Friday night - what's up


Still going strong!


Cute! I love those. They work just fine.


Yes! Wow, like 5:30 you are just waking up? Or 5:30 you’ve been up all night? Lol. My family goes to sleep around 8:30/9 and I used to just drink until I couldn’t. Now i just stay up anyway. Some habits die hard!


I’m not a permanent night owl, but these days I am going to bed between 3:30-5:30 AM, I may as well move to Japan instead of getting my sleep back on schedule haha


Up all night unfortunately.


Wow, I’m not the only one then…we need a night owl thread :slight_smile:


Sounds like a plan!


Even 5:30 is a bit late for me… I’m only on day 30, so maybe it’ll improve over time


Woke up half hour ago with a stinking headache it’s 04.30 in the uk


Ugh, sorry Geo! Get some coffee in ya?


I am on day 68 but a lifetime insomniac and type 2 bipolar. Nothing works.


Generally, days 1-10, I am up until 1:30-ish. I have done those digits way too many times. I back up to about 10:30 when my brain starts cleaning out. Right now, I am tired. I know if I go in to bed, I will be wide awake.


:joy::joy::joy: I may well do that. Got work this morning.


I hear ya…do you have to wake up early as well?


I can pour another cup for whoever, I just made some!


Now your just tempting me!


Tim’s for everyone! :coffee:


Yum! I’m on my favorite tea. My brother said I should look up the ingredients to see if there’s toxicity to drinking too much of it. I drink it all damn night, but no caffeine in it


I don’t have to wake up at a particular time. Sometimes I wish I could just go to sleep forever and all the pain ends.


I am known for drinking litres of green tea daily when I’m not drinking coffee. Habit I picked up in psych ICU of all places hah