Friday night - what's up


Oh, I don’t do the grout thing anymore but I had to growing up. The dishes thing stuck…but not the grout. :thinking:


Ok friends, it’s been swell. Got to get some zzzz. Sweet sober evenings and dreams. Thanks for lots of lolz


Just finished watching movie with my son. Going to get some Zzzz … day 142 and happily still sober :hugs::hugs:


Apparently I have stumbled in to dishwasher talk lol. I never used one up until about 3 years ago even though I had one. I preferred washing by hand. My ex would use it (when she did dishes).


I’ve always preferred washing by hand, and still do it absentmindedly sometimes, but since the sink almost always has stuff in it already when I go to wash my dishes, I become unmotivated to do so, and just put them in the dishwasher. Having to pull dishes out of the sink just to be able to wash dishes in the sink is a pet peeve of mine.


What do alcoholics and addicts do on a Friday night?

That’s right! Talk about loading the dishwasher. I didn’t use a microwave for 4 years, until I moved into a house with a built-in.


Never owned a microwave. Used it on a few occasions. Yes, I am glad we cleared the air about dishwashers and how to load the silverware . It had to be done. It was great fun. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Bring on the range debate! Gas vs. Electric! Induction? How many burners?


Gas for instant heat, I can’t stand the warmup on electric. Never tried induction.

Any positive integer should be fine as far as burner count goes. As long as it fits in my kitchen.


Gas, six burners. Salivating already.


Need an electric oven though for baking.


Can I have electric oven, gas burners? Does that properly exist?


Chicago high rise condo = no gas unfortunately :frowning: even in sobriety, I’m a night owl, so glad this thread is alive right now :slight_smile:


I prefer gas but have had electric forever!


Coming late to the party!
Do you realise I’ve just read 300 off posts all from overnight. And I missed it all

Gas instant heat with electric oven


Gas is the best for cooking and baking. Speaking as a food industry professional, I never use convection ovens, or convection option. It bakes is from top as well and the cakes can not get to their full thickness. Just from my experience…Also, I always use an oven thermometer as the calibration might be off.


I have electric at the moment, you learn to work with it but the results with gas is superior in my opinion.


My stove is a 1948 Hotpoint range with double doors and a built in deep fat fryer. Honest to God.


I covet your range.


@ChicagoT, You are a night owl ? It is almost 5:30 AM here. Talk about insomnia. Lol.