Friday night - what's up


If this thread had background music, what would it be?



This is a great question you have posed. Now I will perseverate on it…is it Friday night music or kitchen appliance/utensil music?


My head is improvising cafe jazz with an electro influence and just a tiny whiff of industrial vibe. I don’t know how that possibly works together but it does in make believe land.

Whether that soundscape has anything to do with this thread, I don’t know… My brain wants to go with Daft Punk for this thread for some reason. The original stuff


Kitchen music is making me think of “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast lol


For some reason, my mind went to Brasílian Bossa Nova, like maybe Getz and Gilberto, so we may be on the same page with cafe jazz…


Try the soundtrack for The Big Night, great movie too.
I am into Madeleine Peyroux in the background lately.


I will definitely honor that suggestion and check those out! Likely tonight :slight_smile:!


My kitchen sound track lately has been a Northern Soul compilation on Spotify. Gets me dancing round


I am stuck with a dog on my lap because I would feel like a horrible human being for disturbing her peace. Is it possible to live with oneself after un-lapping a dog? :’(


My friend, are you an extreme empath, like myself?..we tend put others needs above our own, including all creatures. I would be having the same dilemma…


I will check out this recommendation as well Geo!


Maybe just a bit…


:open_mouth: I am saved by sounds coming from the kitchen! The doggo has made a voluntary exit in vain hopes of acquiring human food scraps!


Yeah, it’s not always a good thing…pretty sure my alcoholism is related to that


Very good, the situation has resolved!


For me it’s been a life long thing. It probably got worse with alcohol, because I certainly started getting a lot worse at regulating emotions.


Haha it was the height of drama. I can breathe now!


And I’m still learning the rules of these threads…is this much sidebar chatting ok on a main thread or is that frowned upon? I need to know the rules :slight_smile:


On one hand, we’re definitely getting sidetracked, on the other, this thread is more laid back and unstructured than most. This is the first time I’ve engaged much in any forum so I’m still learning the ettiquete myself.


@EarnIt @Ifs
Rooibos tea is my go-to for strong flavor and decaf. It’s the best. I like Tick Tock brand. It’s South African and was prevalent in the UK. Not available in the USA, so I stock up when I have visitors from away.