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I’m off tomorrow and hoping to get to the beach for a bit. Is it busy up there? It is here, lots of bikes and traffic.


I’m trying to follow were you from that it’s so warm?

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I’m in Florida…

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Oh my stepdaughter just moved from there the town was Edgewater she moved here to Las Vegas yesterday. You likeing the Bucs I assume?

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I do now that Tom Brady is here, lol!
I’m in SW FL. That’s quite a change for her…

You watching some Football out there in the UK

Oh I get it now its Tom Brady you like?

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They all love Tom Brady hes like the Brad Pitt of the gridiron football world.

I’m actually a long time KC fan, but today I’m so divided.

My loyalty to my team, or loyalty to the home grown.

Bruce Arians Bucs coach is a York,Pa native, his story of triumph and defeat to reach this level is truly one for the ages, so it’s so fitting he finally gets a championship as a head coach he really earned it.

It’s a divide, but if that’s my only problem, then I obviously got a different class of problems than i did a 6 months ago

more football info from the furious one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m from New England so it’s kinda mandatory, :laughing:




Sorry @eke I just categorised your thread :see_no_evil: couldn’t resist!

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I’m from Pa and wanted the cardinals to beat the Steelers years ago.

That’s not an excuse Donna :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s specifically no category!

Getting all up in here with your “FUN.” :triumph:

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Well you know what the d stands for… :radioactive:

Edit, to be clear, it stands for danger :see_no_evil::face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:


Ok, he’s cute too!:laughing:

Since I can’t open the leg selfies thread,



It was wonderful! I posted a few on the nature thread too.


we should just spam the leg selfies so that there needs to come a new one so you can open it. I wonder if that would make the mods happy :thinking: