Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #6

I have missed 2 days now, but I refuse to miss a third! There has been a little more stress between my husband and I in the last few days, but I’m grateful to have found things to help me with that stress that has kept me away from turning to alcohol.
I’m grateful that the family advocate helped me to fix my referral so that the intensive outpatient treatment program I went to enter will finally get the referral for me to start.
I’m grateful that my home has multiple rooms in it as I have had to move into another room of the house temporarily till I can clear my head of all of the negativity that continues in my relationship.
I’m grateful to be halfway through my training at work and to be almost into my store permanently!
I’m grateful to have been able to pop into my old store today and for everyone to be so happy to see me! It was a really nice feeling for sure!
I hope each and every one of you have a fantastic Friday night!!!


I’m grateful…

  • for my wife, who lives a full and rich life at home and at work and who is doing some deep emotional work recently (and it is paying dividends in our marriage)
  • for my father and several of my colleagues, who have been available to coach me in my entrepreneurship journey
  • for Talking Sober, where all the weirdos hang out
  • for my counsellor, who helped me reach a new level of personal emotional insight today

I need to get back into my reflecting and remind myself of all the good things I’ve got going on in my life. Today I’m grateful for…

  1. The drama ending… This was the first disagreement since becoming sober. Before, I would always give in when it was time to sleep. Wake up the next day and not remember there was a disagreement.

I don’t know why I pushed so hard this time, in 14 years I’ve never left my bed because of an argument. I was in full silent mode and gained the ability to not respond to text. I was out of character and couldn’t snap out of it (not fully out of it yet). Something to figure out another day.

  1. My morning routine. Even though I felt out of sorts, I didn’t break my routine. I did the same things in the same order.

  2. My bed! Laying in bed reflecting and writing this. For days I was in a child’s bed, my feet were hanging off the end, no room to roll. I didn’t realize how much my body was hurting until I laid down in mine.

Time for a deep sleep… Goodnight everyone!


Grateful it’s Friday, I’m alive and I didn’t lose it on anyone this week. :raised_hands:


Oh nice one. Diddo @Steve14 gratitude


Tonight, tonight I am sitting here with my folks currently experiencing emotions of grace and gratitude. I’m grateful for the lowest of low points that got me sitting right here. For a 40 year old man to break and surrender. Because of that I have another day on this earth. Even the low points can be grateful for where they lead you.
God can turn your mess into a message. Happy to be here. Have a blessed night


In this moment i am greatful for…

My sobriety and recovery, 25mo today
Talking in months after years annoys me like mothers talking about children but i understand the amount of effort, love, and care invested in this growth
10mo vape free
Met and exceeded my weightloss goal!!! I dont remember the last time i was a healthly weight
Good rest
Its the weekend
Hot coffee
Sober friends
Finally decided to have mechanic fix car should have it back in a few days
Atleast ill get cashback for the purchase
A 3rd paycheck in may
My mind although glitchy at times, can do amazing things
Growing in my recovery


Congratulations on that graduation! How wonderful for you to never able to celebrate with him and be present for all the memories.


It’s Saturday morning and it is June 1!!! June is my favorite month… the school year ends this week and my summer break is truly just a few days away now.

I’m grateful to be sober and healthy.

I’m grateful for the progress we are making in the settling of my mother in law’s estate. Big steps happened in the last week.

I’m grateful to my husband. Just over two years ago he decided to stop drinking. He took on a huge project of restoring the entire exterior of our 134 year old house. He has been relentlessly working on this, all by himself. He has researched and tried out different approaches. He has been careful on the ladders and the scaffolding. He has managed all this while working in a school and being part of the family. Last night he announced it is done. And it is amazing!

This is our cozy home with peace and happiness.


I’m grateful for a good sleep last night and feeling rested and clear minded today. I’m grateful for laughter and stories. I’m grateful for neighbors who understand me and are there to help out when I need it. I’m grateful for my friend S who is there for me and supportive. I’m so grateful that she can come on this trip with me. I’m grateful that I’m less anxious for the work trip today- I feel I’ve prepared well and I can feel my work brain turning on. I’m grateful for my Uzbek family and how understanding and hospitable they are and that they can soon meet part of my Kyrgyz family. I’m grateful that even though I have no biological family that I have friends who have adopted me into their families and treat me as part of their own. I’m grateful for homemade feta and Greek food for dinner. So tasty😋 I’m grateful that today has been a good day. I’m grateful to be alive and to feel alive. I’m grateful to be sober and doing what I need to stay that way.


You have a beautiful home!


Beautiful home! He should be proud…he did an amazing job :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:star_struck: it gorgeous. It’s amazing what we can do sober.


I’m grateful I’m all catted up :heart_eyes_cat:
I’m grateful I was able to get to sleep last night when I did.
I’m grateful for first things first.
I’m grateful as my mind was planning what I’m going to do tomorrow because I need a meeting. I thought first things first. I need sleep. I’m grateful I started some deep breathing exercises in bed. And chanted to myself “Om Mani Padme Hum,”

I’m grateful I’ve actually been bringing up this Mantra a lot lately. I’m grateful I’m using it in the morning with my coffee. I’m grateful I’m using it on my walks with Benson. I’m grateful I’m not plugged in and listening to it anymore. I’m grateful I’m just doing it naturally now :pray:t2:

I’m grateful I can hear Alice purring away in her new heated tent across the room. I’m grateful I stopped to take a pic of the birdsong last night. There were 2 of them.

I’m grateful the workout room/office furniture and shelves look good. I’m grateful I can put some shit on those shelves. Even though I move a lot I still got too much shit.

I’m grateful the plumbers I had over yesterday were real professional and too thorough. I’m grateful the HVAC guys are done and the plumbers come next week.

I’m grateful during all this we managed to get some Gus time again yesterday afternoon.

I’m so fucking grateful we got an offer on our house in Scottsdale :crossed_fingers::pray:t2: one last thing to do.

I’m grateful for you all.
I’m grateful it’s impossible to get caught up on here for me. And I’m grateful you all are here for me.

June 1
Courage To Change

Today’s Reminder I have the right to choose my own standards of conduct, but I do not have the right or the power to impose those standards on others.

“I have accepted myself and I’m beginning to accept other people the way they are each day. Now I have fewer resentments.”
Living with Sobriety


Beautiful! Lovin the colors @LAB. Even the mailbox matches. :heart_eyes:


Awesome Sauce! Gus and an offer all in one day? Life in your forever home seems to be coming together nicely. So happy for you and wifey! :two_hearts:


I’ve not posted here for a while but I’ve finally caught up on a lot of posts and gratitude :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m grateful for a fun day out at my village fête.
I’m grateful to be sober.
I’m grateful for love.
I’m grateful to be happier than I ever thought possible.


Im grateful for you :camping::dizzy:


Grateful for:

  • Day 155 and the daily quotes that come up on this app.
  • Depression means ample emotion. I am grateful for strong emotions - regardless of which rollercoaster they are on.
  • I am worth more than I tell myself stories about AND recognize that little tidbit is 8 months new.
  • My body is healthy.
  • My ex is supplying things to my kiddos and I should respect and be grateful, regardless of reasons.
  • Reading and that I start doing it like I used to. I like to read.
  • Music and that I start listening to it again. It’s odd that I haven’t listened to a song and I presume it has its place because of accident day.

**Not certain I ever want to remember that day. I remember nothing and I mean not of that entire day, nor at least 21 days after.

And grateful for the purpose of surviving and that soon I will know what that is.


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