Friday night - what's up


@Ac1z3k is the best ignitor of fun. :fire: :sunglasses:


So is mine now. So, friends?


You ladies (and guys) are just lovely!


I feel like it sometimes. Hahaha.


Hiccups: I do the ol’ hold the breath trick.


This was way too much fun. Thank you @Ac1z3k and @liv_m! Brilliant!


It’s a group effort!! Thank you guys… you all are amazing, fun and hilarious!!


Dumb question for the group.
I always just chuck my silverware into the basket in the dishwasher. I had a guest stay over who, I discovered today, neatly put them in individual holes in the basket. I’ve never seen that, but I grew up in a house of heathens… Have I missed an important life lesson?


Meh… seems like a lot of time spent for marginal returns. I say flip that divider thing up throw them all in.


My silverware basket doesn’t have one these flippy lid things… and if it did wow… your friend just taught me something new today too!


I remove those and keep them under my sink.

I wouldn’t put them that way because I don’t like to touch the eating part when I put the dishes away. So, I (totally NOT OCD :confused: ) put them eating part down, with each receptacle for one type utensil: Forks, Spoons, Knives.


But if you throw all the spoons facing down they don’t clean as well lol. Especially when they “spoon” themselves.


OK, I feel way better now! I didn’t even know what those things were for and just left them flipped up and threw the stuff in the basket. Then I saw that today and thought WTF?! I was too embarrassed to text him to ask what that was about :rofl::joy::rofl:


I have a silverware rack in the dishwasher. Dilemma solved!


This is not true. I have experimented. The water pressure is too high for them to stay spooned and the water is too hot for them not to get clean. I am freaking MANIACAL about dishes.


Totally OCD and has to be done that way for sanitary purposes. :grin::grin::grin:
Oh, also, it is dangerous to have forks and knives sticking up…


Holy smokes, you guys are bonkers and making me lolz


But several times I’ve removed my spooning spoons and there was something stuck in between them… lol


Best option. I miss my in-the-door silverware rack. You put the silverware right-side-up but the door opens so you can grab them by the handles. Maybe I will go get that dishwasher out of my other house before I rent it out!


The problem I have though is sharing the dishwasher with people who cram unbelievable amounts of utensils in. Even if the spoons unspoon, they’re still too close together to get clean. Maybe your dishwasher uses higher pressure shrug?