Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #3

Good morning.

I am grateful that I have learned to listen and that the days where I read into conversations or hear something completely different to whats been said are over. I am grateful for reminders.

I am grateful to have enjoyed a meal with a sponsee and her family as she celebrated her first year clean yesterday. I am grateful that she asked me to sponsor her, that she has trusted me, and that she continues to allow me to love her until she can love herself. I am grateful I dont have to stop when she does.

I am grateful that I am not living in self will today. The universe called me to yoga this morning and I went back and forth in my head about going. “Ugh 8 am class on a Sunday??? I just want to sit on my effing computer…” my reality is I need that class, my spirit does and the soul that is teaching it needs me there too. I am grateful I dont fight direction as hard as I used to, I am grateful to be called on.

Today I get to go to a women’s recovery house and do a panel, I am grateful for this. These women are fighting for their lives and I feel honored to get to share my story with them, hopefully they hear something that sticks.



This is awesome. Love ya sis.

I’m Grateful to God please help guide me through today while following your will and allow me to abstain from my addictions.


Always too much to catch up.
Today I call it a day allthough it’s late afternoon. It was a lovely day with my friend’s daughter, she’s an amazing young woman. I cooked us a healthy lunch, we chatted and now she’s on the train home. I’m feeling happy and sad at the same time. This weekend reminded me of good days with family and ex. So I’ll be grateful for the rest of the day, do laundry and wallow a bit in melancholy.


I’m grateful :innocent:
I’m grateful to pause and think and try and let Gods Will go first in my life.

I’m grateful to be learning about feelings. I’m grateful I’m reading that I spent most of my time thinking or worry about other people’s feelings that no wonder I have trouble distinguishing my own feelings.

I’m grateful I can think back and see that ya…… all my life I been worried about other people’s feelings. My dad, my wife, my mom, my younger sister. My boss. My children. Even here on TS. I don’t think I ever express my own feelings without considering how it will effect others. Making sure the timing is just right before I talk to someone or ask a question or God forbid I express my needs. And there’s that old feeling of FEAR. I’m grateful to learn it all comes down to fear. I fear I won’t be liked :cry:

I’m grateful this brings up wonderful memories of my older sister. My best friend in the whole world evah!! I don’t think I ever thought like that with her. I’m grateful I thought of her yesterday too. I’m grateful after the beatings stopped. She was 5 years older than me. I came home from summer camp one year, and let’s just say she couldn’t beat me up anymore. I’m grateful I never held a grudge. I’m so fucking grateful for the relationship we had before MS took her life way too early. I’m grateful for such a unique unconditional loving relationship we had.

I’m grateful Daisy just jumped up on my lap and is purring away. I’m grateful it makes a nice segue :blush: into lighter gratitude.
I’m grateful for the Tom Hanks movie we watched yesterday. A Man Called Otto. So beautifully done. He’s still got it.
I’m grateful Minnie came down at 10:20 last night so I didn’t have to stay up too late.
I’m grateful wifey did the 4 am “kick the cat out” of our bedroom while I slept through it.
I’m grateful for my new Illy Intenso Dark Roast. I don’t know if it’s better to sniff it or drink it. I’m grateful I do both.
I’m grateful Alice replaced Daisy as my purrball on my lap.

I’m grateful today is the last day of my wife’s 7 day challenge AF. Maybe I can get my life back to normal. Whatever the hell “Normal” means. I’m grateful I can. No, I Must. Take the future ODAAFT in regards to this. Because I got no fucking idea what’s gonna happen now. I do know she’s going to drink. I’m grateful she told me that. I never know what’s going to happen anyway. So what’s the difference. ODAAFT.

I’m grateful for little plastic springs and Daisy cat zoomies out of the blue.
Grateful y’all are here.
I’m grateful if I keep coming back it works if I work it. And I’m worth it.

“Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.”


Good morning sober fam,

Im so very greatful for…

My sobriety, 322 days free from weed and alcohol
Seeing weightloss results
Easy online reorder for my favorite Sicilian blend seasoning
My new found love for cooking
Meals planned for the week
Binged YOU last night
Slept in this morning
Hubby and i have time together today
Boscoe didnt wake me up last night! The trick is to keep him up til 2am lol
A great connection with a sober sister yesterday
My sobriety tshirts…i have pride ( at least on the weekends)
Tomorrow’s the first official day of spring
AA fellowship
TS fellowship
All of my gratitude posse

Peace and love to us all


Hey All: :hugs:

I’m grateful I’m sober. :sunglasses:

I’m grateful I finally dropped off my Amazon returns at UPS. I’m grateful I don’t have any future deliveries at the moment.

Today, I’m especially grateful for Buddy :dog2: he was the perfect dog for me. You would never know he’s 10. He’s a clown, makes me laugh with his eye pointing with whatever he wants or needs. I can feel his love towards me as much as I love him, and for that, I’m grateful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m grateful it’s Sunday and I don’t have to go anywhere else.

I’m grateful I started a new diamond painting pic, something I could never do while drinking. :gem:

I’m grateful today is DAY 20 for me, I haven’t always kept track in the past, but I’m proud of this one! :partying_face:

Today, I’m grateful I’m sober. :purple_heart: :hugs:


I’m grateful to be alcohol free, that I’ve been going to calls daily, that I’ve been sticking to my new healthy habit building & watching a video in the Tempest library every day (today’s was on EFT, how to tap & release cravings). I’m grateful to know I will stay AF on my trip west & am setting myself up for success by getting lots of sober podcasts lined up. I’m grateful that the last time I drank I waited a long time before getting a second one (thinking I could moderate, yeah right lol) and actually noticed the withdrawal/depressive feeling that set in after that first drink…that really stripped bare the addictive nature of alcohol, how I’d have to have the next & next & next to not have to feel it. Really took any romanticizing out of it entirely, very grateful for that insight. Very grateful for all of you, reading your posts really helps.


I am grateful for ever-improving sleep. If I find I have slept for more than 3 hours without waking, at this point that’s a victory.
I am grateful that I didn’t consider wandering into the booze section at the grocery. The produce held my interest. Upon leaving the store I noticed a woman entering the store with holders that allow 10% off when buying 6 bottles of wine/liquor. She had 2 holders. Yeah, that wasn’t me today.
I am grateful that we have the means to help out my brother-in-law who is struggling with depression and finances, whose wife is threatening divorce and losing connection with his 2 kids. Hoping our help helps.
Take care all!


Checking in Grateful on a midday Sunday. I love Sundays! Grateful for a sauna with steam and infrared, as hot and as long as I can stand. Grateful for Matcha tea after. Trying to melt away the depression-devil still sitting on my shoulder, I actually would be working today otherwise. Grateful I found the directions for leaving my PCP a private email. I am going to contact him tomorrow (and I’m making that declaration here for accountability). Grateful that I have never had a drinking dream. Grateful that the tiny Tête á Tête daffodils that I bought probably 20 years ago with my best friend are blooming. Grateful for the vet who held up Scruggs’ pipe-cleaner front leg and said it was adorable. When did he get grey tipped feet? It all goes by so quickly. Love them today. :two_hearts:
Grateful that ol’ dogs like me and @Dazercat can learn new tricks. I actually look at one of those feelings wheels from time to time, to see if I can identify my feelings. It’s an exercise that they give to kindergarteners. My childhood ACE score is really high, so I cut myself some slack. But not enough to not do the work! Grateful for @Its_me_Stella on listening and hearing. I am learning the same, just to listen, that it’s safe, and that it’s safe to respond with my truth. The convos I perceive to have high-stakes, I have always been on the defensive in advance; cortisol, rapid pulse, evasion. Most of my family texts now; it’s much more manageable. I’m grateful that I don’t identify so much with that Springsteen lyric, “Your life was one long emergency”. Grateful that today I take my time, pray, and respond from where I stand with G*d.
Grateful always for your honest shares, @I.cant.We.can Brian. Coming from a family with suicide attempts, I get how you could feel like “it reflects poorly on me”, but you know, it doesn’t. We can only carry the message, not the addict. I listened to an Ajahn Sumedho podcast last night, and he talked about punishment and ppl questioning why God doesn’t condemn and prevent human actions such as the war. We are created in an Image that we cannot help but stray from, sin is the arrow that misses the target. We can try to make cause-and-effect sense of things, but it’s all more complicated than our meager models permit. Sumedho often says in his Dhamma talks, “It’s like this.”
What goes without saying is that it’s like this now. It won’t always be like this. This where Dr. Lembke says of addiction that understanding is the booby prize. Acceptance is the healing miracle, in my experience. :two_hearts:
Grateful that today I make better choices, practice honesty, feel deep safety, and choose better influences. I’m grateful that when I reach for help with an open mind, heart, and hands, I find solutions. Yesterday I ran across what I think is the best 12 step (it’s Al-Anon) podcast episode that I’ve ever heard: https://www.podbean.com/ea/pb-bzjep-13b1652 It’s 4 hours, but wow, it’s Tim M in Jerusalem in 2018, on SoberCast posted March 10, 2023. I hope it might inspire someone today.
Yikes! Carried away. Grateful for you all, walking through this thing and discovering together :two_hearts:


I’m grateful I’m learning to be at peace with uncertainty
I’m grateful for deep breathing
I’m grateful that just “being” these days feels like a beautiful gift
I’m grateful I’m learning to stop reading into others actions and behaviors and just let go
I’m grateful my heart is wiser then my mind
I’m grateful for my life :yellow_heart:


Screw that fear( I say as I relate) and remind you I love ya man and purrball is adorable :wink:


Great stuff bootzy, thanks very much for the perspective, information and your share. It truly helps. :heart:


I’m grateful for a slowwww Sunday. Grateful that I gave in to needing rest today. Grateful that “rest” doesn’t equal starting to sip early in the day - part reward, but mostly to distance myself from internal discomfort. I’m grateful for how @Hoss put it - about having the first drink and feeling the ick set in, and then having to have the next and next and next. Totally relatable. Totally grateful that is not today.

Grateful for the sunshine still today. Grateful for the drip, drip, drip of ice and snow melting off the roof. Grateful for lovely strolls with the dog girl. For a deep massage appointment this afternoon and a nap. Grateful the dog girl likes her naps too.

I’m grateful for my meeting tonight. I hear you on the zoom thing, @Bootz, but the nearest in-person sangha would be 4hrs drive away. So I’m a zoom regular at one in the city where I grew up. It’s funny though - about half are “locals” and the rest from all over the continent. A good lot of Americans, or “honorary Canadians, eh!” we call 'em! Like this place - a dear community to me.

I guess I’m really grateful for technology. I dunno where I’d be without my online dear ones, sanga and gratidudes alike.

I’m grateful I’m looking forward to the week ahead.

I’m grateful for another day. :orange_heart:


I’m grateful I woke up at 4am rested (fell asleep at 8:30 last night & slept the whole night, such a gift) & my first thoughts were of gratitude for sobriety & health & how to support myself today (so I’m here posting before the birds are even up :joy:). Grateful for a hot cup of coffee. I even signed up for my morning meeting last night, so am embedding a habit of supporting my sobriety, so grateful for this shift. Looking forward to a nice, hilly run, finishing the major car packing for my trip Wednesday, cooking a nice dinner and enjoying feeling the sun on my face (once it comes up haha). Wishing everyone a beautiful day.


I just received this in an email and thought I’d share it here :purple_heart:

I am grateful to still feel love and be able to love in what I sometimes see as a sad earth. I’m grateful amongst the sadness I see the happy, bright loving side too.


I believe you Brian and yes it is hard at times. Imho you need to let go of your anger and resentment towards this person. Whatever she’s doing is what is needed for her in this moment even if you and I cannot see it. Take a cleansing breath and let it go. It isn’t personal. You are amazing and I have nothing but love and respect for you. I have a lot of gratitude this morning. Today is day 1of a 10 day Mantra Challenge on insight timer. I started my day chanting and it had a powerful effect on me. I have never done this before. I’m grateful for @Its_me_Stella posting on the meditation thread about this,I had merely glanced at it but took a look at it and decided to just do it. I’m very grateful that I did. I feel peaceful and I feel energized. I’m grateful to being open hearted. To have a friendly heart. I am attracting new friends. I am so grateful for my sobriety. I am so grateful for gratidudes and dudettes. I am so grateful for the abundance of blessings in my life. Namaste :pray: God guru and Self are One


I know you are but what am I! But seriously,I love this share. I love you Bootz. I wrote down the name Ajahn Sumedho to check out later. I will check out the 12-step podcast too. Ty for these gifts. Grateful. I am grateful for the gift of TS. Have a peaceful day. P. S. I know nothing but I know your feelings of depression are temporary. Namaste.



Good morning sober fam!

Im so very greatful for…

My sobriety, 323 days free from weed and alcohol
Im relatively rested
A new week full of possibilities
The first day of spring
Treating myself to lunch out today
I love my job
I love my hubby
I love Boscoe
The shower temp was perfect this am
A home we can afford
Sold our sleepnumber
My love for research
My senses
My health
My desperation for change
AA fellowship
All of you. This community.

Peace and love to you all


I fell behind here too erntedank. I like reading all these beautiful honest shares. If there was a way to put a GIANT heart for all on this thread,well you get it my melancholy friend.:heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart: