Day two checkin ❤️

Well heres day two. I feel really rested so thats a plus i feel like. Honestly i have a feeling i can really do this because thank god as i said in my last post im not having much withdrawal symptoms. I keep tellin myself that if i can stick to not using meth for the last 7 years, then i can sure as hell do this too. Im so grateful for the amount of support and kind words ive been getting in the last 24 hours alone. One day at a time right?


7 years wow thats awesome :ok_hand:
You definitely can do this :saluting_face:


Impressive streak of 7 years. Baby steps for your current sobriety goal and you’ll get there too :pray::white_heart:

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Congratulations on day two, you’ve got this, and we’ve all got you!

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Love it Brittni - 2 days is amazing and i know you can keep stacking on the days!

I find the Checking in daily to maintain focus #58 and the Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #5 threads have really helped!

Great to see you kicking ass! :muscle:

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Yeah! So happy for you. Think of the money saved, feeling better, looking better. It’s worth it!

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