Daily Gratitude List #2 (Part 1)

(Continuing the thread from previous Daily Gratitude List)
Share your gratitude! What are you thankful for in sobriety?


Thanks for the congrats @anon74766472!


Good morning all, very grateful this morning for rest and coffee. I’m grateful to everyone who congratulated me on 6 months- it means a lot to me.
I’m grateful for love and compassion that is shown to me, and I strive to pass it on to others. I’m grateful for being able to laugh, it really is the best medicine.
Grateful for TS and all of you.
Everyone have a wonderful day❤️


Today I am grateful for food and having the appetite to eat!

Grateful for being out of action for a few days, something about being temporarily sick has given me an opportunity to be physically present/ mindful in a way that hasn’t been available to me for a while. I imagine being bed bound long term would be incredibly difficult, but for a couple of days… Well it’s been needed.

Also, grateful for how comfortable my bed is.


I’m grateful to God I don’t drink.
I’m grateful to God I don’t depend on booze.
I’m grateful I got like 432 mornings in a row without a hangover.
I’m grateful I got my first shot yesterday.
I’m grateful for all the nice military type personal who work so orderly and politely to get us in and out of Fort Tuthill with us not even getting out of our car yesterday. I was grateful I didn’t see Dustin Hoffman in a hazmat suit coming out of a big white tent :scream:
I’m grateful that out of all the times in my life, God choose this time for me/us to be in a shitty pandemic. I am retired and most of my life and stressors are behind me. And I’m sober to boot. I don’t know how I could have handled any of this 5 years ago.
I’m grateful for our new administration in the White House. I’m grateful we are giving out a record breaking 2.2 million vaccines in a day. I don’t know how many days but we are getting there and there is a light at the end of this really long tunnel.
I’m grateful I’ll be walking on the beaches of Santa Monica in May.
I’m grateful I’ll be spending most of my time in Cali going to doctors, dentist, dermatologist etc to have regular check ups again.
I realize this is not living one day at a time. But fuck it! Let me have this :crazy_face:
And one more thing. I’m grateful I won’t have to eat at home every single night.
Grateful for TS and y’all Gratidudes.
Pray, not because you need something, but because you have a lot to thank God for


I’m grateful we got to the 2500 post and @RosaCanDo had to start another gratitude list. Wow! I never thought we’d get there a year ago gang. That’s a lot of gratitude right here.
I’m grateful it wasn’t me that had to start the new thread. :crazy_face: I only done it once and not sure of myself when I did it. Thanks Rosa.


Thank you @Mbwoman!


I’m grateful for this practice. It’s like a ray of sunshine that breaks through clouds of “everything is not going perfectly right now” (when did it ever? lol) so that I can still see all the beauty around me, how half full my cup is.

I’m grateful I can decide what to get stressed about. I’m grateful I can remind myself how blissed out my senses actually are, right now - if I just put my life stress to the side…

I’m grateful for the calming view out my window: it’s a socked-in day with a few snow flakes coming down. Peaceful.

I’m grateful for the rhythmic snoring sounds coming from my good dog girl. She is relaxed and content. All is well in the world right now.

I’m grateful for the smell of licorice tea. And the taste of my first cup of coffee.

I’m grateful for the feel of my slippers. Socks and slippers on. Hot damn, some say! :wink:

M and D? More than ever.

I’m grateful for another day. :orange_heart:


I’m grateful to God thank you for loving me and know I love you.
I’m grateful to God please help me be better today than I was yesterday.
I’m grateful to God please help me stay clean and sober just for today.
I’m grateful for my recovery day 417.
I’m grateful I woke up early today and shortly after got a call requesting me to come get my covid test done.
I’m grateful for my family.
I’m grateful for my friends.
I’m grateful for TS and the grati-dudes.
I’m grateful that it is absolutely gorgeous outside today, it makes me feel good.
God bless you all. :v:&:heart:

p.s. you have a beautiful smile. ya you!!


Waking up everyday not feeling crappy and liking myself


I’m grateful for the wonderful hike I was able to do today. Grateful for the big groups of godwits arriving for their breeding season, for the lapwings already there, for the geese and ducks that are still around before flying north, for the finches, robins, tits, goldfinches and all other small birds chitchatting away. Grateful for the quiet and loneliness of nature so close to my town that I can walk there. Grateful for nature where I can relax and not feel any stress or pressure, where I can just be, and be myself. Grateful for the subway that took me home or my hike would have been too long, now it was perfect.


I am grateful to be sober, hangover free, and to no longer be a drinker chasing a fleeting fake feeling.

I am grateful to be headed back to work after a weekend that wasn’t filled with binge drinking. I used to feel like complete garbage on my first night back and be filled with regret.

I am grateful that eventhough my Mom is not well she currently still has some moments of clarity. :two_hearts:


Grateful my dogs blood tests etc came back all within normal limits. So he just had a bad upset stomach for a day or so & nothing super bad. :dog2::four_leaf_clover::gift_heart:


Good Morning Everyone, this is the start of day 2 on this app and decided to make this a habit. Today I am grateful for the app and supportive community for giving me hope that I can change this damaging cycle I am in. I am grateful that I still have work, my pets that bring me joy, and my mom that always shows me support and love. Wishing you all a lovely day! :cherry_blossom:


Welcome @Anneb and @Myssy
And anyone else that is joining in with us Gratidudes. I posted this a really long time ago on the first gratitude thread. And since we got some new comers I thought I’d dig it out and read it again and share for all.
I love this👇


In recovery, we either learn to be grateful, or we don’t last. Gratitude is the air of recovery. Gratitude is what makes the lungs of recovery fill, the heart beat, and the life flow. The attitude of gratitude focuses on what we have rather than what we don’t. With gratitude, there is such a thing as enough. People filled with gratitude aren’t good consumers because they don’t heed the message “You need more stuff. Stuff will make you whole.” Gratitude makes us whole, not stuff. It allows us to make the abundant blessings we already have in our life not only count, but be enough. And not just enough, but more than we could have imagined. Gratitude allows us to understand that there is enough for everyone so we don’t have to hoard whatever it is we think we need. There is plenty. In a culture addicted to the belief that “I need more,” people with an attitude of gratitude stand out. They are like roses growing out of cracks in a ghetto neighborhood. People watch. They see. And in being seen, we give some small measure of the bread of life to the world.
:pray:t2::heart: :rose:


Grateful I don’t need a timer to wake up.
Grateful I made it through day 1 w/o artificial sweetener. Weaning off with a bit erythrit which is nothing compared to the amounts I swallowed in sweetener.
Grateful being sober.
Grateful for having for having found yoga in my life which is like a meter for how I am doing.
Grateful I can let go all the bs that out government produces faking still how well they are doing.
Grateful booze doesn’t blind my eyes anymore.
Grateful I accept slowly that I am still impulsive. Canno blame the booze. I have to worknon that.
Grateful my grandma likes here new home. Funny side story. The timer started beeping and she was so disoriented and confused and couldn’t Stopp it that she cut the cable. Grateful she is still alive.


Grateful that I woke up with no hangover. Was able to do a workout and go to the job that I at least still have. Grateful that my son and partner still love me and are happy that im trying to make an effort to change :sparkling_heart:


Today I’m grateful:

  • that my long awaited doctor’s appointment is today
  • that our basement hasn’t flooded this year during the snow melt (yet!)
  • that my husband’s weekly night meeting for work was cancelled so we can have a leisurely dinner hour and evening together. I love cooking, but I dislike cooking on a schedule.

Short and sweet today. Always grateful for my TS amigos :heartpulse:


Good Morning Grateful People,

I’m very grateful for the gift of surrendering. I can accept there are problems I can’t solve alone.
I’m grateful for the work that I have done to get to the spiritual awakening I’ve had.
I’m thankful that I am able to have compassion for people I don’t agree with or even like.
I’m grateful for counselor that my wife and I will be meeting with today.
I’m thankful for the sustainable lifestyle that my family and I are working towards.
I’m grateful for book clubs and zoom meetings. My recovery is better because of them.
I’m thankful for shelter from the incoming storm.
I’m grateful for the breath in my lungs and another opportunity to improve.
I’m stoked to see the daily practice catching on!

Peace for you @RosaCanDo as you walk bravely to that appointment.

Honored to share the day with each of you! :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:


I’m grateful to God I don’t drink.
I’m grateful to God I don’t depend on booze.
I’m grateful to God for the strength for 1 & 2 :point_up:
I’m grateful I had my Daisy Cat on my lap.
I’m grateful for the cold soothing ice pack I’m sitting on to keep my back inflammation down.
I’m grateful for a good nights sleep.
I’m grateful my arm doesn’t hurt too much.
I’m grateful they got all the margins of my daughter-in-law’s melanoma.
I’m grateful my daughter/niece’s old dog Guinness is home from the emergency vet.
I’m grateful we could help her pay for it.
I’m grateful for the life God has given me.
I’m grateful for my mom and dad and sisters.
I’m grateful for the great memories of my maternal grandparents that took care of me while I was little and mom worked and dad was laid up in bed.
I’m grateful for music and hopefully I’ll be able to take a really long walk today before the snowstorm coming in. Looks like winter’s returning for the next few days here.
I’m grateful for TS and the G-dudes. :smile_cat:
I’m grateful for my struggle, because without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength