Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #6

Today, specifically, I am grateful for the sunshine… I think it really impacts my mental state.

I am grateful my son asked me to watch a movie with him last night (his girlfriend had tryouts so he was bored but I’ll take it)

I am grateful for feeling so hydrated (I notice such a difference lately)

I am grateful to fall asleep listening to thunder and rain sounds in my AirPods without keeping my husband awake (he likes quiet)

I’m so grateful for every one of you here and reading your gratitude threads, to remind me of everything else there is to be grateful for :black_heart:




I’m grateful for this thread… I have gone a long time without keeping live in perspective with my gratitude!

I’m grateful for a warm sunny morning.

I’m grateful for a job that pays the bills and provides me ability to do what I want to do.

I’m grateful for a group of people from all walks of life all over the world who are sharing this path with me.

I’m grateful for the love of friends.

I could go on and on… this simple exercise really sets my head in a good place to keep moving forward with my head up…


I’m grateful for my bed. It is so much more comfortable than the floor. :laughing:


@chiron I spent a year on a sofa being punished by my ex before she divorced me… the sofa is way better than the floor!


A year then divorce? That’s rough. I hope your sofa was decently comfortable at least.


I can NOT live without my blanket, I’m always cold and use it all the time!
Never heard of those things catching fire :thinking:


lol I haven’t heard of it either…. That’s just my brain

I really have added one to my cart…

I stay cold too… I’m currently sitting in my office during lunch break with two throw blankets on me


Girl, your life will never be the same :laughing:


OMG waiting to see if your offer is accepted is the worst!! First time looking In an area we liked, we lost the 1st 2 houses we bid on. But the 3rd ended up being the best one. That’s when I truly believed things happen for a reason! (I’m no longer in that house, but it sold well too)

I’m sending :hugs: :pray: that you will find out soon. Best of Luck my friend :purple_heart:


I am grateful to be sober.
I am grateful for people here who somehow convinced me to to go swimming in the Mediterranean sea last June.
I am grateful I am calm atm.
I am for the sunny day we had.
I am grateful I have enough.


Hi All,

Mid Afternoon gratefulness :hugs:

I’m grateful my meeting with the CFO went well, and I truly like my job! Part of the liking is working from home 100%, I thank Covid for that.

I’m grateful for Buddy :dog2: always being glued to my side. But he does get jealous when Alex tries to squeeze in.

I’m grateful for Alex :cat2: being such a lovable big kitty, but we’re working on the biting. Any cat owners know that some cats will bite when they’re over petted (love bite) and also warning bites (don’t touch me there). Neither hurt or break the skin, but I’m trying to curb Alex’s biting. He’s a new rescue, approximately 11 years old. :heart_eyes_cat:

He bit me when I was talking to my boss in Zoom. That was a ‘I want food’ bite, ‘pay attention to me!’ :smirk_cat: Like me, he’s also a work in progress :construction:

I’m grateful I like my current home and plan on never moving again! :house_with_garden:

I’m grateful for all of you. I’m on day 43 and all is well. :blush:

Wish everyone the best! :heart::pray:


Time for my evening gratitude. And I have so much to be grateful for I‘m almost bursting :joy:

I am very grateful my partner shared with me the difficult things he has done. It hurts, but this is the only way forward, and the only way to stop this insanity.
I am grateful I found a resolve in my emotional turbulences and was able to put it into clear words.
I am grateful for my mother‘s support. I usually don‘t lean too much on her, but she is always there when the shit hits the fan.
I am grateful for my partner‘s commitment to resolving the situation without hurting me even more and working towards mending the damage done.
I am grateful for the life skills I have learned in my recovery that are helping me on a daily basis through this turmoil.
I am grateful for the support my friend gave me today and the support I could give her.
I am grateful for bike rides in wonderful weather, and my afternoon yoga practice.
I am grateful for my child‘s independence.
I am grateful for all the kind words and emotional support I am getting here from all of you. This is such a blessing.
I am grateful you are showing me how good sharing and trusting others with my emotions feels.

I am grateful for the peace right now, and my hope for a restful night.

Sleep tight my friends.


I’m grateful you didn’t drink this week, or last week by now, too. I’m trying to get caught up here. And I just wanted to give you a congratulatory shout out at passing an early test of your sobriety. I’m proud of you Zse. Congratulations on 69 + 3 days ago 72 days!!!

Way to Goooo! on the 40 + 3 days now 43 days Maxy @maxwell Keep that shit up :boom: :boom: :boom:

I was googling this, what I thought was some kind of Al-Anon tool. “Don’t just do something. Sit there! Is an action. I think we all must have been affected by alcoholism or at least grown up in a dysfunctional family. And I’m learning so much on “how to act.” :laughing: but then I came across this in my Google search. And now I think it’s even cooler than I thought.

And if anyone else is interested. NO. Is actually a full sentence. Or in my case NO is a full paragraph. I’m still working on this one.

I’m grateful I read about Lilith. @Pandita great name for a cat. But I’m thinking it might be a dog since people don’t usually drop off their cat for a visit. But I am intrigued about this here Lilith.

Grateful to see you checking in Jen @Peace
I’m sorry for the circumstances of your mother. It is really difficult to watch your parents decline in health this way. I’m sure you are doing your best to be there for her. :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

I’m grateful I got caught up here. I didn’t think I’d make it. I reckon it’s the addict in me that had to read all this gratitude.

As I was reading I gratefully noticed people are getting 15-20 likes on their gratitude posts and I was happy to add more :heart: to those post. I’m grateful to see read and share all the gratitude on this thread. It’s amazing.

I’m suddenly grateful for cheesecake and proud I don’t eat it because I’m off sugar. I’m also grateful for emotions that sneak up on me, and hangover free mornings never get old, and desert rains, and walks with my dog.

And I’m grateful I can picture how happy Boscoe must be with his tail wagging and jumping around so excited to see his momma. So grateful @Cjp had the best trip ever and was thoughtful enough to bring us along with her. Grateful you made it home safe. Oh and that airplane thingy you mention that was a restaurant and or an AA meeting. Pretty cool stuff.

I’m now grateful again I’m caught up and the second half of the garage floor is calling me to sweep and mop it.


Edit to add @maxwell thanks for the well wishes on the house. It’s out of our hands now. But it’s a learning experience that opened up a whole new neighborhood that I got to see and there is a house out there for us somewhere.


I am grateful for this long, but successful day with gym, sauna, self care and family time. I am grateful for this sense of accomplishment within me and the feeling of good exhaustion in my body.

Grateful for bedtime, heated blanket, sleepy time tea and lavender pillow spray.
Grateful my sober head is hitting that pillow in…


@tifflynn07 I too have this fear. Like @Doreen1 I add a bunch of blankets to get the warmth and heaviness comfort :laughing:

@cjp ooh I would have loved to see the Boscoe greeting :laughing: Grateful for your past you looking out for you present you CJ. Grateful that you enjoyed such a beautiful vacation.

@dazercat grateful that you were able to put in a addendum in to your offer. Grateful for tools that help calm us down when life throws curve balls. Hopefully headache has subsided :pray: Grateful that you were able to get caught up on this thread – soooo many posts. I too find the need to read ALL the gratitude’s. I find that it fills me up with more love for life in general.

Tuesday gratefulness…
I am so grateful that i mustered up energy to have coffee with my mom.
I am so grateful that i was able to get some forms filled out on her behalf for the government. Grateful that i did it with her and my dad around as i had a lot of questions.
I am so grateful that i was able to come home and sleep. Slept for most of the day and i feel ready to sleep again. I am a bit fed up with the damn fatigue but too tired to do anything about it right now :laughing:
I am so grateful that i woke up in time to get some questions answered and am able to go back to sleep soon.
I am so grateful that i am going rest and hopefully the tension headache will go away
I am so grateful for pistachios. Grateful for kombucha. Grateful for refreshing water.
I am so grateful for a warm cozy bed.
I am so grateful that our noisy neighbors have moved out so i was able to sleep uninterrupted during the day.
I am so grateful for family, my HP, my daily practices of prayer and meditation.
I am so grateful for all you beautiful souls! Grateful for this community :people_hugging:

Wishing everyone a wonderful addiction free day / evening! Sending you all so much love :heart: :heart:


I keep forgetting.
Thanks for the reminder; you and someone else for the pillow spray. Mine is a lavender eucalyptus spray. I hadn’t been using it lately. Possibly because Daisy didn’t like it one night :smirk_cat: it’s sitting on the nightstand. Grateful for this thread reminding me to use it.


I’m grateful to check in late evening again.
Tension headaches … @JazzyS sometimes I think we are vibing on same frequencies :see_no_evil: I’m grateful that mine subseeded in the afternoon. I suppose the struggle to get the finances clear left my shoulders :pray: Have been dealing with it for weeks on and off.

I’m grateful I went home when my aquaitance didn’t show up. I’m grateful I’m not annoyed. I’m grateful I won’t engage in this relationship further. People come and go.

I’m grateful I spent the evening chatting on the phone with a far away friend who is struggling with health.
I’m grateful I made a mingle-mangle of what I found in the fridge when I got hungry. It was delicious!
I’m grateful the cats demand pets. They feel change in the air. When I’m able to store them in their boxes we are off to the farm tomorrow! Let’s see if they cooperate.
I’m grateful I gave myself a facial scrub and treated my skin to olive oil in abundance.
I’m grateful that I know the coffee maker works. I rarely have coffee but I love to know that I CAN have one. Yes, little weirdo here.
I’m grateful I put out the cat boxes yesterday and the crew sleeps in it. Moving alone with 3 cats is quite a challenge … ODAAT


i loved everything about your post my friend. :hugs:

yes - definitely on the same frequencies… with these documents i have needed to get done for my mom and tax season on my head i too feel much relief today with having everyone’s documents provided to the appropriate agencies. :pray:

I do hope all goes smoothly with your travels to the farm tomorrow.
Olive oil facial scrub – i love it!!! haven’t done in a while and now want to get up and do so immediately.

BTW - not a weirdo at all – grateful that you do have a coffee maker that works and one you can use at will.
much love to you @erntedank :people_hugging:


Afternoon gratitude
Grateful I remembered to post here
Grateful for being able to pick up the kidsfrom school.
Grateful to rediscover music I haven’t listened to in a long time.
Grateful for another sober hangover free day