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I had this idea to start a thread as we were talking about the things we love on here today! (Love my TS people!)

One thing I spend a good deal of time lately looking into is yurts to live in and any other way to do a fairly inexpensive yet functional temporary home for a few years. I have 50 acres of land at the moment that I would like to live on and I have no idea what on doing with my life long term so it seems silly to pay crazy rent or build a house with so many things up in the air. Now I have a lot more free time to do these things where I’m not wasting my life away drinking.

I also want to renovate my current house a little and spruce things up this summer to get ready to sell it the following year, not “cheaply” but inexpensively.

What have you guys done for home projects that you loved to improve your space and got creative with without breaking the bank?


This weekend I’m installing rubber flooring in my garage dojo, which I have renamed “The Brojo”


I’m actually clearing my back acre presently (I live in the woods), getting ready to build a couple houses out of pallets! Not necessarily to live in and I guess I should clarify. One of the “structures” will be a shed for the ol’ tractor and what nots. The other will be my Fortress of Solitude (I hate the term “man cave”). I haven’t locked in my design yet, but this is kinda where I’m headed, minus the flowers…



Ooh I love it! I would love for you to share as you make progress on it!

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Me and my husband took off the popcorn ceiling at this new place.

Adding new baseboards, t moldings, or crown molding adds a really nice touch.

Frames around mirrors are really nice and easy to install.

Adding larger mirrors at the back of a room creates a larger feel to the space.

Sconces on either side of the bed are fairly easy to install and make everything look pulled together.

A fresh coat of paint really makes a place feel refreshed.

Adding knobs to cupboards or replacing dated ones can quickly transform your cabinets.

Installing long drapes over a window at a higher place on the wall can draw the eye up and make the ceiling feel higher.


Solid name. :+1:

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I’ve tiled one of our bathrooms. It wasn’t inexpensive because I bought the tools, but the second bathroom will be cheaper, and the tile in the third bathroom might actually end up straight! Lol


I will do that!

Excellent pointers, I know you worked hard on that a lot this last year so I was hoping you would post!

I had thought about that with the cupboards, right now they have no hardware and are oak colored, I was also wondering about painting them but I was going to try it in the bathroom first as a test where realistically I’ll likely get a new vanity in there or at least replace pieces of it.

Any suggestions on doing countertops that aren’t crazy expensive? I’ve noticed the spots where the eldest has left my cast iron tea kettle or coffee spills sitting and it looks terrible with different colored rings remaining.


This is where I am presently…


I’ve painted cupboards before without sanding them and it was terrible lol so I would definitely sand them first. Good call testing them out.

I wish I had some good advice on countertops. My rental home has that white tile on the counter top and the only thing I could see sprucing that up is regrouting it. As far as stains, hmmm I’ll have to look into it. I just got this rust remover for my fridge, so if you have those issues on your stainless steel, I’ll test it out and let you know the product if it works.

I’ll think of some more things that helped with this new place. We also renovated our rental about 9 years ago… So much work but we were drinking at the time so I’m sure everything felt exhausting lol


Love it! Will the tree pieces be the base? Doing anything else with the downed trees?

The tree pieces, are actually to rebuild my fire pit that washed away from all the rain we’ve had this past year. But using some of them for footers is not out of the question. I haven’t decided if I’m going to have an elevated floor or just level out the ground and make it flat yet. All really depends on my final design…

Love the thread. Plenty of projects here in the 6 months or so since we bought the house. Where do I begin?! :joy:

I’ll stick to future ones on deck for spring…

-Clear about 15’ into the woods at the back of our yard. Our plot is long and narrow, but we want to keep as much forest as we can. 15’ gives enough to us for additional space but doesnt take too much away from the nature around us.
-Demolish the two rickety sheds we have, build one badass mega shed.
-Somehow get grass to grow.
-Install lattice around the bottom of the deck to close it in. Maybe some open rafters above the deck.
-New stone walkway
-So much freaking landscaping. The previous owners clearly did not maintain the land often, if at all. In general they did not seem to be very attentive or involved homeowners.
-Fence the backyard

From the other night while having a poke around out back…


The kind you find in a weightroom. Using 4ft x 3ft x 1/2" horse stall mats. Laying it down on one half of my garage. Everything I’ve read says you don’t need to secure it to the concrete, but I’m gonna use double-sided gorilla tape to make sure it stays down.

Turns out I love decorating in sobriety. I always couldnt understand why I could never keep my house tidy and why everybody else had lovely homes and mine looked like shit.

Turns out I was living like an addict. What a fucking shock! :joy:


I used these for mine also, this is my 3 year old niece to give you a size reference of how big this is but I love it!!

This is on a bigger fire day. It contains it well, we just make sure we keep the hose on the logs often during the night. Putting something this big out can take a good hour at the end of the night with the hose but I won’t let it burn. We cut down all the trees that were too close also.


Beat me to it :joy:

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I LOVE that! I’ll have to find some of mine burning… :fire::fire::fire: