Forum Rules and Guidelines


what did i do that was against the rules?


I have read and understand and I will follow the rules :slight_smile:


Will abide! :grinning:


:+1: cool understand the rules


I agree to the rules and im vwry happy to be able to join.


Read and Agreed… I’ll do my best to stay mindful and aware of my thoughts and comments as per the Forum Rules and Guidelines.


Thank you. I look forward to using these tools


I understand the rules. Easy enough.


Well just to say I was sober for 15 years before relapsing last year…thought I could handle alchol. At first it seemed I could …and then the truth set in…I can’t. Yet I could not stop on my own again and I have so much to live for now and so much to be thankful for in my life. I am now using Antabuse to help me…but can you believe I am still craving a glass of wine…Against all wisdom, how can that be?? But I am now sober again 14 days…I know not much to be proud of yet!!


Thanks for sharing this. Just goes to show, even after 15 years we can trick ourselves in to thinking it won’t hurt.

My thought processes are easily enough managed and I can stamp silly thoughts out quickly enough but you have taught us we should not be complacent as that’s when it will bite us in the bum.

Good for you for getting back on the track and welcome to the community. Stay strong and post if you ever need help or advice and someone usually replies with words of wisdom.


2 weeks is nothing to shake your head at. Amazing that you are able to come back after such a rough relapse.


I understand and respect the rules


Ok I m new here looking to greatly reduce my alcohol intake and hoping to meet like minded open and honest people to share recovery stories with.


Read the rules, understanding the rules, takin one day at a time, sending love and respect :heart_eyes:


I understand and agree to the rules.


I read and understand these rules. I am really looking forward to hearing about and sharing my experiences.


Hello everyone, new to the forum just recently installed the mobile app and took the time to read the rules of the community. Thank you


Hello- very grateful for this application and forum. Day 1 for me. My immediate goal is to abstain from alcohol at least 30 days.

I will abide by the rules.

Thank you.


I respect and understand the rules. I will follow with all respect


I understand