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So my favorite thing to do while I drink is either play cards or cook but since I’m on my voyage to recovery it isn’t safe for me to be around other card players (because they usually drink too). What I would like to know from you guys is what is your favorite dish to eat or cook? I’m honestly tired of cooking the same things and need more ideas :heart::heart:

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Tomorrow I’m making soup with acini di pepe, ground beef, beef broth and crushed tomatos. Sounds and is simple but it’s good on a cold February day in NY. Of and throw a bay leaf in while it’s simmering.

there are so many dishes I like… but one of my favourites is Indian lentil dhal :yum::yum::yum:


I have never heard of it I have to google it. I feel so basic now lol

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Yes, lentil Dahl is awesome!!!
I also love red lentil and sweet potato curry with peanuts and cilantro :hugs:

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Is it a mexican dish just curious lol

Indian :blush:

I’m pretty basic too so I just like a good ol lasagne

Cheese cappelleti

Which one of these do you mean? :grin:

I love szakszuka :grin: easy, fast and tasty breakfast.

Tonight is baked chicken, roasted asparagus, roasted sweet potato and maybe some cornbread.

You might like these threads for ideas. Quite some chefs around our humble forum.

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My parents came over for dinner last night and I made cauliflower mac and cheese, it was delicious.

I added in some chopped up bacon and also some scallions and onions (sauteed with the bacon)

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