Day 5 confused and grateful

So, the first days are always the hardest… today i feel grateful that I got a second chance at sobriety, that I made it five days and that, even though I am in pain, I took a walk and I showered…
What are you grateful for?


Welcome @Farina! :wave:

I’m grateful for my cats, who remind me that sometimes it’s time to rest. The work will always be there but without healthy rest, what does the work even mean?

Want to join in here? There’s a lovely group of people sharing gratitude every day here:


:raising_hand_woman: hi welcome to the community

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Hey great work. You will get through this pain. It will be tough. Baby steps each day. Slowly but surely you will succeed.

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I’m grateful that I’m sober I’m grateful for the AA fellowship I’m grateful for the 12 steps I’m grateful to have my family back in my life I’m grateful for this community

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I am grateful for another day on this beautiful earth and to be able to start iop classes