Friday night - what's up


Need more characters to post


I am a large Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, so I am going to be enjoying Captain Marvel tonight :slight_smile:


My kids and their dad LOVED this movie.


Quick question for ya. I see people and how you just did it how they copy what people said and put it in their comment. How do you do that? I’m fairly new and still learning the app :slight_smile:


Beautiful night here went out and ate ab Italian (food not a person) was surrounded by wine and beer and a fab atmosphear an i had pink lemonade with little strawberrys in it and i bloody loved it. Zero cravins wonderful company I BLOODY DID IT AND IM BLOODY PROUD OF MYSELF x


Hell yea!! That’s awesome!! Proud of you :yum:


Sitting in my garage with my propane heater, listening to Taylor Swift pandora and playing Words with Friends :joy:


Oh thank you thats lovely of u to say that :grinning:


Hulu and chill… 19 days sober in 4 hours (happy dance)
Any recommendations for good shows on Hulu?


Lying in my boys’ bedroom floor, singing an old Gillian Welsh tune as they (hopefully) go to sleep. My Mama is in town for a visit, and that’s been grand. Just hanging out with her tonight -probably watching the Great British Baking Show.


Love Gillian Welch. Was a time I had Revival on repeat for weeks in the late 90s. :slight_smile: have fun with your mama!


Don’t tell this to my dad lol he is the king of flip flops with white socks.

@VSue yes!! Love my Birkenstocks with socks.


:heart: I hope you get some quality time with your mom

I’ve been singing the song below to my boys at bedtime for 8 years now…(the older one I started with at 2 years old and don’t sing to him anymore. The younger one is 7 and he still likes me to sing songs as part of our nighttime routine. Counting down the days till he doesn’t ask anymore and it will be so bittersweet). I slow the tempo down a bit and usually only sing about one bird.


Just got my tree down about a week ago lol


Happy Friday! Belt testing some students tonight then packing for a weekend getaway to Iowa.


I am bored out of my mind and putting off school work. Lol. Sleep sounds much better at the moment


8:20 and I’m in bed watching ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor’



I really should workout but I’m on the couch and my cat is laying on me so I can’t get up… Can’t = don’t wanna.


So far I have spent my Friday night evening cleaning, loving on my kids, listening to music, and not wrecking my mind, heart, body, relationships or sense of self-worth. Hanging out in the game room currently wanting to go to bed already, but it’s only 7:45 pm lol. I just might convince my kids to put themselves to bed, so I can catch up sleep- but I hate doing this :confused: We shall see. Looking forward to waking up hangover free, feeling a little happier, healthier and stronger.


I am the co-chaperone at Teen Book and Movie Club. Pride and Prejudice. Eating Pringles.