Friday night - what's up


Yes, well you can’t do that. I need someone to trade kitchen habits with.


Been drinking a lot of coffee lately. And chamomile tea


Making chai latte. My DOC lately.


I need a good vibrant flavored decaf tea. I like strong flavors.


Deal then.


Have you tried rooibos? It can have strong flavour, don’t know about caffeine. Supposed to be quite healthy too.


So sorry to hear that luluJo. Bipolar runs in my family, and though I don’t have that, I know the struggle all too well with my brother and sister :frowning:


For my part, I am glad you are here. I enjoy your contributions on the forum and from the little I know of you, you seem like a pretty cool person.


Ooh…South African! I like South African tea. I have not tried it. I think I will give it a go.


I agree 100% with what ifs just said @LuluJo


Cutting boards. What type and how do you clean them?


Color coded, plastic. Blue for seafood, yellow for chicken, brown for meat, white for vegetables. Wooden ones are for bread and cheese only. Cleaning must be done with a soft scrub product with bleach.
You can have one white for vegetables and another color like red for the rest of the products, as long as you clean them properly. Personally I put them in dishwasher after scrubbing for disinfectation.


You know I talked about my Dad making us rewash dishes. That man will cut meat on a wooden cutting board and then give it a quick rinse. I swear I am going to catch a foodborne illness every time I am in that house! He’s a damn great cook, though!

My stepmom will dip chicken directly into a jar of mayo. Bleck.


Wow wow wow! Food poisoning time bomb. Cross contamination is the root of most foodborne illnesses. Be careful, as I am sure you have been.


Yes, I basically follow him around with a bleach bottle. :rofl:


AND I always bring my own mayo!


In a past life I was a chef so understand all the reasons behind the different coloured boards. At home though I have only a wood board that gets cleaned thoroughly after every use. So far no health issues.


But I am also really hygenic. Before I start cooking anything I clean all the sides etc. My wife annoys me as she just starts cooking with all sorts of things n the way. She never had any formal training. If she’s cooking when I come home I tend to commie for her, cleaning up behind her​:joy::joy:. It annoys the hell out of her.
We have a serious lack of worktop space because we were given a 6 burner job so designed a small kitchen around it.


As long as you clean it properly in between uses and keep it dry, I don’t see any problems.


You know the rule is clean up as you go but if she never worked in a commercial setting, I understand. I have been cooking for so long that, multitasking is on autopilot. By the time I am done cooking, the kitchen is clean too.