend. On a long-ish run above the reservoir, I thought I heard the dam alarm. It was so strange, bc it whined up and down, but not evenly. It kept going, and as I got closer to a place above the roadway, I could hear that it was a motorcycle, just screaming through gears and throttle, on the twisty two lane road that parallels the river. Grateful that someone was having fun. Grateful that I also pray for his safety. Grateful for a day that was plenty good enough :pray::v::heart:


Morning check-in. I’m grateful for good sleep. I’m not grateful for nightmares. I really wish this exhausting bullshit would go away, it’s like a never ending soap opera in my mental cinema. I’m grateful purring Missi woke me up with tamping and snuggling. She wants breakfast and is nibbling my fingers, chewing on my phone cover and giving me heavy acupuncture with her sharp claws while tamping. I’m grateful I am loved on a sunday morning. I’m grateful I smile about it. I’m grateful a friend reached out for me to ask how I’m doing. I’m grateful I had an intuition about something extremely important that is not completed on the farm and how I can start to deal with this issue! My ex will not be amused, could become uncomfortable for him if he didn’t care and didn’t continue with the necessary work. I’m pretty sure he didn’t. I’m grateful at least this nightmares today produced helpful inspirations.


Today, as we were driving back from dinner, we got rear ended by a drunk driver. Nobody was hurt thankfully.
The relief I felt, watching the other couple stumble around and fight between themselves, it was palpable. I was sober. I am sober. I could feel my gratitude nearly knock me off my feet. I didn’t have to worry about any of that stupid shit you have to worry about when you’re stupid drunk and do something horrible. I AM SOBER.


Today I’m grateful for good sleep, by far the best thing about being sober, it just affects your whole day - whether it be good sleep or bad sleep. I’m grateful I’m getting good sleep.
I’m grateful to read other’s gratitude - I read and say to myself, ‘oh yea, I’m grateful for that too’ and by time I come to write it, I’ve forgotten it!!
I’m grateful for a day cooking and cleaning today, washing and tidying. Maybe a bit of Columbo mixed in.
I’m grateful my life is nice and relaxed, no stress, no dramas, just a happy little existence doing my own little thing.
I’m grateful :sparkling_heart:


Oh how awful, I’m glad everyone is OK, that could’ve been such a different outcome. :sparkling_heart:


I am greatful today for the strength I received to get through yesterday without a hiccup! Yesterday was a positive day in every sense for me personally. Overcame a couple of obstacles with relative ease in all honesty. I am greatful for feeling a new sense of positivity and motivation on this daily journey! I am greatful for the brain fog I once felt, now lifting more as the days go by!
I am greatful for the mental strength I received to endure 2 minute cold shower this morning also.
Another blessed day ahead watching my son play football/soccer and I am greatful to be in a position to be able to afford to drive him to these places :grin:


I’m so grateful to came across this forum. Just browsing it gave me so much hope I haven’t had for ages to become a sober person. Im grateful for all the amazing people who are contributing to the forum. Thank you!


I really need to work on my gratitude. (Thanks for the prompt @LeeHawk )

I’m grateful to be enrolled in an IOP
I’m grateful for the support of the therapists and other participants
I’m grateful to feel less alone in my struggles
I’m grateful work is understanding and supportive of me taking time off.
I’m grateful for my friend (maybe boyfriend) even though our relationship is in a weird place
I’m grateful he told me he loved me just the way I am and held me while I cried
I’m grateful for a quiet morning alone with my cats and a cup of coffee
I’m grateful for playoff football on TV today to distract me
I’m grateful for this community and their support.

Have a peaceful Sunday all!


Good Morning!

I am grateful for waking up at 5:30am, after sleeping OK. I didn’t have to try to force myself to go back to sleep because I was hungover.

I am grateful both of my kids are here. Though, if we don’t figure out how to get the oldest a replacement car, it’s going to be a drag once school starts.

I am grateful that I had a great time at a one-year old’s birthday party yesterday and wasn’t one of those drinking beer there.

I am grateful that I get a 47-degree farm clean up day. I don’t like doing it in the freezing cold.

I am grateful my olive eggers are laying. The eggs are so pretty!

I am grateful for quit lit.

I am grateful for coffee and an adjustable bed. Maybe I will just stay here all day. :slight_smile:

I am grateful for you.


Hi George and welcome.
That’s s how I felt too when I found this place.
Good luck on your journey :sparkling_heart:


Good morning all,
I’m grateful for a clean, safe, and loving home. I’m grateful to have kids who enjoy Barnes and Noble as much as I do. I’m grateful to be able to set goals for myself, and know I will reach them if I stick to the plan. I’m grateful I can stick to a plan now, because I’m not constantly getting derailed by alcohol. I’m grateful we had a beautiful sunny Saturday, and there’s rain in the forecast for today (we will see if it actually does rain). I’m grateful to be happy with a quiet and simple life. I don’t need to keep up with the Jones’s, or create drama for entertainment. I’m grateful for my family, and for this thread.
Everyone have a wonderful day :heart:


for catching this reminder on blessings of gratitude.
for finding my way back here and all the magic of acceptance and kindness of kindred spirits.
for living a minimalist life of up cycling and passing on to others.
for sleeping in Sundays, under layers of blankets and the window wide open.
for him offering to make us waffles watching the sun come up to a blue sky kind of day.
for the bird song of happiness playing.
for the start of 15daysaf.


Gratefully I am suddenly making that same connection Because of my grateful friendship with three AA dudes I attended three meetings,one last night,to hear them speak. The third meeting was Language of the Heart where a woman who was the second speaker last Saturday (and showed a sincere interest in Buddhist based recovery) attends. It’s her home group. I was grateful I went,felt love and support there. I decided last night to make it my home group. I’m grateful my aversion to AA has dissipated. Gratefully comprehend my Sober World is expanding. Gratefully blessed. I often feel a big hand is at the small of my back propelling me in the direction I need to follow. I’m humbly grateful and filled with joy. Keep on rockin’ Bootz. You inspire me. :pray: Namaste.

God guru and Self are One

This is the day of the expanding man
That shape is my shade
There where I used to stand
It seems like only yesterday
I gazed through the glass
At ramblers, wild gamblers
That’s all in the past

written by Steely Dan


I’m grateful I saw the old gratitude thread close yesterday and I got to post the first post on this new thread.

I’m very grateful for Richard B who turned me on to gratitude and glad to be here sober like him. Minus about 23 years. I’m grateful I finally got what he has.

I’m grateful for mornings with Maverick.
I’m grateful for the rain.
I’m grateful no leaks yet.
I’m grateful the handyman, that was recommended to me, called me back yesterday and is coming today.

I’m grateful my veggie lasagna experiment was a success yesterday.

I’m grateful I’m not a petty hateful bitch of a drunk.
I’m grateful when I don’t react.
I’m grateful I’m sober.
I’m grateful I got a walk in yesterday. I haven’t felt motivated to exercise lately.
I’m grateful I got a meeting tonight.

I’m grateful I can be there for Minnie too, like she is here for me, when she looks lost and confused with her doggie dementia, and doesn’t know what to do next. I feel ya girl. I can relate. I’m grateful I’m very in-tuned to my old girl.

I’m grateful for my coffee.
I’m grateful for my hot tea currently.
I’m grateful I’m in the rainy desert and not in the mountain blizzard.
I’m grateful I feel truly blessed sometimes.
I’m grateful for my problems.
I’m grateful I’m healing. And I know it’s a slow process and that’s ok. I’m grateful when I recognize my healing. And catch myself when the old stinking thinking comes around. And boy does it come around.
:pray:t2: :umbrella: :cactus: :black_heart:


Perky Bird :bird:


I’m grateful you found us George.
The lights are always on. Pull up a chair. :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:


Good morning sober fam,

Im so very greatful for…

My sobriety, day 259 free from weed and alcohol
@Dazercat for instigating my daily gratitudes
My weight loss progress - total loss of 7lbs
Keeping up with healthy eating
A sober sister joining me at a new to us AA mtg this morning
Hubby who loves putting me to bed so i dont sleep on the couch
Boscoe and how much joy he gets from walks
This forum
My familys safety
Our home
Being able to make bills
Hot coffee
New healthy recipes
Clean water
All of you!

Light and love for you along your journey