Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #4

That’s what’s up @Cjp :clap: . I am so proud of you. So is Boscoe. Gratitude comes in different ways for me. There’s the obvious and then there’s a more subtle layer. I had switched from a corporate pharmacy,Walgreens,to a one-owner smaller pharmacy. I was tolerant of being exposed to having to hear “news” whenever I was picking up my rx. I don’t think a flat screen hanging from the ceiling mid-store (and it is smaller than my apartment living area) should deter me if all else is working. It was but then the proprietor was dishonest and sneaky with me. I’ll spare y’all the details.I am grateful I just sat with it for a few days. I am grateful that my morning practice led me to a decision. I simply cannot trust this man. Without trust,for me,there cannot be a comfortable and proper exchange. I’m grateful for a calm mind. I’m grateful to see a path moving forward. I am so grateful for the gift of sobriety. I am so grateful for all of y’all. Namaste :pray: God guru and Self are One

The Dude is saying that he’s more like the earth that kingdoms are built on than the conquerors who build them.

Edited to update the situation: found a new pharmacy and was man enough to phone my previous pharmacist and tell him that I was leaving and why. He won’t cop to his bad behavior. Guess what? That’s none of my business. I feel really good about my right intention,right words and right action.


I had a bunch of bugs that looked like this last year–the ones I had were squash bugs :frowning: and they ate all my squashes and now I can’t plant squashes for a year or two until these little bastards forget where I live. Booooooo


I’m grateful I had a wonderful, productive long birthday weekend! I’m grateful to me for making myself Ropa Viejo and getting fried plantains and tres leches for my birthday dinner, I’m grateful to my bf for not making anything too big of a deal. I’m grateful I got all my planting done (almost) and grateful I didn’t get sunburned. I’m grateful for a puppy play date with my brother, grateful for me for smoking a pork butt that turned out awesome, grateful I did my running even though it was mini staycation. Grateful to me for being active and not gaining weight even though I ate a big ass piece of cake every day! Hooray! Grateful I make my weird face jewelry with the things I bought on our trip to WI. There’s still a lot to do around the house but I think there’s just always a lot to do, so I’m not going to sweat it and be grateful for my wonderful, loving, snuggly comfortable not perfectly clean home.


Congratulations on your new job hoser! No really. We all need $$$. Grateful to see you killin it!


You crack me up – glad you had a productive day and so grateful for your sense of humor.

@pinkyP glad to have you back. Yes – I can relate to being overwhelmed by the number of posts. It’s more important that you come here to post your gratitude’s than catching up on everyone else’s. I do hope to see you more often :blush:

@karenkw so glad to hear that today is a bit better and your therapy is now weekly – small steps to a healthier you – YEAH.

@nastya_is_fighting So glad to see you here and fighting for yourself. Have you reached out to any helplines in your area? I am happy that you have someone to help you but you may also need to talk to a professional. Keep showing up for you! You are so young and have so much to live for.

OH NO – that’s a funny statement but so sad

Tuesday morning gratitude’s with my sober friends
I am so grateful that everything is tolerable today and I will have another amazing day!
I am so grateful that I woke up this morning from a crappy night of on / off sleeping and decided nope not yet - went back to bed till 8:30 cause I could.
I am so grateful that I am getting work done with my hot cup of coffee and able to slowly catch up here too… starting off with my favorite thread!
I am so grateful that it is a hot day but I may go to the pool today (watch out now - the swimming bug may be hitting me hard - it’s been 3 years since I’ve been able to get in the water). SUPER excited - had to purchase another bathing suit last night :slight_smile:
I am so grateful that my new reading prescription sunglasses have arrived and my friend will drop them off later tonight
I am so grateful that I have meditation and prayer with me and the ability to do this all day for calm and serenity. So grateful for my higher power for the guidance into a purer life and bringing hope back into my mind and actions.
I am so grateful for my amazing family - Love that we can have our ups and downs but in the end we are all here for each other
I am so grateful for this loving community and all the welcome and support that every one gives so freely. You all ROCK and I love you all for it.
Have a fantastic sober day my lovely friends - Sending much love :heart:


I’m grateful I don’t wake up every morning with a splitting headache. :face_with_head_bandage:
I’m grateful it’s not from drinking.
I’m grateful to try and find some gratitude anyway because that’s what I do.
I’m grateful for my coffee.
I’m grateful I found out it was my fault the recyclables didn’t get picked up this week. I made a mistake :scream: it’s next Monday they get picked up. I was :100: sure it was this week. Grateful I found the email with the every other weekly pick up schedule before I called them.
I’m grateful for my meeting last night.
I’m grateful Minnie finished her breakfast this morning after I reminded her a couple of times. :face_holding_back_tears:
I’m grateful I don’t have the chills anymore just the headache.
I’m grateful Sarah tagged me about the show Shrinking and she loves it. @Clarity
I’m grateful for my big beautiful deck in the pines.
I’m grateful I haven’t felt like doing shit all week and that’s ok. I’m grateful I’ve done the bear minimum, take care of my share of the pets and go to meetings. And my exercise walks. I’m grateful this too shall pass.
I’m grateful to see Daisy’s butt bashing into Minnie’s face as she walks by Minnie. I’m grateful Minnie is such a good sport. I’m grateful the wife kicked Daisy out of the bedroom at 4:30 because she was chasing Minnie around and I couldn’t move because of my headache.
I’m grateful I think that’s enough gratitude to get me going.
Grateful for y’all.
Oh and grateful I didn’t have to watch the Celtics loose last night because I had a meeting and by the time I got home I could tell it was too late. Sorry Karen.

Gratitude in addiction recovery can also help people recognize the progress they are making, no matter how small, and encourage them to continue down this path. It will keep them from getting discouraged along the way if they can continue to look on the bright side and be thankful for what they do have. For most people, this more positive mindset can be a key to their long-term success.
Seaside Palm Beach


Hi sober family. Grateful in the sunshine at the park bench and two days in a row hummingbirds at this bump in the branch, :arrow_right: Directly in front of me , it’s a hummingbird nest!! How cool is that to meditate on during lunchtime :sunglasses:
So grateful and blessed to be sober, Love you guys !! Happy 24 :heart:


Too much to catch up, I’m too tired.

Today I’m grateful for the best false monday ever.
Me personal I’m grateful for:

  • Adulting. Doing things I don’t want and beating procrastination. All went well. Overthinking was unnecessary :pray:
  • Joy. I enjoyed working today :pray:
  • Satisfaction. After 5 years a 1st instance court decision arrived. I’m utmost grateful for all the people who contributed to keep ARCHE NOAH alive.
  • Being the last dinosaur. I’m the one and only person in the world who accompanied the above from dusk til dawn. And I’m still there, cherished and vigilant. I’m grateful I am a person who stands behind her responsibility although I’m long released from my management duties :pray:
  • Friends ans colleagues with whom I can talk about above and we are all grateful
  • I bought battery garden equipment today. I will share what it means to me :pray:
  • Therapy. I found words to describe what’s going on in me :pray:

Me on the outside I’m grateful for:

  • That ARCHE NOAH got a huge step forward in closing a dark, harmful and financially draining chapter that has no impact on the presence and today all day life as it is obsolet, just a juridic pain in the ass, but a massive :pray:
  • marketing offers that meet my needs
  • all the blessings I savor from life :orange_heart:
  • A friend got a business offer she never would have dreamed of in her situation. She had a hard time and made peace with her situation. I’m grateful I was able to make peace. Without making peace and surrender she would not be able to - maybe - take this chance. She must think about it because it will put her life upside down.

“I’m grateful to me for making myself Ropa Viejo and getting fried plantains and tres leches for my birthday dinner”, Sounds very South Fla. Fried plantains yum! I’ll cheat and do some 3 milks,def not vegan,but that’s okay.
Happy Birthday!!!


I’m grateful for what I learn on this thread. Googled Ropa Viejo and Arche Noah! Haven’t come across these up here in hoser-ville :wink:, but grateful to have expanded my horizons! I do enjoy fried plantains and am grateful for the reminder of that.

I’m grateful for a good start to the work week yesterday and today. Pushed reset on the negative self-talk. And again. And again. But that’s better than letting that asshole voice play in my head throughout the day! Grateful for progress. Grateful for laughs with colleagues during what could be stressy days if I let them be.

I’m grateful for amazing naps. Hot coffee. Half and half cream. Music. The comforting sound of the dog girl’s snores. For waking up from my nap and my first thought being that I have a good life. We have a good life, hey dog girl? (snore).

I’m grateful for the trails out my door. For the birds that start early. For the butterflies on the path. Always the sound of geese honking. For my wee home that faces the forest, for my patio garden and the quiet that it usually is out there. For the two young teenage bears that came too close to the condo just a few days ago. Skedaddle, you two, before one of the neighbours calls Fish and Wildlife! Grateful they made off back into the woods.

I’m grateful for sober bedtimes and predictable morning routines.

I’m grateful for another day. :orange_heart:


I am glad you are here today. Reach out to anyone if you ever feel like that again


[quote=“M-be-free49, post:533, topic:163980”]
I’m grateful for sober bedtimes and predictable morning routines.
Top of a new day,how’d that happen? Oops we fell out on the couch,again. My Indigo makes all kinda noise Emm.

It sounds like where you live is idyllic. Happy for you to live in peace and beauty. High five to sober bedtimes. I’m heading to the arms of Morpheus now,just wanted to say sweet dreams my friend.
MAY 5th

MAY 30th



Ya it is. Thats my guy.

@nastya_is_fighting as your screen name says keep fighting, it gets better. :pray:

@Nowenbrace thanks for the kind words, so gald you are still here

@M-be-free49 just thank you, alot, you helped me tremendously when I really needed it

@JazzyS youre just crushing it ODAATing away, good on ya

@Soberbilly you can call me a hoser. Btw I respect how you handled the pharmacist, not surprised how you handled it, the dude is cool.

@Sunflower1 Nice to back on here with you my friend. We have always seemed to post at similar times for which I am very grateful. I find it connects us in a way.

@Nordique appreciate you liking my posts frequently. Then I know that you are around. I think you are getting close to a pretty sweet sober birthday. :wink:

I’m grateful to God for lovingly guiding me through today and helping me follow his will while abstaining from my addictions. I’m grateful for my family, friends,TS and the gratidudes. I’m grateful for recovery, the steps and the spiritual principles they instill. I’m grateful for the cheap paper placemat I took from my church and hung on my wall a few months ago now.

I’m grateful that by the grace of God, somedays, somehow I get to come home see that and think NAILED IT!

May our higher powers teach us humility.

p.s. You are where you’re meant to be. Ya you!!


Thanks Brian
I appreciate you saying so. It really is a moment to moment battle with me still.
I am in a war with my mind and im determined to win this bitch :wink:… slept for 15 min tinight and am wide awake- going to do some PT excercises- watch comedy and take some aleve (hope itll minimize the pain)- the comedy is already helping (thanks @Dazercat )so hopefully ill laugh myself to sleep :sleeping: :zzz:

I do appreciate your posts and can feel your connection to the higher power. How was your first day at Canadian Tire? Side note- As a kid i always thought they only sold tires and then went with my parents as a teenager and had my mind blown…still have a juicer from 20 years ago.


It was a pretty good day. Lots of paperwork to sign, videos to watch, including quizzes and instructional health and safety stuff, a tour and introductions to co-workers. They sell sooo much stuff, the store I work at is very big and pretty new. They tore down the old small one maybe five years ago. Tomorrow is when the actual out on the floor training will start. I’m grateful the people seem pleasant. I’m grateful if they arent I can pray for them and remembe I’m there to work.
Thanks for asking.
You’re determination will help alot. Remeber, lots of self care and and keep your eye open for stress, learning how to manage stress heathily for me is a massive part of my recovery.
Ok I’m up way too late. I’m grateful to try a sleep mediatation now and some prayers.

p.s. If you’re reading this you are in my prayers. Ya you!!


Grateful people heal.
Grateful for medicine. Up with poor babe at 1am.
Grateful she is back to sleep.
Grateful tomorrow is a new day.
Grateful for the amazing gratitudes, I take a little piece of each one with me. Some are great reminders that I need.
@M-be-free49 your wee place sounds like a dream. @dazercat making me wish I owned a cat @I.cant.We.can always so thoughtful with his shout outs, he has such a great heart.
Grateful for our yummy dinner.
Grateful for the show I got to see parading across my back lawn. I was able to get a picture…

A parasitic blue wasp dragging a giant paralyzed wolf spider… it was one of the highlights of my day!.. and nope, I did not kill it. LOL @Frazzetta I’m sure one of these who scare your pests away lol these bugs are wild. :exploding_head: Gnight all. Grateful for alll of you.


I’m grateful for a lovely sleep, just waking up with a tea right now.
I’m grateful I went for a 7k walk after work in the forest, it was beautiful, I hardly saw another person.
I’m grateful to have cut down on my work, it was my last day with a client yesterday, she gave me a card with some lovely words in, it’s nice to be appreciated.
Grateful to be at the place where I put myself first work wise. I have a couple of clients who are showing to be a little demanding. I’m grateful to do what’s best for me.
Grateful to be here :sparkling_heart:


Grateful summer is here. Grateful my guest cat comes to comfort and sit with me, when I am sad and going through some stuff. Grateful for the play time with her, makes me laugh every time when she jumps to catch with a big “chomp”. I am grateful I have shelter and food, a job that pays for all of it and I generally like. I am grateful for people that miss me and come looking for me, when depression hits and I retreat. Grateful I have enough. :orange_heart:


Grateful for my home, and family.
Grateful for this sober life I’m building back up for myself. Grateful for this community!
I’m also grateful for the new Legend of Zelda on the switch, what an epic game, hahaha.


I’m grateful to God please help me remain clean and sober while following your will just for today. I’m grateful for my family, friends, TS and the gratidudes. I’m grateful for humor and laughter. I’m grateful for prayer and mediatation. I’m grateful for music and the power it has to, inspire, entertain. help shape my moods. I’m grateful that I can shower and drink coffee but not at the same time.
I’m grateful that after a short sleep I don’t feel sore, just tired. I’m grateful for the twelve steps.
God bless us all. :v: & :heart:

p.s. Don’t quit before the miracle. Ya you!!