Daily Highs & Lows

I have (what I believe to be) a new thread idea. Our family ends each day by sharing our highs and lows for the day — what was the best thing that happened today? What was the worst? This is just another way for us to support each other and know what’s going on in each other’s lives. I’ll go first.

My low today is that I woke up much earlier than I had intended, so I’m pretty tired.

My high is that I started back to the gym today after two weeks away. Felt so good to get back into it. Super helpful to my mental health!

Let me hear yours!


This seems like a good recap of the day! Good idea.

My low today is that I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to, and my concentration during my exam was quite poor.

My high is that crossfit went well, I am getting stronger each time which makes me feel happy, and I also did actually get stuff done, even though I didn’t do everything I wanted to. I even took a nice walk in the part during lunch and sat to watch the birds in the pond.


I hate it when I get to the end of the day with things left undone! Sorry that’s how it went today. Glad CrossFit went so well, though! I bet that feels awesome :muscle:t3::muscle:t3::muscle:t3:

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Yeha it is annoying, but I also have started to think that maybe I expect too much of myself and set myself up to failure :thinking:

Crossfit is one of the best things in life :laughing::fire::fire:

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Nice thread.

My high: We (UK) got some rough dates for when our lives can go back to some for of normality. I have mixed feelings about it but I’m currently looking at it in a positive light.

My low: A friend of mine lost a good friend (more of an associate to me) yesterday. I found out today! I looked on his Facebook and saw some harrowing status updates. Another victim of covid and these awful lockdowns :pensive:


Thanks for jumping into the thread! Hoping you all are able to get out of lockdown soon, friend.

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High: beautiful bike ride almost 90 km and over 800 D+ which is real cool for mid feb. And more high: i didnt lose the key.

Low: none or i forgot


Great topic! I will try to remember to come back at end of the day.

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@Sassyrocks Wow! This is high praise coming from you!! I hope it will be beneficial in our community here. :smile::smile::smile:

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I bet it was beautiful! Sounds like a great day!!

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this is fun! its only 2PM here, but so far…

high – got my teeth cleaned today.
low – had to pay a deposit for a big dental procedure. worse ways to spend money, don’t we all know it, but it seems like i’m bleeding money. :sleepy:


Thanks for joining in on the thread! :blush: So sorry about the dentist, though. Big medical expenses stink.

High: I had a pretty good day, got a good workout in at the gym and a decent day at work.

Low: I snoozed in a hiding spot at work, I don’t like that i do that, but sometimes I seriously can’t keep my eyes open


Monday’s high:
Sitting eating a Roast Dinner with my kids and listening to them laugh & chat between themselves.
Monday’s low:
Tight feeling in my chest I cant shake off, its just lingered all day.


This reminds me of the topic @Dragonflygirl82 started.


My low - im still hungover after 4 days

My high - i dont feel as bad as day 1 after drinking


Anxiety maybe? Hate to hear that. Just makes for a rotten day. Glad you got to wrap it up with the fam though. :blush::blush::blush:

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Keep going, you’re doing so great. Tomorrow, you’ll feel even better!

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Yeah its definitely anxiety @cwak still hasn’t shifted despite taking all my various meds today. Guess somedays are just like that.

Great thread :upside_down_face:

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Thanks @cwak