Friday night - what's up


It is 4 AM here. Lol. Pretty much my sleeping schedule nowadays.


Well, I guess it may be because I basically wash my dishes before I wash my dishes.


Lol!! And by the way, hey guys! Happy Friday! I just woke up from a nap. :grin:


I have three other “helpers”… stuff is placed every which way. I have help and shouldn’t complain, but if I had that lid I would be holding an inservice on how to use it. lol


Glad you are joining this nonsensical Friday night party. Thought I might be going to bed soon.


Yup. I rinse before putting in the dishwasher.


Lol… old man :wink: I’m about to go to bed!


Yep we west coast peeps have arrived to keep it going! :wink:


When I was young, if my father found a dirty dish, we had to empty every cupboard in the house and rewash everything - including things like holiday platters. So, I have reason for my madness and the girls – now at 14 and 15 load properly. For years, I let them “help” and then reload it.
The kitchen is a problem for me and I should probably let it go…


Sudden existential crisis! If I don’t live at the coast, can I still call myself west coast? :open_mouth:


Got it :wink: And wow! Fuck dishes right? :grimacing:


Yeah yeah…:wink::rofl:

We went on vacation today, 7 am flight so had to get up at 3:30 am, but of course the universe decided it was the perfect time for some minor foodborne illness, so I got a solid 90 minutes of sleep. I’m feeling better now though, got dinner rezzies in an hour. I’m looking forward going back to bed soon!


Hahaha hahah that is great.


Oh, wow. And I thought ironing the kitchen towels and even the cloths we used for dusting was crazy. Also the socks and underwear, anything you can put the iron on.


I guess I can be secure in the fact that no matter what cupboard a guest may grab a dish from, it’s going to be spic and span!


That reminds me of my grandparents having dryclean-only placemats…


Toothpicks to clean the grout? That was another one, and in the refrigerator seams.


Better late than never! Especially when naps are involved!


Yep! Definitely.


I am recovering from OCD now. But recovering, not recovered. Still suffering.