Do you say Pop or Soda?


Let us find out which reigns supreme.

  • Pop
  • Soda
  • Coke

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Soft drink? Fizzy drink? Sorry to be awkward :rofl::rofl:


These limited options mean i can’t really vote


Bubbly Carmel Beverage? Perhaps?


This usually depends on where you’re from. Midwesterners like to say pop in my experience, us west coasters prefer soda.


Really surprised Pop is ahead!


Yeah I’m midwest. Most of use pop. I usually do also. But I do use soda sometimes idk why.

Think the southerners use coke. I just can’t see myself keeping a straight face if someone asks me what kind of coke I want, and I reply mountain dew :joy:


I voted pop but I will also say soft drink.


I don’t think I would understand the question! I didn’t even know coke was used as a general term for all fizzy drinks?


I’ve had the coke discussion with a southerner…it boggles my mind.


Yeah it’s weird to me. They had a big debate on the morning radio show. Was fun.


I’ll end poll in 24 hours


Poison? lol
Seriously though - neither - I say ‘soft drink’ when I’m actually saying it, which is hardly ever.


I’m a limey so it’s pop :slight_smile:


Always called it pop growing up…came out of the service calling it soda


Haha this is pretty anglophone North America centric, but I’m still amused.


Soda, funny topic around large family gatherings.


Ha ha me too.


I’m 80% of the time calling it pop, 20% soft drink. Sodium bicarbonate is the only soda in my life, and Coke means actual Coke.

Au Québec j’ai vu boisson gazeuse, breuvage, liqueur. Quelle choque, entendre les enfants demander un liqueur :joy: (désolé… mon français, ça fait trop long depuis que j’en ai parlé, les bons mots et la grammaire me fuient)


Yeah it’s fun for me :grin:

Slow night at home.