Derailment Void

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Looks like I picked a shitty day to have my phone break.


Where do people go when they derail off this thread? :smile:

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This is the end of the road. :joy:


If you derail this thread… may God have mercy on your soul.


Lol, Serves you for puckering my butt that one time. @Bill_Phillips

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@Rain666 I am so jealous. Tell us some Finnish slang. And also, how did you come to be fluent in English?

@Englishd, I want to see the one with your principal that you think was sent to him/her.

Lol, it was saved on my broken phone and the person I posted it on Facebook deactivated her page. It was actually M (the one girl I was crushing on lol). Funny story. Her and I still talk and have become very close friends. I will have to recreate the meme and post it here.

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OMG…I don’t know any slang…hahaha…I’m old…seriously. Helsinki slang is actually pretty cool since our history with sweden and russia…helsinki slang is a combination of loan words from english, russian, swedish and sometimes even german I would suspect…then the loan words by time have taken their weird paths and distorted into what is the slang these days…and helsinki slang is really old…not many people know it these days. Youth slang now is of course pretty universal cause of internet and globalisation…

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AND we learn english in school as a third language

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Probably lol

Soooo what are these weird eating habits???

Have you ever put chunks of crab :crab: or imitation crab in your macaroni salad? Yum!

You guys know what is good? Macaroni noodles and salsa used like pasta sauce. Lime garlic salsa at my house.


Really? That’s an interesting combo. Do you eat it hot or like spaghetti or cold like a side dish?