Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #4

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I’m grateful to God please help guide me through today while following your will and abstaining from my addictions. I’m grateful for all my family, friends, TS and the gratidudes. I’m grateful to be at my best friends place for his son’s eighth birthday party.

I’m grateful for music and creativity. I’m grateful for pets and kids that I can entertain and vice versa then go home to my quiet safe clean space. I’m grateful for the twelve steps. I’m grateful my womanfriend is intelligent and creative to the max. She has published works and been in Maclean’s magazine, graduated from a prestigious post secondary school and challenges me to be my best. I’m grateful to be capable of keeping up and then some, in certain areas, we all have our stregths. :muscle: Im grateful for humor and laughter and trampolines.

May our higher powers grant us strength.

p.s. If you’re not working on your recovery you’re working on a relapse. You can do this. Ya you!!

Edit to add … Grateful to start a fresh thread and for longtimers on here like Eric @Dazercat @Lisa07 @RosaCanDo @Its_me_Stella @Peace and more who showed me around in the early days of my forray into the world of onoline support rather than well you know, chaos, rabbit holes and so on. Grateful for newcomers who became gratifriends and may be unaware of their impact on my recovery like @Sunflower1 @Cjp @erntedank @M-be-free49 @Soberbilly and so many more its almost overwhelming, thanks for being here.

P.p.s. You’re a star shine bright!!! Ya you!!


Back for more gratitude…

Im greatful to have visited the red rocks of az
Im greatful for the greenery back home
Im greatful to come home to Boscoe and he’s excited everytime
Im greatful i got an eye exam on the spot last night
Im greatful im decisive and was in and out of the eye glass store in 45min
Im greatful my glasses will be ready in an hour
Im greatful for my sobriety
Im greatful for my family
Im greatful its not raining
Im greatful for an easy baked chicken and brocolli for lunch
Im greatful im still in go go go mode
Ive had a productive morning


I’m grateful your mug will be starting this new gratitude thread. I’m grateful this is the 4th thread of gratitude and I’m grateful for you my friend.
And may I say. You’re looking good sir. :sunglasses:
Here’s to another 2.5 K of gratidudes and gratitudes.


I am grateful for the family time I had last night. Teaching my 9 year old son the board game LIFE.

I am grateful for the beatiful day today. Watched my son play soccer and make a game saving stop as goalie.


Today I’m grateful for rest after the intense day yesterday. I’m grateful I watched the coronation on my comfy couch with my snuggling cats, lots of sandwiches and delicious apple juice. I even dozed off, changed to the bed and took another nap. I’m grateful for naps.
I’m grateful I did some garden work in the morning, maybe it will rain at night.
I’m grateful for going early to bed now and hoping for another night with nice dreams :pray:


I am grateful to be sober.
I am grateful to relax on my bed.
I am grateful I can adapt to 20 qm which means in theory I could live in a tiny house. :crazy_face: I would never have to move again. Just drive it somewhere else.
I am grateful I have all I need right now here.
I am grateful I have enough.


Grateful you’re still here taking this journey with us.
Grateful I could be here for you from the beginning.
Grateful you’re a part of my journey.
Grateful to see your handsome face to start off this new thread.
Grateful I get to read every post of yours (and others) on this thread, and that I look forward to every one of them, even though I don’t post.
Grateful all of us shining stars are sober today. Yes, you are a shining star too @I.cant.We.can. :sparkles:


How cool that you get to start the next gratichapter!! I second @Dazercat - you are looking happy and healthy😊


I’m grateful you are doing so well. This is a wonderful share. Thank you Brian. I love seeing success stories and you are certainly that. I am also grateful for my friends where I live. I am grateful I opened up about my recovery to my new neighbor. He is struggling,and in recovery hmseilf. I invited him to join my Saturday morning informal group and he said he would like that. Grateful. Grateful for my friend Jenna. And my friend Joy. And on and on. Speaking tonight at a virtual Refuge Recovery meeting. Grateful. Humble. Happy. Namaste :pray: God guru and Self are One


I’m feeling over the moon grateful today.

I joined the gratitude thread last year as I saw that by coincidence it had the first post on my birthday…lo and behold, one trip around the sun and this new chapter of the best thread ever starts again on my birthday!!!

My second birthday alcohol free. A run early in the morning. breakfast with the family. Supporting my son’t swimming competition (he did amazing!). Taking a nap. Having dinner together, at a no-fuss restaurant nearby. Surprise cake at home.

Perfect, lovely day. :heart:

So happy, so grateful.

Much love to you all!

Edit: AND 400 days today! So happy!


Happy birthday @desert_rose




Got you the perfect tiny house for your 4 and a half years of recovery Franzi.

Congratulations dear friend. Where can I have it delivered?
I’m grateful you’ve been a driving force in my recovery. So happy for you.


Happy Birthday!


Today was a bit of a day and I hid in some shopping mall toilets to cry. But walking through town after, in the rain, seeing people begging and also getting approached by a couple of people asking for money, it was pretty easy to find some gratitude. For the roof over my head and the knowledge that my wet feet would dry out soon enough. For my combination of circumstances that make homelessness unlikely. For sobriety, even though life on life’s terms is hard sometimes.


I’m so sorry that you were overwhelmed with emotions while you were out. Glad you were able to find gratitude’s on your walk home.

so true my friend - we are living a hard but oh so fulfilling path.


Happy birthday Anna.

I’m grateful for the kind comments about my words, situation and appearance. It’s not always easy as @siand mentioned but herez my current list of too many timers. I’m grateful that I know to keep it simple but realize this isnt exactly it…




:upside_down_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::grinning: that’s so cool. Thank you so much Eric. It’s not electric so I think it would be better to send it to Germany. I wouldn’t get anywhere here :see_no_evil: