Day 1....for the hundredth time

This time feels different. I honestly feel less motivated but I know I need to do it so I’m committing? Maybe that’s the trick lol.


Committing to and choosing sobriety every day is a great foundation, have you tried meetings, therapy, change of social situations too?

Welcome back to day 1! Commitment to sobriety is a definite necessity to stay focused.

We can’t do this journey alone so i would suggest meetings in person or on line. Possibly find a sponsor to help you out. This community has been so helpful in my sobriety journey.

I would also work on changing up daily routines and social circles. Make sure to identify and avoid triggers if possible.

Glad to see you here - hope to see you around.

A few threads that have been key for me:
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My addiction at the moment is gambling and I live in a small town so not many resources for groups other than online. But I did self exclude from my 2 online spots for a full year which I haven’t done before so that feels like a big step! Also having family handle finances has helped in the past so going back to that

Having family help like that is a great idea!
Im sure there are online meetings you could attend even anonymously if thats better for you.
You can do this, there are several people on here that have dealt with gambling so try and keep posting and reading :hugs:

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The trick is: work and choice. Work a sobriety program and realize relapse is a choice.


You got this! Stay focused and my prayers are with you!