Day one again: advice?

Hi. I’m new here. I’m back to another day one. Feeling sorry for myself and just overall sad.


Welcome to the community :raising_hand_woman:

Take a good read around here, it’s full of caring and supportive people and I’m glad you found us :blush:

Alot of us check in here daily pop and say hi when your ready :hugs:


Thanks so much @Twizzlers :white_heart::slightly_smiling_face::cherry_blossom:


The people here really help. Just write down what comes to your mind. We are all in this together. :wink: wish you the best


Just chiming in a warm welcome, Melissa! You’re in good company here. Lots of support and advice and inspiration, so have a good look around and see what resonates with you.:v::heart:


Hi Melissa,
I’m sorry about the relapse, I know they can drain you out. I had a couple of them in the beginning of my sobriaty and even one after 5 years of sobertime.
What has helped me was making a plan, I called it my sober plan. It gave me hands and feet on my recovery so to speak.
I will share it with you so you can check it out. Maybe you see something that can be of use for you too:2 years sober and what helped me to get there: I’m sober still. Sober for 5 years and 5 months now with the help of this app.
Welcome to this awesome sober tribe! :raising_hand_woman:
We are here for you!