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I don’t like saying it’s not a choice because that’s basically saying you’re not responsible. That means we can blame every which way because it’s not our fault. We are just like this. I don’t believe that realm of thinking. I believe there’s different levels or degrees of power of choice. But saying we have no choice means we can’t ever choose to change or be sober because it’s literally out of our control.

Having cancer isn’t a choice.
Getting drunk and killing someone in a car that IS a choice.

I have never understood that theory. I believe we can absolutely be weak and absolutely need help to combat our addictions and to flourish in sobriety as a choice but to single handedly say it’s not a choice means every person who’s an addict, who has killed or harmed or done something to someone or themselves under the influence has no accountability, no responsibility and gets off as a free pass. Because we didn’t choose to do it. We may be predisposed to addictive behaviors, etc, we have trauma and unhealthy coping mechanisms, our upbringing, mental health and such which can all be factors influencing and snowballing addictive behaviors and making bad choices.

So the drugs or addiction made me do it? Mmm. Kind of the verison of the devil made me do it.

It is a choice to get effective treatment for cancer.

The choice is not about having the cancer. It’s about seeking effective treatment.

Addiction is very treatable. The treatment is the choice. The addiction is not.


I guess understanding about mental health - two sides of the coin an individual’s personal choice, addiction itself is a mental disease rather than a continued choice. Perhaps I have been too hard on myself. Sigh. Ty for shining that light.