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Good morning

I’m grateful to be up and rested on this Monday morning, even more grateful that I’m on vacation!

I’m grateful for this adorable rental house for our vacation

I’m grateful to be healthy.

I’m grateful for the resources that I’ve gathered to help me stay free of alcohol. I’ve used several strategies and replacement behaviors during these past few days. They have helped me a lot!

I’m grateful to have an amazing sister who supports me in this. We are making camping plans for summer of 2022!

I’m grateful to have plenty of food and other life resources.

I’m grateful to be able to read the successes and challenges that other people face. Today is day 60 for me and I am committed to my decision. Assisting me with that are the hard stories of people who thought they could moderate and find themselves struggling once again and even more. I know that would be me, so I am very determined to avoid the next drink.

Have a good day and I wish you peace!


I’m still finding it hard to find gratitude today. I guess that I’m grateful that we traveled to Minneapolis to be with all of our kids on Christmas. I’m grateful we were all together when we found out my mother in law was dead. I’m angry that Christmas will be forever tainted for my wife and children. My wife is the kindest, most empathetic person i know, it’s not fair.

I’m grateful that this won’t make me relapse


I’m so sorry for your family’s loss, Dan. I’m glad y’all were together and had each other to lean on. Your family is on my heart. I’m sad for all I know y’all are going through. I’m sending love and strength to your wife with all my heart. :heart:


Just waking up and mu mind automatically goes to the negative. what I’ve lost, how my actions impacted my current situation. How the abuse I suffered negatively affected life. I snapped put of it and thought of this community and remembered to be grateful for what I do have.

Today I’m grateful that kids will be here for the next 2 days to play, laugh and spend quality time with there father.
I’m grateful that I’ve got food in the fridge and a warm and cozy place for use to live.
I’m grateful for being sober for 9ver 4 months
I’m grateful for being healthy and fit.
I’m grateful for craft and the work I do with my hands.
I’m grateful for the people that have reached out and supported me in my short time here so far
I’m grateful for having clean air to breathe and clean water coming from tap
I’m grateful for the snow outside and the fun I have with my kids playing in it.
I’m grateful to be alive today


I’m so sorry for your loss. You have had such a rough past few months, it breaks my heart. I too am grateful that you were all together and could support each other when you heard the news. I’m also grateful that you’re sober to process everything and to be there for your wife and children. Thinking of you man.

@Callie99 It makes me so angry that someone would feel that it was appropriate to say that to you. I’m sure they were trying to be helpful but their ignorance is no excuse to say something that hurtful. I’m glad we all have each other here because I’m reminded daily that others truly do not understand what we go through.

I’m grateful for both of you guys :heart:


I’m grateful to wake up hangover free.
Im grateful to celebrate milestones.

@LAB 60 days! That’s awesome! Working your recovery tools while on vacation and being sober is really cool! It works if you work it. Your proving that! :muscle:

Skipper got even drunker after I left. He ended up going on an alcohol fueled rage episode last night and ended up arrested. He got taken to jail. He had to bail out. 30 thousand dollars to get out.

He has made alot of money this season. Alcohol just cost him alot of it. It makes me grateful I don’t do that anymore.

I get the day off because of his drunken behavior. I’m not really grateful for that. His drinking is now costing everyone money.

It’s not that big of a deal. Another day soak isn’t really going to hurt. I’ll be fine. It gives me a chance to get some things done today.

I’m grateful to be able to observe this sober. I knew his relapse was going to lead to something bad. He just got off probation from trouble that drinking got him into several years ago. One step forward. Two steps back.

I worried that him drinking would make it attractive for me. It did a few times. But I saw through the fun looking moments. I Saw the smaller problems his relapse was giving him. I knew it was going to get worse Here we are.

I’m grateful I have manifested my boat. No booze allowed. I won’t have to wait to get home to be in my alcohol free safety zone. My boat is another alcohol free safety zone

Better him than me. He could buy something really nice if he spent his beer money on cool things like I do. 30 grand for a court date is not cool!

Freedom from bondage of self…
That’s what I have today. I am grateful!

@dan531 sorry for your families loss. I’m grateful your here. Sometimes all we can do is keep doing our recovery program. This too shall pass.


Wow. Just wow. What a perfect real life example of what a relapse can cost you. I’m glad you were able to observe that from a sober point of view and enjoy the rewards of your own sobriety at the same time. Your posts are always so insightful.


I am grateful that people are going out and doing the field research on addiction so I don’t have to.


I’m grateful I had my slippers on when I stepped in dog shit this morning. I’ll never think of those slippers in the same way.
I’m grateful I know exactly how it feels and I didn’t track it all over the house. I’m grateful the coffee was already going before all this shit (pun intended) happened so I could have a few glugs before I started cleaning and mopping the floor.
I’m grateful Benson is warming my lap but he looks guilty :grimacing:
I’m grateful I feel a bit better this morning. No Advil but I’m enjoying the ice pack on my back.
I’m grateful for the nice night out at the Marina with Kelly to see the Christmas lights. No one was there. How perfect. I’m grateful we got side tracked by the noisy bob of seals that we were surprised to see.
I’m grateful my wife and I always choose animals over everything. Except snakes. We hates the snakes.
I’m grateful I didn’t have margaritas with my enchiladas.
I’m grateful I never have to worry about how much I had before I drive. Especially in LA.
I’m grateful to see Callie checking in this morning. I been thinking about you and hope your ok after that stupid comment last night. I’m grateful you shared and am sure your support staff is backing you up here. I’m still pissed off about it. Enough for both of us so if you like you can let it go.
I’m grateful I’m pretty sure we can get the dogs out before more rain comes this morning.
I’m grateful for another lazy day and that I canceled my Pilates and I can continue to be on the mend.
I’m grateful I took a long nap yesterday afternoon and it didn’t affect my night time sleep. I guess I needed it.
I’m grateful for you all. And I’m grateful we can all share here the way we feel like sharing even if we stray from gratitude once and awhile. I’m grateful this thread is such a safe place for me.

When I focus on whats good today, I have a good day. When I focus on whats bad, I have a bad day. If I focus on the problem, the problem increases. If I focus on the answer, the answer increases.’
Big book of Alcoholics Anonymous quote


Oh Dan, I’m so sorry for your loss. Your wife and your family will be in my prayers. :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:


I’m grateful to be home with a day off with my little guy this Monday. He was up (as usual) much before the crack of dawn, but his hug is the first thing to greet me and that is the best feeling, especially after little sleep next to a snoring tipsy husband lol

I’m grateful I got to talk to both my brothers Christmas Day, as they live quite far away. The one with dementia was so confused, and his LTC home being in lockdown didn’t help, but I was able to get some laughs from him and that warmed my heart. Even if he didn’t remember talking to me just five minutes after I hung up. Lots of tears from me but still gratitude.

I’m grateful I was able to provide a somewhat yummy Christmas meal for our little family. I’m grateful we didn’t have to venture out. I like being home.

I’m grateful for messages with a friend who I seem to connect with. Especially this morning when I needed it.

I’m grateful we found Minnie barn kitty and were able to rescue her with a makeshift lasso. We’ve had many snuggles since and she’s as happy as a clam. She’d like some clams. Me too :joy:


I’m grateful I got a good nights sleep last night. I am grateful that when I am hurt, I can say I’m hurt and process why. Much better then drinking and letting why I’m hurt grow inside me.

@Dan531 I am so sorry for your loss. I am happy you are here. Sending love for you and your family.

@everyone who reached out to me last night, thank you. You all mean so much to me. I responded to my aunt this morning. After I could cool down and sleep. I said “Thank you for concern. I would however appreciate if you would not make comments about my body or my sobriety. We all have things that we want to work on, kindness to ourselves and others help us get there a bit quicker. Safe travels home”. I believe her text was based more out of her own body insecurities, drinking habits, and that I asked her to not discuss the rapture/ politics during Christmas ( very out of character for me to speak up with something like that). Then it was about me healing my relationship with my body, food, and alcohol.

@Dazercat Thank you for the actually wanted advice. It is something I am working on. Perfect doesn’t exist I try and remind myself on a daily basis. Progress over perfection. I started out in hospitality with a company called Hillstone which drilled in perfection- to my already type A brain. Im grateful you had a good night with Kelly. Seals and Christmas lights may just be the best combo ever. PS sorry about your slippers haha I’m grateful you already had your coffee brewing too.

I did love what @M-be-free49 said, my Christmas was perfect for me :green_heart::heart: I am sorry about you being unable to see your mom because of the roads and that it would be difficult once you do. I want to give you a big hug. I am so thankful you are here, your big heart comes through in your posts.

@Nordique I’m so happy we all have each other too. I’m certain on some days it is what keeps me afloat.

I’m always grateful for @JasonFisher posts.

I’m grateful for the beautiful, sober day ahead of me :yellow_heart::sunny:

Lastly I’m grateful for @Its_me_Stella and @ShesGotMoxie :kissing_heart:


I am grateful today for quiet moments of reflection.
I am grateful that I have learned what a boundary is, how to set one, how some are pliable while others are not.
I am grateful that I can tell the difference today between which boundaries I need to be very strong in to keep myself safe and which ones I am just being a willfull addict in who’s not wanting to budge.
I am grateful that I have some humility today and am able to admit when I am wrong instead of just putting my head down and barreling forward with my way.
I am grateful for all the people who have lived before me who have created new ways that have now become old ways for me to adopt.
I am grateful for the energy exchange between soil-vegetation-me.
I am grateful for the experience I have in the vetrinarian industry.
I am grateful that I am clean today.



nice … that’s what I’m talking about :muscle:


Isn’t it kinda great though to notice these changes and growth, like finding your voice, as we learn to love ourselves a little bit at a time.


It is great Brian :yellow_heart::blush: I think it takes some time for family and friends to catch up, but it’s much better then holding it in


I’m grateful to God please help guide me today to do the next right thing while remaining clean and sober. I’m grateful for recovery, including mine. I’m grateful for All my family, friends, TS and the gratidudes. I’m grateful to see more people joining us here regularly like @Dan531 sorry for you and your families loss and sending strength and @Salty nice work saving a barn kitty, @JasonFisher with his emotional and real posts. I’m grateful to see someone finally changed the name on this thread, I like it. I’m grateful that we filled another 2500 posts of gratitude, it really makes a difference. I’m grateful that I did the meditation challenge earlier, it does seem easier at the start of the day as noted by @Its_me_Stella and @Dazercat . I’m grateful for this time off, I don’t work again until next Monday. I’m grateful my football team won go Bills. I’m grateful my Mom and Sister messaged me today. I’m grateful my sponsor wants to meet for coffee in an hour or so. I’m grateful I have warm winter clothes as it is freezing and Icy and snowing out, its nothing like @M-be-free49 -20 or -40 whichever you mentioned recently but anything in the minus is cold. I’m very grateful for music and hearing Mom play piano and watching her teach my neice how to play was a nice moment, thanks to the presence brought by recovery I was there not just in body but, mind and spirit to witness it. I’m grateful for humor and laughter. I’m grateful for the twelve steps and the principles they teach.
God bless you all. :v: & :heart:

p.s. You are incredible. Ya you!!


Good evening all,
I’m grateful that we try to find gratitude, even- or especially when it’s hard (@Dan531, I’m sorry for your loss). I’m grateful to share in a bit of everyone’s lives here. I’m grateful that I let myself care about everyone on here- a choice I made because choosing to care means I have to allow for possible hurt if someone should leave and not return. I chose to care, and I’m so grateful to see everyone trying.
I’m grateful for hot tea, warm socks, and a fake fireplace :blush:.
Everyone have a wonderful evening :heart:


As strong as I have been as of lately, I still find myself wrestling with my feelings/loss at times to which I have been able to ground myself by reminding me of the things I am grateful for.

I am grateful for almost 100 days of sobriety.
I am grateful for change.
I am grateful for the strength and self love that I have gained that continues to grow.
I am grateful for my health.
I am grateful for my daughter.
I am grateful for my mother and her support.
I am grateful for my partner and her son.
I am grateful for even having the chance to have loved such amazing people and have had them in my life.
I am grateful for self awareness.
I am grateful for being able to forgive.
I am grateful for having the restraint to keep myself from reaching out to my ex, even though i miss her and love her more than ever.
I am grateful for life.
I am grateful for another day on this planet.
I am grateful for this community.
I am grateful for my therapists and counselors.
I am grateful for my unwillingness to give up no matter what gets thrown in my path.
I am just purely grateful.

I hope everyone is doing well or even as close as possible to just being okay.
If not, I hope things will get better soon.