Forum Rules and Guidelines


Got it… what about the one for advanced users, @robin


There’s not much more to it :blush:


I read the rules & I respect them. Actually I respect the members of this community, so I will uphold the rules & not violate them.


I’ve read the rules and will obide by them quick question as a new user how long am I restricted to 11 replies?


@Tiny1 Your account doesn’t have any restrictions on it. Could you elaborate please?


Yesterday I was responding once I had 11 responses it said I had to wait 12 hours before I could post again


Should be all good now :slight_smile:


I completely understand the rules and guidelines and promise to abide by them


I agree to follow all the guidelines


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Understand completely no problem with that


I agree, ty


Thank you for the guidelines post and providing a safe community!!!


Awesome I’m looking forward to being apart of the non rule breaks :heart:️:pray:t2:


Rules are rules. How original of me to mention it.


Gotcha 65 days clean today


Hey thanks Robin I planned on selling my LulalaRoe merch on here until you dashed my plans :neutral_face:


I’m not sure what that is, but yes - this isn’t the place for selling things or promoting services.


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Its women’s tights and a fb phenomenon and a joke.