Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #6

I am grateful my co-worker was there to help, when I was struggling to get everything done. I am grateful I got over myself and asked for help.
Grateful my mom is dealing with the break in last week better than I thought. I am grateful I could be there for here and spend a few nights at her house to make her feel safer again. Grateful noone was hurt, not so grateful for the things that were lost. Fire would have been worse.
I am grateful I made the choice to unsubscribe from Netflix. I had been off it for the fasting time till Easter Friday. Been on it for a few days again and noticing the addictive pull it has on me right away. Bingewatching feels good in the moment and horrible the day after when you start to wonder, where all that precious time of the day went. Farewell Netflix.
I am grateful for freshly baked bread and homemade vegetable spread.
I am grateful my morning yoga class is about to start.
Grateful to read so many gratitudes on here. :orange_heart:


I’m grateful for my first pay from my new job
I’m grateful for connecting with my colleague during a long work drive
I’m grateful for feeling a little stronger than usual
I’m grateful for taking the time to pause and reflect on my journey and noticing how far I’ve come
I’m grateful for learning to ask for help instead of struggling in silence


It’s by Abby Jimenez… she writes* really cute little romcoms and I needed an easy read after my last doozy lol

It’s called Just for the Summer. So cute I read it in a day and a half


Good morning sober fam,

So very greatful for…

My sobriety
Ladies aa meeting tonight
Slept well
Got a decent exercise in
Hopefully will see a total eclipse monday
A couple days break from work, lord knows i need it
This forum
Hope for a good day


Good morning TS. Family, so grateful for you!
I’m grateful today because ,
I’m joining my lady friends for our monthly breakfast date at the local cafe soon. Been friends for ages and so grateful for them.
It’s still snowing but too warm to be of much consequence, though I do miss the snowshoeing, but I also miss the biking so maybe winter will finally give the fuck up and allow spring to stay!
My kitties both slept with me last night.
I have good food, and a warm and safe shelter. It’s too easy to take this for granted.


I’m grateful I didn’t kill Benson last night :scream: I accidentally gave him a double dose of his Trazodone :weary: I gave it to him as usual before we went out to dinner and when we got home I gave it to him 3 and a quarter hours later. I’m grateful he’s been taking Trazodone forever and he can get up to 1 1/2 and it never puts him out anywhere. Grateful we didn’t panic about it. I’m grateful he slept well :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m grateful I feel pretty good since waking up with a headache at 3 :face_with_head_bandage: I’m grateful I tried a calming meditation that helped but since I was wide awake at 4 I just got up and had coffee and am having a nice morning. So I’m grateful I have extra morning time today. I’m grateful I can nap whenever I like today. Except 7 pm meeting time.

I’m grateful it was a gorgeous clear perfect temperature this morning when I finally woke up Benson and took him out. I’m grateful I took a big whiff of the desert roses out back. :thinking: how you doin Anna? @desert_rose :rose:

I’m grateful my coffee was sooooo good.
I’m grateful for my readings this morning.
I’m grateful wifey got her hair done and we had a nice dinner out. I’m grateful I don’t have to control her drinking. I’m grateful I feel like currently I’ve finally surrendered. I’m grateful it’s just sad. And I’m grateful I know it’s a disease. I’m grateful I was at peace with it last night.

I’m grateful for my Pilates Reformer and doing those exercises being a morning priority is already helping my back feel better. I’m grateful I get to go to meetings at night.

I’m grateful for everyone here and all your support. I’m grateful all we have to do is show up.

Wanting to wall ourselves off from pain, mistakes, and challenges seems like a good idea. We resist, deny, and fight against what’s difficult, we put up walls so we can keep out what we don’t want to let in. We may be able to keep the darker moments out of our lives for a while, but we are also walling ourselves off from life. We will make mistakes, we will have physical and emotional pain. The depth to which we refuse to be aware of our pain is the depth to which we are separate from life.

‘life is not happening to you, it is happening for you,’
Living These Days
Chapter 19
Including What’s Difficult
By Richard Burr


I am grateful for waking up sober again this morning! For my nights rests, that are so much better without wine the night before.
Grateful for coffee this morning while watching the news. For a quiet day ahead.
Hope you all have a great day!:star2::star2::star2::star2:


I loved and appreciated your post. You sharing like problems that I am dealing with really makes the journey a bit easier. I appreciate all my talking, sober friends. Amazing how sharing and being able to vent here safely makes the biggest difference in my life.


Wonderful quote. I saved and printing. Thank you for sharing.


So sorry to hear about the break in. What a blow to your sense of security. I am glad that you were able to be there for your mom.


Yeah, me too. It’s gonna feel unsafe for a while I suppose until it normalizes. But it’s going to be alright. Thank you for taking the time to respond. You are the kindest :rosette:


Thank you for this day :pray:t2:
I’m grateful for getting up really early, getting over the discomfort of my body and mind not being on the same page yet, and getting everything prepared so we could leave on time.
I’m grateful we had no significant train delays and arrived at Arnhem before noon.
I’m grateful the rain here was not like at home, where when it starts it pours for hours or the rest of the day. Instead it came and went in showers.
I’m grateful we found so many pretty murals and graffiti’s here.
I’m grateful my daughters migraine subsided in the afternoon. I’m grateful there is a pharmacy nearby, grateful they had the meds there.
I’m grateful I took a nice walk, grateful for yoga, grateful for the day coming to an end :night_with_stars:


Im in California so everyone’s going to bed in the middle of my work day. LOL… I’m grateful to be in CA because the weather really is lovely. I’m grateful for dog sitting my sister’s dog. He loves me so much and even my own dog isn’t as excited when I get home from work as Spike is. I’m grateful that most appointments I need are online now, as my workload is precluding any time off. I’m grateful to be employed. Grateful to come on here and raise my spirits, as always ODAAT :purple_heart:


I’m grateful I was the only one in the office today. My coworkers are great but I do find office chit chat and drama tiring.
I’m grateful I seem to have avoided the germs so far. My daughter is still poorly and hubby woke up vomiting (very loudly :nauseated_face:) at 4.30am.
I’m grateful to be able to look after my family when they are ill.
I’m grateful for my bed calling to me soon :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Grateful today to be able to pay my bills.
Today was payday, and I was able to pay my credit cards, and still have enough left for daycare, utilities, and property taxes.
It’s not ideal living paycheque to paycheque, but I’m fortunate I’m able to do it. :muscle:t2::+1:t2:


I’m grateful to know you have benefited from my post. Sharing our ups and downs with like minded people truly makes our sober journey more doable. The amazing people and their stories on TS are a vital part in my sobriety. Wishing you all the best!


I am Grateful for another Glorious day
I am Grateful for 2 doggos that keep me busy!
I am Grateful for the new pillow I got, sleeping better
I am Grateful for my Volunteering, makes my souls sing.
I am Grateful for my Sober days and my Sober Family.


many healing vibes your way Kiki – hope your family gets better soon and grateful you are able to take care of them. Please take care of yourself as well (don’t want you getting sick). :hugs: :heart: :pray:


I’m grateful for a much better day today. Weather great and I have some energy.
Grateful for five weeks of sobriety.
Grateful for better health.
Grateful for the eclipse even if it’s cloudy. But it better not be. :slightly_smiling_face::tornado:


I am grateful for spending time today with a dear friend. I have known him all my life and we grew up in the same cult, so we understand each other and where we came from.
Although we have different lives now and don’t see each other as often as when we were partying together post-cult (read: when we were self-destructive), I am grateful the friendship is still strong and hopefully will always be.

I am grateful I could join my dad to the hospital today.
Grateful for taking 15k steps this morning with dog and friend. Grateful for sore muscles.

I am grateful for a few good friends in my life. Quality over quantity. I am grateful I cut some people out of my life over the years. It hurt back then but feels good now. Like I decluttered my life.

I am grateful for another sober day :white_check_mark: