Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #4

Ohhh, nooo, too much to catch up here.
I am grateful to be sober.
I am grateful I feel okay.
I am grateful I found some peace and adapt quickly. I remember when back in march people constantly kept telling me: maybe after all it’ll be nice. But I was caught up in my frustration and anger and I liked it there.
Now, I feel better. And I am grateful people here (not all of course) made it easier.
And now I am grateful I am not in my site in Germany as people are giving notice faster than you can count.
I am grateful I don’t drink. I am grateful I don’t have to moderate. I am grateful I don’t wake up hungover. I am grateful most of the times I remember what I did yesterday.
I am grateful I still learn. I am grateful I can come here and have possibilities to journal.
I am grateful I have enough.


I’m a lot grateful for not giving up, even if it was so hard for me to stay sober and alive. :pray:t2::heart:


It is just before 5 am on this beautiful Saturday morning in southern Wisconsin. I am back on the front porch at my favorite time of the week with my delicious hot coffee.

I am so very grateful to be sober.
I am so grateful to be free of the constant churn of managing and mismanaging drinking.

I am so grateful to be healthy and strong. I swam a lot again this week and I popped up wide awake at 4 am this morning because my body is healing so well.

I am so grateful to have a safe and loving home. I’m so grateful to have a husband who is on this journey with me and is sharing himself as he goes through the challenges that life and work bring.

I am so grateful to have the support of friends and family as I continue to grow and heal and learn all that I can about the sweet life.

I am so grateful to have work that challenges me and feeds my soul. I am also grateful for this three day weekend and the break that I get from tue intensity of the work that I do.

I’m grateful for my sister and her understanding and support on a challenging project in my life. I’m grateful for my best friend and her care for me and concern about me as I work on a challenging project in my life.

I’m grateful beyond words for the learning I have done in this community and the support I’ve had. The ritual of checking in here has been so important for my sober life. Reading about the challenges that others face has inspired me to keep at this sober living project. And getting to write about it helps me stay tuned to my experience and holds me accountable to continue.

I’m grateful that with all that I have learned and experienced, I now get to be a support for my brother as he takes the plunge to sober living as well. He got this app this week and is somewhere in our online community. He has worked hard in the last few weeks to get to his day 1. It is his journey, and I am supporting him. I am also working hard to keep healthy boundaries and not let his struggles be my struggles. Not gonna lie, that has been a good challenge for me.

I’m grateful that we will have nice weather this weekend and I will get to do many things that I truly love.

I’m grateful that we get to visit my husband’s family today. They are a sober family and they are very kind to me. I bought some treats for the kids and am looking forward to introducing them to our newest mini chihuahua member of the family.

I’m grateful that tiny little dog has made her way into my heart. It’s been a while since I let a new one in this way. It feels good.

It feels good that I let myself feel good. That is new work for me too. Good golly, this sober living sure brings a lot of new things to notice and experience!

I’m grateful to have this beautiful porch and my comfy chair and my delicious coffee.

I’m grateful to be alive.

I wish you all the best today and each day that comes. Embrace this sober living and be kind to yourselves. Peace!


I am grateful that i made it and started flourishing through my first year of sobriety. Im gratefuk for all the support i found in meetings, on here, with my family and just out in the world.
The last year wasnt easy and all last month i obsessed on wanting to drink. I knew it was because i was coming up on a milestone though and am grateful i remembered all the talks i read here about just thst.
Thabk you to all who have helped me in my journey. :hugs:


Look at you go!! Congratulations!!


Wow- so glad you didnt let the urges from this past month get to you. A huge congrats on 1 year. Keep up the amazing work.


Congratulations on your year! I’m glad you came to share it with us :heart:


Morning friends,

I’m grateful for another day sober.

I’m grateful I don’t have to do much today because I’m in severe pain. I’m grateful for the hot shower and pain relievers.

I’m grateful it’s a long weekend. And the weather should be decent.

I’m struggling to be grateful for much else.


Thank you so much!


Yes! Waking up each day not feeling like I have a belly full of snakes is the best. Every once in a while I catch my anxiety winding up when I have plans and I wonder if I’ll be able to do a thing, and then I remember I don’t have to worry about being hungover ever again. :partying_face:


Good morning good buddies :sparkling_heart: I’m so grateful for all of you! Thank you for the birthday wishes! I’m grateful for look forward to a quiet weekend, work in the garden, sunscreen that I will remember to put on my body hopefully, sunshine, a puppy playdate, my work although i am also super grateful not to have to go there, these old bones, my doggies, my sweet man, my family. I’ve got it pretty good. I’m grateful for a sober today, and a sober tomorrow. I’m grateful for you guys, which I know I already said, but it does mean so much to have you all in my corner, and to participate in a community that is so kind, supportive and understanding. I don’t think I could do this without you guys. Or maybe I could but it would suck and be harder. Have a fun and safe weekend wherever you are! :partying_face:


I’m grateful for so many things lately

My son
Myself for putting in the effort to get better
The sun
The universe
Having a job and financial stability
Able to get a pool this summer for my son and i to play in
Finding and nuturing my inner child
Friends and family
Recognizing my wrongs
Having a home
My car that allows me to do my job
Learning to set boundries
My meds
This app
Helping others


Good morning GDudes :innocent:
I’m grateful to get right into this shit.
I’m grateful she passed out on the couch last night. I’m grateful the glass she broke and cut herself on wasn’t too deep and she was able to bandage herself. I’m grateful I can see her partial glass of wine sitting on her end table this am. I’m grateful I realize how strong denial can be. I’m grateful Sometimes I don’t really know how drunk she is at night but when there is leftover wine in the glass in the morning…… well that almost never happens so I’m grateful I was right about how drunk she must have been last night. I’m grateful that doesn’t mean shit! But sometimes I give her the benefit of the doubt or is that some kind of denial I have where I just don’t want it to be so. Anyway…. We had a good run… I’m grateful for what?…. a couple of days she drank but didn’t pass out and we had a good time. But the best part is…….
Wait for it…….
I’m grateful I finally broke the ice and found a meeting on line as soon as I felt that god awful dread in my gut. Im grateful I had the Al-Anon app already on my iPad. Im grateful it was easy to find a meeting. I’m grateful I found one right away. Instantly! Im grateful I was able to hop on and check it out. I’m grateful for my open mind. I hate online meetings or zoom meetings. Let me, let you in on a secret. I’ve never been on one :scream:. So how the fuck would I know if I hate them or not :scream: I’m grateful I can have an open mind, again, and take care of myself. Im grateful I shared at the very end of that meeting. It wasn’t so bad. Im grateful I might just keep going back because I know I’m fucking worth it!!

Im grateful we caught Daisy after she escaped and got under the house yesterday :scream_cat: Im grateful she’s sitting on my lap.

Im grateful for the John Mulvaney Netflix special about his intervention and rehab stay. :warning::no_entry: Trigger Warning :warning::no_entry:
But it was funny as hell but of course sad. I’m grateful he’s back in recovery.

Even though it was a shit night sleep I’m grateful I’ve been up since 5:30 it’s not even 7 yet and I feel pretty good.

I’m Grateful we basically have our menus planned and groceries purchased for the weekend so we can hunker down and stay away from the tourists up here.

I’m grateful it took me 4 days to plant 7 things and I’m finished for now and my back isn’t screaming at me.

I’m grateful here comes Minnie.
I’m grateful there goes Minnie.

I’m grateful I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself today. But it’s going to be a good day. Or not. I’m grateful it will last 24 hours and tomorrow will be another one. And I’ll still be fucking sober. Without :point_down: :snake: :scream:

I’m dying over here and I’ve never wanted to steal someone’s words so quickly. I love it and love your way with words Jenny. I’m grateful you’re here.


I am happy because I’m grateful. I choose to be grateful. That gratitude allows me to be happy.
Will Arnett
Got to love those hosers hey :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good morning sober fam,

Im so very greatful for…

My sobriety, 391 days
Air conditioning
I woke up and went to spin class
Boscoes greetings
A slower pace today
Feeling healthier by the day
Hot coffee
Looking forward to a family get together today
A job i love

lets rock this days socks off


YES - I love the attitude and the faith. I enjoyed the new Antman movie (friends had mixed reactions - what did you think?

@lab such a lovely gratitude today. I feel love and hope overflowing from it. So glad that your brother has decided to join you on the sober journey and you are able to support him. Have a wonderful day my friend.
@dazercat So grateful that you were able to find and jump on an online meeting as soon as the feeling hit you and even more grateful that they helped. Love recovery!

Happy Saturday morning my sober friends
I am grateful that I was able to dry my eyes this morning and get outta bed with a hope that I am not going to let me emotions rule me today. So far so good…
I am so grateful that the sun is shining and I can enjoy it from the comfort of the basement while sipping on a hot cup of a new dark roast blended coffee (i like to grind up my coffee but mix a few different types together to get my own perfect blend)…so rich and yummy do not need anything else added to it :wink:
I am so grateful that i know i’ll get all the work done today but at the moment am in I Don’t Give A Fuck mode
I am so grateful that I know the pool is opening today (skin not ready to go in today but I do know in the back of my head that it available and that in itself is enough)
I am so grateful that the new pains i woke up with are less bothersome right now
I am so grateful for my parents – love their support
I am so grateful that I looked into studio apartments last night and remembered why I bought a house in the first place - good lord the rent is insane.
I am so grateful for my higher power - providing me with the knowledge and clarity to improve myself and the ability to meditate / pray
I am so grateful for all of you! Love this app and it’s such a pleasure getting to know each and everyone of you a little more every day.
Have an kick ass day every one - sending much love :heart:


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Congrats on your 1 year of continuous sobriety and recovery!
Grateful you have let us share in your milestone!
Onward we go :smile: :orange_heart:


Congratulations Shaunda​:sunflower::grinning: I hope you enjoy your special day today!


Way to go @Shaunda proud of you sister


Grateful found 1 auto mechanic shop open today todo an oil change. My town takes their holiday weekends seriously.

Stay safe all of you my friends.


Huge Congratulations to you dear Shaunda.
I’m so happy you shared this with us.
Keep up the great sober work.